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Nairan OS- One Night ( The night that changed their lives forever )

Hey guys ! So,this is my first OS on TU. I have already posted this on wattpad. And keep loving my ff too. 

A girl is seen waking up another girl.

Girl: Priya !! Priya wake up…..We r getting late for college.

( The beautiful girl is revealed to be naina )

Priya: Wait naina…. I am waking up…Stop being my mother in hostel…

Naina: Are baba ! We hv to submit the assignment today. I hv done it and I am not able to give it to professor a time…. U will be responsible..

Priya: Uffo ! Ok baba ok… let me get fresh… But really yaar u r such a nerd.

Naina: Whatever ! Now go..fast

They both got ready and went to college. Then three more girls came towards them.

Girls: Hi naina hi priya…

Naina: Hi Smriti Hi neha Hi Pia

Naina: Come on let’s go.. Before Professor reaches we hv to reach the class…

Smriti: This nerdy girl !

Naina: Are yaar chalo !!!

All of them were going to the class. When suddenly, Naina bumped into someone. She was about to fall but a pair of sting arms encircled around her waist. She looked up to see a handsome boy with chocolate brown eyes gazing at her with a smile. Naina realised what she was doing and freed her from his grip.

Karan: Hey beautiful !!

Naina rolled her eyes.

Naina: Shut up ! Mind ur own business…

Her friends were shocked to know who could get angry on those cute eyes.

Karan and his friends ( Rohit, Gautam, Nakul, Chetan ) were also shocked as all girls drooled over karan.

Karan: How da….

Naina cut him in between.

Naina: Who said u to bang with me ??

Nakul: Oh!  Hello ! How dare u talk to karan like this ? Do u know who he is ?

Naina: Oh ! Really…. I very well know that ur friend Karan and his reputation about being a flirt but I am not like other girls drooling over u… I am Naina ! Naina solanki…. And more than being a flirt I hv now come to know that he doesn’t even hv a brain.

All were shocked with what naina said.

Gautam: Are yaar chodo !

Naina picked her assignment from the floor and turned to her friends to see them looking at her shocked.

Naina: What !?

Neha: What did u do ? He is so cute… How could..

Naina: Are u mad ? U think he is cute… He is just a flirt… U r..

Just then Karan comes near neha.

Karan: Hello… Miss. Neha pretty

Naina and other girls except naina were flattered by him.

Gaurav: Are yaar ! Karan u can’t steal my girlfriend Priya…

Priya: Oh really !

Karan: But u know… I am more handsome than u Gaurav..

Priya: I agree…

She winked at Gautam who was upset.

Karan: Are yaar ! We were joking… Chal teri gf teri..  Par meri ?

Gautam: Baki sari teri gf !

They all were laughing and enjoying… Naina was shocked to see her friends being friendly with karan.

Naina: Guys ! I feel u all r not coming… I am already late…see u later..

She was about to go. When karan held her wrist.

Karan: Shall I accompany u ?

Naina: Shut up !

She freed her hand. She moved towards the class.

Pia: Wait naina ! We r coming…

Neha: And sorry karan… She is a super nerd…

Karan nodded and he was glancing at naina.

Nakul: That girl… What does she think of herself.. Karan why didn’t u reply her ?

Karan: Yaar, she is so cute and beautiful…

The boys were shocked.

Rohit: U reahersing to flirt right ?

Karan didn’t reply. He shook karan.

Karan: Let’s go to the class.

Chetan: Hv u done the assignment…

Karan: Nope..bus chal yaar…

Karan was going towards the class while his friends were behind him discussing about that they think karan likes naina.

In the class,

Naina: Yaar, This karan mera mood bigad diya.

Neha: Yaar, Naina woke tujhe cute nahi lagta ??

Naina: Cute ??

Neha: Yaar tu bhi na… Par jo bhi ho.. wo Acha hai…

Just then they saw karan and his group enter the class. Naina was irritated.

Naina: Wo same class mein hai !

Karan saw naina and winked at her and she was shocked. She thought to ignore him. Karan and group sat behind the girls. Just then,  the professor entered and ordered all to submit the assignments. All submitted except karan.

Proffesor: As expected u hv not done the assignment.

Karan nodded. Then the class started. After the class ended, proffesor announced something about the new assignment.

Proffesor: So for the next assignment, there will be a group of ten. As there are 50 students, a group of ten will be easy. Karan, Nakul, Naina, Neha, Pia, Gautam, Priya, Chetan, Rohit and Smriti u all r in one group.

Karanand others were happy but Naina was shocked but before she could recover from this shock, she got another big shock. The proffesor announced other group members too.

Proffesor: There will be groups but the presentation will be by two people one by one. So, as in this assignment Miss.naina has done it the best and Mr. Karan has not submitted. The partners will be  naina and karan.

Naina literally got a heart attack.

Naina: But Proffesor…

Proffesor: Pls miss.Naina…. He will become sincere if he is with u. I expect u to agree with it.

Naina and no other way but to agree. She glared at karan to find him gazing at her happily.

Proffesor: U all can work for the assignment after college hours.

The proffesor left. All then came out of the class.

Naina: Yaar what do I do ?

Prita: Naina…chodo na.. Yeh padhai hai na… Waist bhi he is not bad..

Naina: Par..

Just then Karan came.

Karan: Hey Miss.Beautiful !

Naina rolled her eyes.

Naina: What ?

Karan: Come on… Yaar.. Now we r couples…

All were shocked. Naina’s eyes literally popped out.

Naina: Shut up ! We r just assignment partners.

Karan nodded.

Karan: Now friends !

Priya: Are naina..friends only !

Naina: OK friends.

She smiled and shook hands. All then became friends.

Neha: So,  where do we meet for the assignment ??

Gautam: Boys r not allowed in girls hostel and girls r also not allowed. So, where do we meet ?

Chetan: I hv an idea.. Our old mansion is there nearby. We can go there.

Naina: Is it guys ?? I mean the hostel warden won’t allow.

Smriti: It is for assignment only.

Karan: We will pick up up and leave u.

Naina: Alright then.

Soon, they all met and discussion about assignment. They all were becoming very good friends. Nairan had also become good friends. They had small fights but they both like irritating each other. They both enjoyed each others company. Karan sometimes flirted but naina didn’t mind it.

Naina (in mind): He is not bad.. He is cute and charming.

Karan(in mind ): She is very cute and pretty.. She enjoys my company but nowadays I feel strange around her. I feel lovely around her.. i love to adore her and can gaze at her the whole day..I feel..no.no… this can’t be.. Or is it.. I can’t..can’t love her ! Or do I love her ?? Yes I love her.

He was in his hostel room when started jumping telling ” Yes I love her “. His friends were shocked.

Nakul: What happened karan ?

Gautam: Whom do u love? ?

Karan: Naina..

All were shocked.

Chetan: But…

Karan: I know what u r thinking  but I really love her.. I know I am reputation as a flirt but that is for my entertainment.. I love naina…

Gautam: I understand it but..

Rohit: Will she accept ur love ?

Karan was sad.

Karan: Idk but I just want her by my side always and I will always be with her…Tomorrow I will propose her..

Gautam: We r with u…

They all slept.

Next morning, karan saw naina in the ground walking with her friends. He went towards her.

Naina: Hi karan !

Neha: Hi!

Karan: Hi

He suddenly sat on his knees in front of naina. She was confused.

Karan: Naina, Now what I will say I hope this won’t affect our friendship.

Naiba: Means ?

Karan: Promise me naina !

Naina smiling: Promise!

Karan took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He opened his eyes and looked straight into her eyes.

Karan: Naina ! I LOVE YOU !! I don’t know whether u will accept it or not… But I really love u.. I don’t expect the same from u.. But I want u to be by my side always and I will always be three for you…

Naina was in tears. A large number of people had gathered around them. Naina’s friends were shocked.

Naina: Karan.. but..

Karan: Naina…

Naina left from there immediately  crying. Her friends went after her to console her. Soon, they crowd also dispersed. Karan was still there. His friends consoled him.

Gautam: It’s ok karan.. She just needs some time.

Karan nodded.

Here naina was crying.

Priya: Naina… it’s okay..why r u crying..

Naina: He loves me but…

Neha: See naina, I saw true love in his eyes for you.

Naina: But he… he is…

Smriti: Think about it naina… I know that he is flirty but I feel he truly loves you….

Naina: But he might be taking my advantage….

Pia: it is ur decision naina but we all feel he loves u…but if u don’t love him he will understand.. but now rest..

Naina nodded. The three of them left. Priya and naina went to sleep but sleep was far away from naina. She was thinking about karan and there moments.

Here, karan was thinking about naina and their moments.

Next morning,

Naina and her friends were going towards her class when karan and his friends came towards them. Karan was nervous.

Karan: Naina….

Naina turned her face to the other side.

Karan: Naina… I

Naina: U what karan ?

Karan: I…woh… I love… I really love u naina…

Naina: Karan….please stop this..

Karan: Naina pls…I really love u naina.. I am not flirting or just making fun of love. I just…. I just hv fallen for you..

Naina: But I don’t love u !

Karan was upset.

Karan: I LOVE u but I don’t expect the same from u…..

Naina: Then what u want ?

Karan: Naina, I just need ur friendship. I want u to be friends with me….pls…

Naina: What u did after that we can’t have any friendship…

karan: Please naina…

Priya: Naina…. only friends na…

Pia: Yes Naina…. Don’t break the friendship.

Smriti: U r very good friend and u never break any friendship promise. U had promised karan that whatever he does u won’t break the friendship…

Neha: U can’t break the friendship….

Naina nodded.

Karan: Naina i will always be by ur side and I promise naina I will never cross my limit…

Naina smiled.

Naina: Friends..

Karan shaked hands.

Karan: Friends..

They both were happy.

Soon, they started enjoying their company and their friendship was growing deeper. As usual, they used to work on project at the old mansion. Naina felt love for karan but couldn’t express it as she was shy.

To make nairan come close their friends always used to put them together. They all decided that all will work with their partners in different rooms. All were in different rooms with their partners.

Nairan were in a room whose door was kind of broken and that could not be opened if closed from inside and could only be opened from outside.

One evening, all were working with their partners when naina got a call from her home and that she had to go home. She informed everyone about it. Karan told all that he will drop her. So, all agreed and got back your heir work. Nairan were about to leave but both had forgot their phone in the room. They both went to bring their phone. They were about to go out when strong wind started blowing and the door got closed. They both ran towards the door and tried to open it but couldn’t. Both of them sat their disappointed. They thought to call their friends but naina’smiled phone was out of charge and karan’smiled phone didn’t have balance. Soon, they saw their friends leave through the window. They started calling them but their friends couldn’t hear it and left from there.

Naina: Now what we do ?

Karan: I don’t know…

They tried opening the door but still couldn’t. Then very chilled wind started blowing hard. Naina felt very cold and started rubing her hands to generate heat. Karan away is and gave her his jacket.

Naina: No….. It’s okay

Karan: Naina, see u r shivering.. Pls take the jacket.

Naina took the jacket and covered herself.

Naina smiling: Thanks

Then after sometime,  she stood up and was about to move when she suddenly freezed in her position. Karan saw this. Before he could speak anything she fainted but karan caught her before she could fall on the ground. He took her in his arms and kept her on the bed. He tried calling her name but she didn’t respond and was just shivering. He touched her forehead to find it burning. She was having high fever. He panicked. He again touched her forehead and surprisingly it easy very cold and instead of shivering she had become numb like a dead body. Her whole body had become cold and her lips suddenly dried. He panicked and started crying.

Karan(in mind): No karan.. u can’t be weak, u need to do something. Something to produce heat.

He started rubbing her hands and legs to produce heat and even covered her with a blanket but nothing was happening. He was now broken. He couldn’t afford to lose her. She was his life. He couldn’t lose her as he had lost his mother in childhood. He hugged her reluctantly bringing her very close to him and started rubbing her back but still nothing happened.

An idea struck him but he was reluctant to do it. He couldn’t cross his limit, he couldn’t break his promise but he couldn’t lose her also. He was in a very confused state. He couldn’t lose her knowing that there is a chance to save her. He had a chance to save her. Then he realised her breathing rate being slower and slower each passing moment.

Karan ( in mind ):  No karan… U have to do it. Do it for her..to save her. U r not doing it for ur advantage or with bad means u r doing it to save her. U have do it. U have to.

Karan: I have to do it.

He kept her on the bed and stood up. He started unbuttoning his shirt. He moved towards her and York her clothes out. He went to the bed and hugged her tightly near his bare chest. He was upset as he was doing it without her permission and he didn’t even know how to face her when she wakes up and how will she react. He slowly kissed her neck and started rubbing her back and waist. Soon he felt her move and he brought her more closer to her. He felt her breathing rate increasing slowly. He was happy and continued rubbing. Soon, he fell asleep.

That one night changed their lives.

Next morning,

Naina woke up to find only a blanket over her and found karan sleeping beside her hugging her. She was broken and shocked.  She couldn’t believe that Karan took advantage of her in unconscious state. She believed him and had trusted him but he forced her. She moved his hands away and sat up straight covering her with the blanket. She remembered feeling something warm around her and karan kissing her. She started crying. Slowly, karan woke up snd saw naina sitting on the bed and crying. He slowly sat up. Naina saw karan waking.

Naina: Why ?? Why ? Why did u do this to me ??

She shouted ” Why ?? ”

Karan: See naina, I didn’t do it like how u r thinking… I…

Naina: U what ? U have destroyed my life karan. U took advantage of my unconscious state and u forced me…. u..

Karan: No naina… I know how u r feeling but….

Naina shouting: No. U don’t.. u don’t know how I am feeling u don’t know that. No one took ur advantage.

Karan: No naina. I didn’t take ur advantage…

Naina: No.. u took advantage of my body..

Karan: No.. I didn’t..

Naina: OK… then what were u doing ?

Karan: I… I. ..

Naina shouting: U what ?? Tell me

Karan: I… I was giving u my body heat.

Naina  crying: Why ?

Karan: Because… Because. .. u had fainted and u were shivering and then suddenly u became cold and I tried to produce heat but nothing happened… I had no other choice as if I would hv not done this then u…

Naina crying : Me what?

Karan: U would hv been no more…and I can’t lose u…

Naina: It would have better to die than to be forced…

Karan kept hands on her mouth.

Karan: Don’t say like that…

Naina crying: Why wouldn’t I ? Because now I have nothing to live with…

Karan: Means….

Naina sobbing; I have no self respect. And without self respect I have nothing with me… My whole life is destroyed just because of u…

Karan: No naina..pls..

Naina: Now…. stop it karan.. Stop. U think is will believe ur fake stories..

Karan: No naina.. I am not lying…

Naina believed karan and aso disbelieved karan. So, she didn’t show that.

Naina: stop… I don’t want to talk anything further.

Karan wore his clothes under the blanket. Naina was crying and then she took her clothes and covered herself with the blanket and went to washroom to change. Here, karan was even upset. He felt guilty. He then tried opening the door but couldn’t and then using a rope he went down through the window and opened the door from outside. By then, Naina came out of washroom and found the door open. She went towards the door and found that Karan had opened it. She was about to go when karan kept his hands on her shoulder. She jerked his hands and pushed him. She then ran out of the mansion and went straight to her hostel.

Her friends asked her why she came back today and she replied that her money didn’t want her to miss college. There, karan had left from there sadly and his friends even asked him some questions and he also lied. Naina was very upset of what happened with her.

Soon days passed, naina always ignored karan and karan used to always apologise to her but she never forgave him. Their assignment was also overand they rarely got a chance to be near.

One day, Naina was going back home and found a person sitting and crying in the temple. She went near to that person. She was about to call the person when she realised that it was karan she was about to go but she heard him speak.

Karan crying: God… Pls forgive me if did wrong.. Please God. But u know that I didn’t do it take naina’s advantage of naina. Yes, I love her and I truly over her. In true love, there is just unconditional love for the other without expecting the same. So, God why why would I do anything like that on purpose to naina without her permission when I truly love her… I have already faced the lose of loved ones and I didn’t want to lose Naina. I couldn’t let her die. Pls God pls do something for naina to forgive me. I just need her forgiveness and after that I promise if she doesn’t want me near her, I will go very far from her… I would never come back. But God pls I can’t live with this guilt. Pls God pls. And tmrw will be the last day. If she doesn’t forgive me tmrw then God I will jump from my hostel terrace. I won’t live anymore. I can’t live anymore without my life. God pls.

He wiped his tears and went outside of the temple. Here, naina was in tears after hearing the truth. She regretted not believing karan and was shocked to know his true love for her and his going away from her for her happiness and jumping off the balcony.  She ran to her hostel and started crying sitting on her bed.

Naina: Karan… He loved me so much and expects nothing in return. He can leave from my life for my own happiness  and without my forgiveness he would not live. He did all that just to save me and i what did i do ? I hurt him so much….No…no.. I can’t let that happen.  I can’t let him go cause I love him ! What ? I love him.. but how ? When ? Yes, I love him…I love him the same way he does. I will confess tmrw that is on valentine’s day. Yes I will.

Next morning,

Karan walked towards naina. Naina turned you send me and she was very happy. She ran to him and sat on her knees in front of him. He was confused and shocked by her behaviour. She took a deep breath and spoke.

naina: Karan, I don’t know how and when this happened but I have fallen for you. Yes I have. And karan I am very much pleased by ur true love ur unconditional live for me. Ur selfless love for me. U did so much for me karan. I don’t know how to thank you karan. Thank you karan for making me learn the true definition of love.And now I want to confess that  I LOVE U KARAN !!!

karan was happily shocked and was in tears.

Karan: Naina, I can’t believe it…. I love u too naina. But please naina forgive me.

Naina: Now stop this karan. I heard ur confession in the temple and I know u did it to save me. And karan it am sorry for not believing u and hurting u.

Karan: No naina… u were right at ur place.

Naina: And haan.. I hate u that how could think to leave me haan ? What would have happened to me without my love ?

She said hitting his chest.

Karan: Sorry… sorry…Sorry. .baba.. pls I won’t do that. Never ever.

Naina: Promise ?

Karan: Promise !!

Then suddenly naina pressed her lips against karan’s. Karan was shocked. But then he also replied with the same passion as hers. They both shared a passionate kiss and broke it due to lack of oxygen. They didn’t even care that the whole college had surrounded them. They hugged each other. She whispered in his ears.

Naina: So Mr. Will u be my valentine ?

Karan: Yes miss.Beautiful

Naina: OK.  Then Mr. Cutie meet me at xyz place today evening.. There is and there is some and give surprise.

They broke the hug.

Karan: Wait what ? Mr.cutie ?

Naina blushing: Yes u r my Mr. Cutie.

She pulled his cheeks and kissed his cheeks and ran away blushingly.

Karan shouted: I will be on time miss. Beautiful.

Naina blushingly went.

They spent the evening romantically. They were a official couple now.

Soon, after their final year, they informed their family about their relationship. Both the families agreed and they both got married after a year.

They lived happily forever.

So, my os is over. I know it was super long. If u were bored, I am sorry. Pls do like and comment.

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