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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh gets a job

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ira asking Akhilesh to become her friend. He holds her hand. She smiles. He recalls Vallabh’s words and stops. He says I m not suitable to become your friend, we are not equal, there is much difference in us. She says equality should be of thinking, respect and ethics, not of degree and earnings. He says we are just helpless to keep this relation till my reverse surgery happens. He asks her not to force and goes. She says you are stubborn, I will keep this friendship.

Devina and her children discuss about the reporter plan failing. Devina goes to Pushpa and sees her praying for Ira. She asks for money. Pushpa agrees. She gives her some change. Devina refuses and asks for 50 lakhs. She asks Pushpa to give money, else see them in court. Akhilesh comes and asks what’s

happening. Devina says I want money for Aditya’s marriage. Akhilesh says I will earn money for his marriage. Aditya argues.

Akhilesh says I have a solution. They all argue. Devina throws a box at Pushpa. Singhania comes and gets hurt. Devina apologizes. He asks how did Akhilesh call me here. Akhilesh says my house’s financial state is poor, I want Aditya and Sanaya’s marriage to happen well, I wish to give us some months time, I will earn and get them married. Singhania asks why didn’t you say you are jobless. Akhilesh says you helped me a lot. Ira says Akhilesh is not educated, but he is hardworking and strong. Singhania says I want personal trainer in gym. Ira explains him. Devina asks how does Ira know everything always. Singhania asks Akhilesh to join the gym. He goes.

Akhilesh asks what was the need to say, how can we take favors. Ira says he is not doing favors, he is businessman, he likes you, you are perfect for this job. He says don’t recommend me. She says I was helping my best friend, now you have to tolerate me. He goes to a tea stall and sits. Bhavik meets him. Akhilesh says my mum was paying for my mistake today. He cries. He says Ira saved us today, but all this happened because of her one mistake. Bhavik says she would have come much time earlier, but…. FB shows Ira getting stuck in traffic. She returns home. Bhavik says you have really become hindi serial bahu. She walks barefoot. Her bp gets high. Bhavik takes her to hospital. She asks Dr. Patel to give her phone. He says your health is imp. Ira calls Akhilesh. He doesn’t answer. She asks Bhavik to take care home. Dr. Patel gives her medicine to normalize her BP. She says sorry and leaves from the hospital. FB ends. Bhavik says Ira worries for you and Pushpa a lot. Akhilesh thinks she worries for me and I didn’t thank her, I m an idiot.

Its morning, Akhilesh wakes up Ira. He says I need to thank you. She says no sorry and no thanks in friendship. He says fine, I need your help. She says I won’t make tea. He says get up, I will teach you Surya namaskar. She asks what. He says if I can teach you, it means I m a good trainer. She says I don’t want to. He says then don’t call me friend. She says fine. She changes and comes. He looks at her. He asks her to take a deep breath and do as he does. She does lazily. He says I will teach you, you regarded me best friend, start not, do it 15 times. She does. He smiles. He says you got tired, it means I m a good trainer. She says you are too stern. He asks her to tolerate him. He gets ready. Pushpa gives him tiffin and asks him to make everyone work well. Ira walks slow. Pushpa asks what happened. Ira says I have body pain, he was teaching me Surya namaskar. He says she wanted to learn. Pushpa says you should have done some exercise to get some kids. She asks him to have curd sugar. She goes laughing. Akhilesh asks Ira to feed him curd and sugar. She says I have ache in hand, have it. He asks can’t you feed me, if you have become my friend. She wishes to slap him. He insists. She feeds him. He teases her.

Aditya troubles Akhilesh. Ira comes there and challenges Aditya to have arm wresting competition with Akhilesh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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