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Only Friend of Mine (Shivika FF) PART- 3

In classroom,the seat near the window is reserved only for me…No one dare to sit with me…In our classroom boys and girls sit separately…Girls in front and boys at back…Boys not only sit at back even don’t dare to sit behind or front of me…So that seat is always only for me…But today when entered into class found someone sitting on my seat…If other daring boy would be there then I wouldn’t get shocked like this…But my utter shock on the fact that there was sitting a girl…Was new doesn’t know anything….

The girls of our class is a bit of arrogant type,always stay with serious face! But this girl isn’t like them. Her face has a sparkle of happiness. Quite strange as I wasn’t find any particular reason which make her so happy or make her giggle. Even she was leaning on the wall and swaying her legs on the air. This bindas behaviour make me angry. Don’t know why my mood get off. I went near to her and asked, ” Get off from here”

At last,she stopped swaying her legs and asked, ” Where?”

“In my head” I sarcasmed

Then blurted out with much anger in voice,” Girls sit at front. They don’t sit with the boys. Get off “

Now her happy happy face came into a serious one…thank God. Said,” What is the problem in sitting with boys? The earth will fall down or land will flipped. “

Should I start a long conversation in this fact that never can’t happen. Grimacing I shouted, ” Dare you ask or talk much. Warning you for the last time move from here.”

If other girl of  class would  in place of her then   till now she would start crying but she is different,nothing effected…She again go back to her previous work swaying her legs with her so called unnecessary happiness

Now I literally roared, ” What happened? Are you deaf? Can’t you listen what am saying?

Because of my loud shouting others looked at us. Didn’t dare to look indirectly so sneakily they do the thing. But who cares? At least not me…

Now my anger reached to it’s peak,shouted on her,” It’s my seat,get off. How many times I will chanting the same line? “

But this girl looked straight on my eyes. Other girls didn’t dare to look at mine, this scary blue eyes, but this girl ,haven’t a single scariness,looked like that she found it fun. Like I am showing a free funny scene to her which she is enjoying fully..

She speak, ” So why are you chanting?  Stop na, I didn’t tell you. Okay okay you want I will move from here then I will but you have to do something for that. “


“You have to say the same line which you chanted almost ten times but sweetly…”

I almost shocked. I mean seriously. I wanted to shout but don’t know how it come up with calmer tone

“How I will say? “

She speak, ” You don’t know. Okay you say like this,’please can you move from here? It’s my seat,’ Then I will give your seat back to you “

Don’t know what was in her voice that everyone started giggling. I can never tolerate if someone make fun of mine,blood almost boiled into my head. So,I throw the books,notes and bag of her which was on the table and said, ” You make fun of me? Making fun hard?

This time she became bedazzled. Nodding her head into no she spoke, ” Today I first time came to this school and here you are behaving so rudely? “

Biting her lips she waited for once then again said,” I felt very hurt”

Human can talk so beautifully I totally forgot that. No one behave with me nicely,that’s why I didn’t. I found a drop of tear coming out from her right eye which was in mood to fall down but she wiped it. Don’t know why felt a current of pain yeah pain in my heart but why? I wanted to say sorry but couldn’t

I told her,” You are girl so got saved,if some boy would here then beated badly by me which  pain would stay on body for one month “

Saying this I came out from class without looking at her once. I knew very well that if I would look at her back then would see sadness in her eyes which turned me up to say sorry but I can never. The wall I had made around me no one can cross it. It’s made by me only. But today I felt a little bad but what to do? I think mom’s tortures has rose a beast into me which was fully unnoticed by me….

Before I came out from class without looking at back I felt that whole class is now surrounding her. My dear classmates are going to warning her about me. In this regard,am sure and I think she already found what a jerk I am? So,now this things mean nothing to now. I am sure about that when I will come back to class will end up finding that she is sitting in a secure place.

There’s  lot time still left to class start. So,I usually sit at the boundary and wave my legs looking at the surrounding beside me. I don’t have any friends whom I can prefer as my friends even don’t have closed ones-that’s why I always stay alone….

After the bell rang,I came back to class and found the girl has already moved from my place and sat keeping a little distance but still in my seat. Don’t know why  didn’t get courage to tell her to go from there so didn’t say and sit at my seat…

She looked at me as I sat there. Something was in her eyes. I tried to see beneath  her eyes. Her chocolate browny eyes which had a sparkle of happiness sometime before also now which has a hatness. Hate for me and why won’t be but now am not feeling sad or regretting for it as you know am beast….I have become a beast who has no feelings or happiness in his life then how can anyone expect any friendly or goody goody behaviour from me…It’s impossible

I wanted to tell her go from here but couldn’t get a chance as our ‘DeshDrohi Sir’ had come…Now it’s a question why we call him Deshdrohi,reason is according to him the India shouldn’t get freedom…He thinks that if now England would in this country then our country would rose so high…Mean seriously he is just a headache to us…He also beat the Muslim students of our class… (Guys no offensive talks in this regard…I hadn’t any intention to hurt anyone or make anyone’s country low but just as ff used it…Please requesting you guys )
He can’t see them at all…We don’t like him at all. But he is our Social Science teacher I mean how? But,forget it as we are totally used of it…Sometimes we want to complain about him but the courage hasn’t anyone here…And I can but who will listen to me as I am bad boy according to everyone

He has a another problem and that is friendship of girls and boys. Even he can never tolerate the fact that boys are talking with girls or girls with boys and sitting together is far from his mind and here today this new mad girl is sitting with me. It will be interesting to see that how he will react…

As I thought the same happened. Entering into the class sir first looked at the whole class. But,stopped at us finding that we I mean me and this girl. First some moment I think he was trying to understand it that really a girl and a boy is sitting together. Then,he shouted loudly that the whole class all on a sudden jerked
a little. Everyone has fear in eyes but only two parson who was calm and cool,of course one is me and other was that girl which was literally shocking to me. She is so quite as nothing happened. Finding she has no expression in her face Deshdrohi sir roared;

“Hey,you girl stand up. I said stand up”

She stood up so calmly. The fearness was missing from her eyes…

She spoke, ” Yes,Sir.”

Deshdrohi sir again roared, ” Why are you sitting with a boy? Don’t you know the girls can’t sit with boys. They sit in front “

She calmly replied, ” Sir,actually I wanted to sit in back that’s why sat here. “

“And what is the reason of it?” Sir gnashed…

She again gave an awesome answer,” Because sir sitting in last I found it interesting. From here I can see the whole class. It is very interesting. That’s why I sat down here.”

“Don’t you know boys and girls aren’t allowed to sit together “

“I know sir but why?  What is problem in it? Boys are also our friend. We all study together so in this short period of life if we don’t talk or help each other at our difficulties then it will be wrong. Before seeing boys or girls we should first see that we are human. Boys and girls can make a perfect family,society,country and civilisation. Without boys girls are nothing,like this without boys we are nothing. Unison of both is a real mean of human being and here of we don’t mingle with each other then in future what will we do? So,sir I don’t think that  I had made a sin and I think from now the whole class should talk with each other or befriended without looking that is he boy or girl. Only thing should kept in mind and that is we are friends.”

She answered so beautifully. It’s not easy at all. Sir’s mouth had become wide open not only him but the whole. Sir taking some times looked at her in a shocked expression. I thought there will be dhamaka but instead of that sir has losted his words. Wow!!!

Sir went back to the dais giving her permission to sit. She again sat down quietly.. Sir was taking the attendance. At last he called the last name.

“Role  no.52, Anika Sinha”

The girl rose her hand and said,” Present Sir”

Sir looked at her for couple of minutes again and then again went back to his work…

So,her name is Anika. The daring mad girl’s name is really beautiful Anika. Now I noticed her. Her body colour is a little viridescent,hairs are cutted like boys,she was slim but is she beautiful or not it’s a question actually but according to me she is an unique girl….

                 ~~All for today ~~

So,guys finished at last…I think last update then this will be on hold…I hope you all like this Anika. I am telling you she is different,unique and of course daring from my other stories Anika…She is very different

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