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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa goes to satya lok.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha walking in the village. He sees his neighboring kaki and then goes to her. He says kaki, see I have come. Kaki ignores. Kanha says kaki, today you cant see your kanha? Am I not your son? Kaki cries and says kanha you are, but how does it matter? When dharma doesn’t approve then I cannot say anything.
There brahman dev and his rishi’s get up from banyan tree and go in the village. Kanha asks a kaka, what happened kaka? Why don’t you talk to me today? Kanha says have you forgotten me, my baba and my mother? Kaka says no kanha but nothing can be done now, everything in this world lives due to dharma and I cannot question dharma. Kanha goes to his friends and says friends lets play today. Friends say kanha our parents told us not to play with you, kanha

says but friends you think yourselves, dharma does not bind people from each other, it just plays a role in our lives and guides to the good. Brahman dev appears and says kanha you are a kid, keep quiet, don’t influence your friends into the wrong thing, nobody knows your true dharma and till then you wont be accepted in this samaj! Kanha says I have till tomorrow’s sunrise, I will prove to you what the right thing is.
Lord Vishnu says it is right that dharma is important in this world but dharma has never differentiated people from each other, kanha has taken his form not only to destroy kansa but also to destroy such social barriers that bring hatred in people, kanha has a responsibility to save the world from all social barriers and eradicate them and also defeat kansa.
There kansa reaches satya lok and goes to mata dhara. Mata dhara says who are you? Kansa says mata dhara, the greatest mother in the universe who has taken care of vishnu’s each form in all the ages, you are lucky mata, wont you accept me too as your son?
There kanha goes home and nand and yashoda pack their things to leave the village. Kanha says mother, father what are you doing? Nand says kanha, this samaj doesn’t need us, yashoda says yes, your father, you and our family, we did so much for the people of vrindavan but they don’t want us here. Nand says yes before sunrise tomorrow, we will be thrown out of the village, so it is better we leave now. Kanha says no baba stop, don’t leave the village, we have time till sunset and I am going to prove the rishi wrong. Nand says but the people have accepted what the brahman dev said. Kanha says father, trust me, till the end of sunset, the brahman dev will be proved wrong. Nand and yashoda say okay and they keep their things back inside.
There the brahman dev takes all people of vrindavan and says now it is time to talk to nand as they have only till sunset. Brij bhanu says but rishi, nand and kanha and yashoda, have done a lot for the people of vrindavan, they have saved everyone many times and it will be assured that kanha shall not bring any disrespect. Rishi says brij bhanu, nand is your friend and I understand that you are worried for him but dharma shall not tolerate it. Radha says you are right brahman dev, that boastful kanha has to be taught a lesson, they have been lying and we need to know the truth. Everyone go. Brij bhanu says what have you done radha? Radha says don’t worry baba, what I am doing is to help kanha, the brahman dev needs to be taught a lesson. Brij bhanu says okay and they all together go to nand’s house. Kanha, nand and yashoda come. Kanha says what happened brahman dev? rishi says you arrogant kid, the time is almost over, you all have only till sunset to stay here, start packing your things. Kanha says but brahman dev, I still don’t agree with you over what you say about dharma? If I protected the people and fought someone for it? It means I am wrong and I shouldn’t protect anyone only because I am of gope dharma? And I should care only for the cows? Rishi says yes that is right, you shall not fight because you are a gwala. Kanha says which means if anyone is in danger, we should wait until a Kshatriya warrior appears? Brahman dev says yes that is right. Kanha says brahman dev, this way you are saying no one other than Kshatriya has the right to protect themselves? Rishi says it is what is written in the dharma books by brahma dev! suddenly a crow shits on brahman dev’s head and kanha, balram and radha giggle. Brahma dev is about to clean it when kanha says no wait rishi, as you said you are a brahman and of brahman dharma, the shit of crow has to be cleaned by a sweeper of their dharma, you shall wait till then. Nand, brij bhanu smile. Rishi says yes kanha, my job is to teach the people about dharma, that is right. Kanha says so you cannot clean that poop, it is the job of a sweeper.

Precap: kanha takes divya form and becomes very huge, as lord vishnu’s shadow is seen behind him. The brahman dev and all rishi’s do pranam and have tears. Kansa forces mata dhara and pulls her by hand and says mata dhara, you will come with me to kansa lok to tell me the truth of who Vishnu is on earth now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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