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Mere Sai 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Saves Keshav From Kulkarni

Mere Sai 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bayaza comes to Sulbha’s house and tells that Rukmini sent Sulbha to her when she came to know that you people have beaten them badly. Sulbha’s bhabhi argues with her. Bayaza says she has equal rights in the house. Sulbha’s bhabhi tells that she knows about her habit to interfere in someone else house and asks her to take her. Kulkarni asks Rukmini where is Pusp. Rukmini brings it. Keshav comes and asks for food. Rukmini says I will give once Puja is done. Kulkarni asks Keshav to sit beside him and tells that I am sending you to London, but that doesn’t mean that you stay away from your values and customs. He says today he will teach him how to do puja. He prays and asks him to do same. Keshav also prays. Rukmini gets glad and thinks today Kulkarni is spending time with Keshav after many days. Kulkarni

asks Keshav to light agarbatti. He makes him read mantras. Keshav closes his eyes and sees Sai sitting. He begins saying hare sai hare sai sai sai hare hare…Sai opens his eyes and see him. Keshav tells hare sai hare sai….Kulkarni is shocked. Rukmini is tensed. Kulkarni gets angry and leaves.

Sai sees a woman scolding her husband. Sai asks what happened? Woman tells that whenever he goes out, he brings God’s idol and now their house is full of idols, they have no place to live. Sai asks the man if he does the puja with fear of God or devotion. Man says he wants to change his destiny and that’s why meets astrologers and pandits. He says he don’t want to upset God and that’s why do puja of all Gods. He asks for his help. Sai says I will help you and says so you are a kumar. He says you don’t know to go to anyone, and says God is in everyone and asks him to question himself. He asks him to close eyes and do puja of the God whom he sees. Man gets happy and closes his eyes. Om Sai plays…..He sees making pots and tells Sai that he didn’t see any God, but I saw myself making pots. Sai asks don’t you like your profession. Man says nobody can get rich by this work. His wife tells that he has wasted a lot of money in puja and since he dreams of becoming rich, he is not making pots.

Sai asks him to answer if he don’t like this work. Man says I used to make utensils and that time, I don’t even feel angry. Sai says Karma is the big puja. He says God is in everyone and says watering a plant, taking care of animals, caring for old parents etc are all God’s work. He says your work is your God. He asks people to pray to God with love and not with fear, like you do with your parents. He says don’t pray to God to change destiny, but to get happiness in every situation, and to fulfill our duties.

Kulkarni asks Rukmini to stand there and says now you all will see what I do with Sai’s bhakts. He asks Keshav to eat chillies and says it is for you. Rukmini says what you are saying, he is your son and have done a mistake. Kulkarni says I do justice and it is same for everyone. Rukmini apologizes. Keshav folds his hands and apologizes. Kulkarni forcefeeds chilli in his mouth. Chivu holds Rukmini and says you have spoilt him and Dada is teaching him a lesson. Sai feels pain in his stomach. Kulkarni says if I leave him then he will get involved with Sai and says in future, you will realize and not do anything. He tells that this is a good lesson for you after making him eat full plates chillies. Anta and Banta feel bad. Chivu goes unaffected. Sai feels utmost pain in his stomach. Keshav tells Rukmini that he can’t bear the pain. Rukmini asks Servant to bring jaggery, but nothing happens with it.

Rukmini then feeds him honey, but Keshav still feels pain. He asks Rukmini why do Kulkarni hates Sai so much, and says Sai helped me in Ahmedabad, helped Madhav and saved babu ji also. Rukmini asks him not to tell this. Keshav asks Sai to help him. Sai asks Cow to help him. Cow gives milk. Sai drinks milk. Keshav pain is gone, and he sees milk on his mouth and asks where did it come on my mouth. He says I called Sai for help. They fold hands and say Ram Krishna hari.

Villagers see a man coming in the bullock cart. One of the villager fall down. Nand lal scolds the villager and is about to beat him, but the man sitting inside stops him and asks him to give money to the villager. Nand Lal gives him money. Villagers are shocked to see the money. Sai looks at the cart. Man wears specs.

Man comes to the temple and then Nand lal gives coins to villagers on his behalf. He then offers coin to Sai. Appa is shocked. Sai smiles.

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