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Love means only love – In flight (Part-3) shivika ff

So,guys…I’m back. Till now I think many one understood that I’m a wattpad writer and updated so many parts there so you can read there also. My wattpad account is-Nafi-Nahi435..So,find me there and here’s the next part…


In Flight-A

Hey,guys. It’s my next chapter. I know I am a lazy writer. Actually,I am not a good writer but a good reader. So,when I get time I read other’s story. You guys are really awesome. So,I always read your stories. But,now I will try to update regularly. That’s why,I will update three parts today. So, read it and please give me votes because I have a doubt on the fact that you are not liking my story. So,at least give me 20 votes in each parts. So,I will continue it. If you can’t so I have to delete it. Okay. Enough of my stupid bakbak. Enjoy the parts.


Anika and Shivaay in the same flight.

Anika”What are you doing here?

Shivaay” Hello, I should ask it. What are…you doing here ha..?

Anika” It’s my seat. That means, I have to bear you.”

Shivaay” Shut up..I have saved you from falling that time you don’t say a little thank you to me. Then,you pushed me for which I fall down and the whole airport made fun of me and you don’t say a single sorry to me.”

(We know Anika is really a normal,innocent and also don’t argue with people. But, in front of Shivaay our this sidhesadi Anika will be a jhasi ki rani.)(It’s my pov)

Anika(in a angry tone) ” Yeah,I know it’s my fault and that’s why I am equally sorry and thank you but you shouldn’t talk with me like this. I think I can’t sit here for a single minute. I am going from here.”

Shivaay” You again stole my words. I should tell you that I am…going from here Ms.Chashmish..

Anika” How dare you? How can you call me like this Mr. Kanji Akhe Bhala Bagard Billa or I should say Mr. Khadoos..

Shivaay” Hey,don’t you dare…
Shivaay was going to say something…but the announcement started

“Ladies and gentlemen,welcome on board flight IX-251 to Dubai. We are currently third in line for take-off and are expected to be in the air in approximately seven minutes. Please fasten your seat belt and secure all baggage under your seat or in the overhead compartments. Keep your seats and table trays in upright position for take-off. Please turn of personal electronic devices,including laptops and cellphones. This is non-smoking flight. Smoking in the lavatory is prohibited. Thank you for choosing our flight. Enjoy your flight”( Guys,sorry for this long announcement. I have done this for giving a flight feeling to you. So,pardon me😔😔)

Shivaay and Anika stopped because they have no choice because the flight will soon take-off. Now, they can’t do anything. Anika looked outside through the window. On the other hand,Shivaay looked another side.

Shivaay’s pov

It’s really disgusting. I wanted to teach her a good lesson but I didn’t know that God listen my every wish so seriously. Now,she is beside me and I have to bear her for almost two hours.( I think so but I am not sure how much time it takes to reach Dubai from Mumbai. It’s my guess so don’t mind)
This girl is really irritating. She said me sorry but her anger really…annoying. Moreover,what she thinks herself..a chashmish… I really dislike this type of girls..her dressing style really just…like a small town girl…(no offenses girls. I also wears spectacles it is just Shivaay’s thought. So,bear it please)
It will be better if I keep quite. Now,she is looking outside. A middle class girl. I don’t know why dad cut the tickets of economy class. I just  hate it. Uff…

Pov ended…

Anika’s pov

This boy is really annoying. How dare he called me chashmish….I know I wears spectacles but it doesn’t mean that I am not beautiful..One thing Anika why it is bothering
you..really!!you never mind anyone’s view or comments for you but why are you feeling michmichi..ha… Is it like that I am falling for him..but he is really handsome and also so cute… and his eyes are just so beautiful…one second I am thinking about his is just like that love at first sight.. can’t happened…Anika you can’t love anyone. Have you forgot your past can’t love shouldn’t talk with him.. Yeah, I will not talk to him. No, I will not..I can’t love anyone.. Now,I have to concentrate on my M.B.A. study.. It will be better if I will not look at him.. I will not…..

Anika’s pov ended….


So, guys Anika has already fallen for Shivaay but she will not admit it. Are you excited? So,just read the next part…..

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