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Magical and True Love of Samaina-Chapter/Episode 2

Before Starting My Chapter 2.. In this Chapter I have used Both English And Hindi For Some readers As they wanted in English…

Precap:-Naina is Looking at Sameer And Smiles😊.Sameer is Also looking At Naina And Smiles😊

Chapter/Episode 2 Starts

After 45 Mins,

Priya Ma’am:-Ok Class.So I have Given An Assignment of Map Work.I wanted it on Day After Tomorrow the very First Period.All the Files should be on my Table and It’s Monitor’s Duty to Collect the files from students and keep it on my Table in Staff Room.And also Make a list of those students who did not submit The Files,I will see to it.

Monitor’s of the Class:-Ok Ma’am

Priya Ma’am:-And Note that the Boy’s Monitor will collect only Boy’s Files and Girl’s Monitor will collect only Girl’s File.Is that Clear?

Students:-Yes Ma’am

Bell Rings
Priya Ma’am Goes

Munna:-Is This Your Book Sameer?

Sameer:-No.Its Not Mine.Its Naina s Book

Munna:-But Naina Didn’t Bring her Book.Then How?

Sameer:-She Had Brought the Book but she gave it to me so that I should not get punishment from Ma’am

Pandit:-But Why did she do like that?🤔

Sameer:-I Don’t Know..

Munna:-I think She Loves You..

Sameer:-No.Its Not like that.

Pandit:-Then why did Naina Told A lie to Teacher,First time she gave her own book to You? There must be some reason.🤔

Sameer:-Yaa Pandit.You are Right.Maine toh socha hi Nahi(I didn’t Think About it)

Munna:-Something must be there.

Sameer:-And I am Also Noticing Naina these Days.Whenever I come Towards her,she gets Nervous and Whenever I talk to a Girl,She looks Angrily😡😡😤😤😠😠 at Me.I don’t know why?I think she loves me..

(Sameer starts Smiling😊)

Munna:-Tumhe bhi kuch kuch ho raha hain kya?I mean You also Love her.

Sameer:-No,We are Just Friends..

Munna:-Kyunki Mujhe shak ho raha hain.Jab tumhe Naina se Book mila tab se uski book ko baar baar chu rahe the aur Beech beech Main tum usse Nihar bhi Rahe the..

Sameer(slightly in Angry tone😡):-Its Not like that.

Munna:-Ok ok. Fine. But why did she do this all??🤔🤔

Sameer:-Mujhe Pata lagana hi hoga(I have to find it out)

Munna:-Lekin Tum kaise Pata Karoghe(How will you find it out??)🤔🤔

Sameer:-Recess(Break) main puch lunga(During Recess I will ask Her)

Munna(Whispering in Pandit’s Ears):-Yaar,Mujhe Lagta Hain Ki Sameer ko bhi Naina se thoda,thoda Pyaar hone laga hain…

Pandit(in Low tone/voice):-You Are Right Munna. Jab Bhi Tum Naina ka Naam Lete ho Tab Voh Muskura(Blush😋) raha tha.

Sameer:-Tum Dono Kya Baatein Kar Rahe ho??

Munna & Pandit:-Kuch Nahi…😐😐

(After 3 periods,Recess Bell rings.Whenever we hear a Recess Bell we get Very Happy as we were very hungry and eager to know What Our Mom’s have Packed in our Tiffins..And One more Reason is that we were also happy to get rid of Boring Lectures/Class for some student’s and even sometimes for mee too)

Inside the Classroom

Naina:-Aaj Maine Bhendi ki Sabji Layi Hun.What Did You Brought??

Swati:-Maine Aaj Tinde ki Sabji Layi Hun.You Take Tinde’s Sabji I will Take bhendi’s Sabji.

(Naina and Swati always used to share their Tiffins)

After Eating there Tiffins

Naina(To Swati):Tum Jaao Main Pani peke aati Hun(You Go,I will drink Water and Come)

Swati goes

When Naina is Drinking water, Sameer comes towards her seat and Sits Besides her.

(Here Naina is Shocked😮😮 as Naina & Sameer didn’t talk to each other since many years.If Sameer has work with Naina,then only he would talk with her. Otherwise they would not talk even say “Hello” to each other.)

Sameer:-Thank You Naina,for Saving Me from Punishment.Here Take your Book.

Naina takes the book

Naina:-Vaise Thank you ki koi zarurat nahi(No Need to say Thank You)
Dosti Main No Sorry,No Thank You.

Sameer Smiles😊😊 and is Blushing😋😋 too..

Sameer:-Tumne Mere Liye Itna Sab Kyu kiya??

Naina is now shy and is blushing😋😋 in front of Sameer.

Sameer:-Bolo Naina..

Naina:-Sameer,woh hum hum…….

Sameer:-Hum kya…..??

Naina(Blushing😋😋):-Woh hum hum dost hain na is liye.

Sameer:-Sirf dost ya kuch aur…

Naina Blushes😋😋

Naina:-Shayad Swati Mujhe Bula rahi hain.Mujhe jana hoga(I think Swati is Calling Mee.I have to Go)

Sameer:-Lekin Mera javab Kon dega??

Naina goes with blushing face😋😋 and a big smile on her face☺☺😊😊

Sameer also smiles☺😊

Sameer leaves from there and goes to his Seat….

Precap:-Sameer is Dialing the Phone No.☎ Naina takes the phone📞.

I hope u all like it and Please give ur Valuable and Precious Feedback To Me.. Will be very happy..😊😊😊😊 And Do comment on this Chapter/Episode..

Will update Next Chapter As Soon As Possible..😊😊

Thanking You

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