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Mr.Khadoos and Ms.Kareli destined together (What a co-incidence) by SAMMIE (PART-4)

Hello guys hope u remembered me ????? Sorry for disappearing suddenly …..I thought to discontinue the ff but later on som of my sistet requested or I should say warned me to post this ff otherwise they will kill me ….So this for u my Sana and Dimple……
So here is the link of the previous chappy



A small sneak peak of the previous chapter…..

Sanchi-Isha-Pragya cam from London to India for their internship in SDCH ………Sanchi met with Veer during car parking where Veer helped her parking the car ……Then her first meet with Kabir was by fighting with him over a bag which was demanded by Ria to buy where Dev was also present who witnessed the fight….Ria started hating Ms.Kareli(Sanchi)……….Then Sanchi and Ria met outside SDCH where Sanchi saved her from falling and they became good friends not knowing that Sanchi ,Ms.Kareli and Sanchi Mishra r same person……..Sanchi and Kabir saw each other in SDCH where we witnessed their witty fight………Sanchi was invited to Malhotra Mansion for dinner………….

So today it starts from here………….

Place :Malhotra Mansion

The family members were eagerly waiting for Sanchi …..except one ……. the Khadoos ….

Kabir suddenly got a call from SDCH
A random doctor:Hello ,Sir there is an emergency case please come over here…….

Kabir:Dad i need to go as there is a case in Hospital
Anand:But Sanchi…..
Kabir:Dad…….My patient’s life is more important to me…….
He mumbles(Moreover i m not at all interested to meet her)
Anand:Ok but come quick

And Kabir went. ……….

On the other hand Sanchi is stuck in the traffic ….
Sanchi:Shit man!!!! First of all I m already late …..secondly i m stuck in the traffic great …..no i mean really great…huh!!!

Back to the Malhotras…..
Ria:Aree yaar when is this Sanchi gonna come !!!
Veer: Have patience dear she will come soon
Dev:But Veer she cant have patience now nor u can have ………
Both Veer and Ria together :Why?????
Dev:As because u both r not Doctors till now…..Hahahaha…..
Veer:Not so funny
Gayatri:Calm down !!She might have got stuck in traffic !!!!!

Back to Sanchi……
Sanchi :Phew finally i reached The Malhotra Mansion

Sanchi went inside after parking her car…..

Sanchi rang the door bell….
Gayatri :I think Sanchi came
Anand:Yeah ,Dev pls call to Kabir and inform him to come quickly
Dev :Ok Bade Papa
Saying this he went to call Kabir
Gayatri opened the door
Gayatri:Sanchi!!!!!!!! How r u beta????,(while hugging her)Beta we missed u so much
Neeta: Yeah Sanchi we all missed u !!!By the way u grew up very Beautiful
Sanchi :Thank u Gayatri Aunty ,,,thank u Neeta chachi(while hugging both of them )And i missed u toooooooooooooo
Anand :Areee u will talk everything outside the house only or what!!!!????Let her inside!!!!!!
Ria:::Areeee Let us also meet her !!!
Veer:U all have just surrounded her not letting us even see her face !!who knows if she is my soon to Girlfriend!!!!
Ria:I m also there to meet ……..
Both said while jumping on their toes to see her face which is covered as their family has surrounded her as if she is a celebrity……
Gayatri:Acha!!!!So meet them…..There r Ria and Veer….(while introducing them)
Both The parties were quite shocked or u can say pleasantly surprise but the main thing was Sanchi-Kabir’s Meeting……..
So today’s epi ends on Veer-Ria and Sanchi’s shocked faces …..
Precape:Kaanchi’s official meet in Malhotra Mansion
Sorry for short update but i will post the next part soon And i knowvit was very bakwas and nonsense but Sorry nothing came to my stupid mind……So bye meet u in the next epi

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