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PEHALA PYAR (ISHQBAAZ Fan fiction )- Episode 2

Hello busy people!I came back with new episode of our lovely ishqbazz .sry for the late.read and enjoy the episode…

Recap:In previous episodes Rudy&omkara fights with gauri and bhavya. And anika shocks seeing shivaay in business party…

Now coming to episode 3….

Gauri ,bhavya,omkara,Rudr are coordinators in their clg night party.they decorated well..

The stage was full decorated by roses..

All students are busy in their own works

Suddenly. .

Sir..told that every year we play a game for freshers .it is the most funniest game. you all enjoy this game…know it’s time..

I already selected patners for juniors with seniors …

The game is treasure hunt…

The teams members are..

Gauri &bhavya are praying God for not pairing with Rudr and omkara. .

Unfortunately. .

They four members are team..

Gauri &bhavya ask Sir. .

But Sir won’t accept. .

Sir also announces .prizes will be their for people who win in the game..after that their will be salsa..

The game starts..

These four members are fighting. .gauri says that guys stop the fighting let’s be frnds..

They become frnds ..

And started. ..

At last they win..

Gauri and bhavya waiting for prize…

The prize is trophy ..

They expected some other but they got trophy..

Now the salsa begin…

Gauri and omkara were pair..

Rudr and bhavya were pair..

But bhavya don’t know the dance..

All pairs are doing dance well .but Rudr troubling with bhavya.she is stamping her foot on Rudr leg .Rudr lost his balance and fell down every one laugh seeing Rudr and bhavya faces😂😂😂😂😂😂…

Now come to anika..

Anika shocked while seeing shivaay in business party.but shivaay didn’t paid any attention. .

Anika thinks he is organising the party …

While going  to call her assistant. Somebody pushed her .anika falls on shivaay they both slip and fall in swimming pool.they shared their eyelock (background music plays o jaana) ..

They both came up..

Shivaay fires on anika..

Again anika throw him into swimming pool..

Anika:mind your tongue okay .don’t behave like a bhagad billa. .

Precap:anika is kidnapped. ..

Please ignore grammar mistakes. ..


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