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Mehrya My version Part 67

Both Kanta chachi and Shaurya dozed off at the waiting area seat.  They were awaken by sudden noise of doctors and medical staff rushing to the CCU ward. Shaurya and Kanta chachi gets panic and wonders what happen, Shaurya heard one of the medical staff pronounce Mrs Khanna’s pulse rate has dropped drastically get the resuscitation team to come in immediately. His heart shattered hearing the patient’s name and he quickly rushed into the CCU together with the rest of the medical staff. He reached the glass door and wants to enter but few staff manage to hold him and ask him to wait as they are middle of procedures. He saw a medical staff performing CPR on her monitoring the electrocardiogram as the pulse is keep going down. The CCU nurses continues their efforts to revive Mehak. Shaurya screaming to them to do something her pulse is dropping, then another doctor came in and shouted “Clear” as he applied the conducting gel on the defibrillators’ paddle as he gave Mehak a jolt of electricity. Shaurya watched as his eyes rains with tears his Mehak’s body bounced silently on the bed. Seconds passed and the doctor shouted again “Clear” and placed the paddle again on her chest. This time her body bounced higher and the monitor didn’t catch much pulse rate. Shaurya stopped at the doorway and watched them and look at the monitor he kept sending silent prayers for her to response, Kanta chachi stands next to him crying and asking Waheguru ji’s miracle on Mehak. The doctor shouted “Clear” and placed the paddle again on her chest and this time pulse rate comes back to normal and she her body fell back on the bed as she exhales a deep breath. Shaurya hold on to his chest and calm himself down as they manage to resuscitate her. The staffs manage to drag Shaurya and Kanta chachi out from CCU. Shaurya manage to ask one of the nurse is she alright now sister? The nurse responded she is very brave we were panic when her pulse rate dropped drastically, as you seen just now after they used defibrillator they manage to resuscitate her. Now we will monitor for 24hrs for her response. Keep pray for her recovery. She patted on his forearm and moved away from there.

From that moment Shaurya becomes restless and he walks to the corner of CCU ward, there was Matarani statue placed on the corner. He went closer and kneel down, he silently cried and said his prayers. He asked why you are playing like this in our life. I was ruthless cunning egoistic businessman. I don’t need to ask anything everything will come to me. Later you made me to meet Mehak, without realizing I felt for her, she loves me purely for who I am. She accepted me for who I am. But slowly with her unconditional love Mehak change all about me she made me a new person. As I want to start my life with her you cannot snatch her away from me. I need her in my life. Maa please if you want to take her away from me, please take my breath away first I can’t afford to see her dying before me, my soul has no strength for that.

Kanta chachi came behind him and ask him to stay brave. You must be brave to take care of my daughter. Shaurya slowly gets up and wipes his away. His face redden due to non-stop crying. Kanta chachi wipes his face and made him to sit. Hours passes waiting for response from the medical team on Mehak’s condition.

Shaurya stopped one of the nurse and asked whtr he can go in to see Mehak. They said can but not more than 10minutes, he agreed and wear the hospital smock gown and covers his head. He walks quietly to Mehak’s bed. He sat next to her and touched her face slowly. There were bruises and blue black swelling marks due to the accident impact. Even her pouty lips were not left unharmed, it had a slight tear on it. Seeing her like this his heart tears him apart. He called her name in a low tone, Mehak why are you not waking up are you scared that I will keep hurting you? I promise I will be good and will not cause any difficulty to you. Once you become okay I will follow you to Chandi chowk to eat your favorite gol gappas, gola and chaats. You also like the chocolate bar at CP right, we will go and eat your favorite Belgium chocolate waffles, I will not complain about calories, fat and sugar contents. I never tell you, I love your panjiri. Once you get better can you prepare for me and feed me with your hands? I love to see you when you blow the warm panjiri and feed me like a baby. As it is we stayed away for many days away, now I want my coming day’s starts with you and ends with your smile. Will you come and make my wishes comes true? He caressed her cheek gently with his thumb. As Shaurya was talking to her, suddenly her body jolted and started to shakes relentlessly. Shaurya realizes she is having seizure attack and he shouted for doctor and the CCU nurses ran to him, they hold Mehak’s limbs so she will not move as her wounds are still fresh. Shaurya watched helplessly, the staff brings him out asking him to wait as they will monitor her. His eyes were only on Mehak, a medical officer injected and her movement subsided and she becomes calm.

The sun rises and it was another day. Vicky Karuna maa and Harish papa came to hospital. They saw Shaurya was sitting lifelessly. Both rushed to his side and tries to calm him but he quickly gather himself and said he is fine. Vicky went to get coffee for Kanta chachi and Shaurya. Karuna maa said they must eat something and staying hunger like this will not treat her but she will be more upset if anyone stay hungry. They had their coffee. The duty doctor came in and introduced himself and says he need to speak about the patient’s condition. All gets up and follows him to the consultation room. He ask them sit, he shared with them her condition. He explain that, luckily there is no major head injury we have checked no broken skull or blood clot but impact is there. She needs lots of care and rest very important no stressful event or else she will get trauma attack. Also last night she had seizure attack, this is due to the accident’s impact. It might be one attack after the accident or she might have repetitive attacks. We can give proper medication and continue to monitor. Her anesthetic given will be wearing out soon so she will be regain her consciousness soon. It will be very painful because multiple injuries. For few weeks to months maybe she will not be able to walk, eat, or do anything on her own. Someone must attend to her at all times. Her emotion will be up and down unstable at times, so you guys cannot lose patience and treat her like a child who needs care and love. Once the wound healing we will suggest for physiotherapy and need to follow these for speedier recovery. After all the explanations they thank the doctor and leave from there. They sat outside CCU waited for Mehak to regain consciousness. A CCU nurse asked for family of Mrs Khanna? Shaurya quickly gets up and walked to them and told that she is stable a bit we will be pushing her to High Dependency Unit. One of you please follow us. Kanta chachi and Karuna maa asked Shaurya to go with them. He went in and sees them rolling her bed to another floor. He follows them seeing his precious life lying motionlessly on the bed. They reached the ward and they parked her bed there. After fixing her IV drips and check her pulse rate on the monitor. He watched her attentively. As told by the doctor, Mehak eyeball moved to the right and left and she slowly flattered her eyelid, her vision remain blurry. Shaurya saw her opening her eyes he gets up to get Kanta chachi and his mom. They came in Kanta chachi went closer to Mehak and called her Mehak beta wakeup. Look at us, all are waiting for you. After so much struggle she manage to open her eyes and look at them. All cried in joy and thanked Matarani and Waheguru for their blessings. Kanta chachi asked her if she alright? She can’t move due to the drugs administered on her, she just flapped her eye lid as a response. Karuna maa and Harish papa came near her. Shaurya slowly came near her and see her closer. His eyes welled up with tears. It started to pour out in no time.  He went near her as he bent towards her bruised cheek planting a gentle kiss and whispered you made THE SHAURYA KHANNA cried so much.


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