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Porus 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Meets Ambhi Raj

Porus 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anusuya says she is ready to answer his every question, but will not in front of outsiders as it is their family issue. Darius says queen Anusuya is right, it is their personal matter, so he will leave, anyways he will rethink about his partnership with Bamni. Anusuya stops him and tells Bamni that it is true she was not present when Puru escaped, but he should speak with evidence and not doubt, so if someone thinks she helped Puru escape, then he should get proof, else keep his mouth shut. Bamni warns her to stop, he cannot hear Darius’ insult. He says Darius that he has promised wedding of Kanishk and Barsin and Puru’s punishment, nobody can change his decision. Anusuya hopes Puru reaches Takshashila soon.

Puru walks with Laachi in jungle and tells his faith is unique, earlier he was

Dasyu, then Pourav king, then traitor, his good fate saved him. Laachi gets angry and says she saved him and not fate. He says if she thinks so, she is wrong. She gets more angry and tries to leave. He holds her hand and says if she does not know that he is incomplete without her, she completes him. She smiles. Ambhi Kumar jealously warns them to be fast, else Pouravs will catch them. He walks in front. Puru runs silently and hits his head from behind. He collapses. Laachi asks what did he do. He says he just made him unconscious and not kill him. She asks what is his intention. He asks to return back to Dasyu lok and keep an eye on Ambhi kumar while he goes to Takshahila alone. She says she will accompany him. He says she is safe in Dasyu lok. She says she will not let him alone to Takshashila. She emotionally says she does not want to lose him. He says even he does not want to, she is his support. They both hug emotionally and Puru leaves. She asks to return alive and smiles. He smiles back and continues..

Puru reaches Takshashila border on a horse and thinks enough of fighting amoung us, now they together will kick out Darius from our country, now Ambhi raj should greet his nephew. Ambhi wrestles with wrestlers and defeats them all. Puruy gets down from his horse and walks into Takshahila where he sees Ambhi raj brutally lifting wrestlers and throws them away. People chant Takshashila ketu..Ambhi lifts his hands as a sign of Victroy. Puru reminsces Anusuya’s words that her brother still hates her, so he sent his son to kill Puru. Ambhi addresses he gets happy by challenge and challenges if there is any warrior who can defeat him, seeing Puru he calls Puru and challenges to fight with him. Puru says he believes in friendship and peace and not fight. Ambhi says he is a king and is ordering him to wrestle with him. Puru folds his hand and says he did not know he is Ambhi raj, he respects his bravery and power, but he cannot obey him. Ambhi laughs that all youngsters are cowards who want to enjoy wrestling, but don’t want to participate, looks like his mother made him a coward. Puru warns to take back his words, he does not like anyone insulting his mother, be it Ambi raj. He is not fighting with him, that does not mean he is afraid of him, reason is he will not risk his country’s future for today’s enmity. Ambi reminisces Anusuya’s words and asks who is he, tell his identity. Puru says his eyes are revealing he got his answer, he is his sister’s son Purushottam. Ambhi fumes in anger while his wife rejoices.

Anusuya writes Puru’s name on a paper and touches it emotionally when Bamni walks in and watches that, tears papers and says he failed. She says she is right in her way and does not mind what he feels. He says even he is worried about Puru, but he does not have any other way as Puru himself accepted his crime, so he cannot doubt Darius. Anusuya reminds him all the recent events and asks him to think carefully. Kanishk walks in and says he has to punish Hasti and everyone are waiting. Anusuya reminisces Puru telling they have to make Hasti understand that Darius is behind Ripudaman’s murder, then he will be on their side as he loves baba more than he hates me. Bamnni leaves.

Ambhi raj takes Puru to punishment room. Ambhi’s wife walks to him and asks to stop, earlier he sent their son to kill Puru, now this game, today his nephew came to him, he should not treat him like this, he is his blood, his sister Anusuya’s son. Ambhi says his sister is a betrayer who married his enemy. He asks Puru to prove himself in front of Takshashila warriors. He shows a roaring bear and asks to defeat bear if he wants his support, anyone can fight with human, excitement is in fighting with animal, if he kills animal, he will let Puru speak.

Precap: Alexander looks at Bharath map and says he heard he will meet Bharath’s protector, let him see who he is. Puru fights with bear.

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