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Laado 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shaurya and Anu come closer in Kajal’s birthday party

Laado 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun returning home and says she is feeling fresh. Amrish says we can lose this house, farmhouse and everything if they don’t take Anushka’s sign soon. He asks her to think from her fresh mind, how to get Juhi’s property. Shagun sees Anushka coming and calls her Juhi. She asks Anu if everything is fine. Anu says I think we shall tell truth to Shaurya atleast and says she is weaving false relations while hiding his truth. She says I took flowers for Shaurya, then he will ask her for movie, and then he will get engaged with her and then…Amrish says Shaurya can think of this. Shagun says Anu is thinking if Shaurya think her fake love as real. Anu says exactly. Shagun tells her that no truth is big than someone’s health and says once Dadi gets fine, they will free her from the

fake identity. She hugs Anu. Anu says she don’t want to go far from them, but then she realizes it is all fake. Shagun asks her to have strength. Amrish says we shall not cry, but enjoy.

Shaurya asks girl to give him advice about his clothes. She asks why he is getting angry as the birthday is of Kajal. She takes money from his wallet. He says I will see you later. Shaurya thinks if Juhi wants, she can marry me today, where she will get handsome guy like me.

Anu gets Kajal ready. Kajal thanks her. Shagun makes Anu meets Mr. Singh. Anu greets him. Kushal comes there holding gift in his hand. Kajal gets happy and asks Kushal to give gift to her, says she is the birthday girl. Amrish is embarrassed. Kajal opens the gift. Anu is about to go to Kajal, but Shagun stops her. Amrish gets angry and takes Kajal to side. She asks Kajal to control on her madness, else he will never let her celebrate her birthday. Kajal goes. Kajal’s parents call him from America, he attends the call.

Anu sees Mr. Dharam Kriplani coming there and hides. She recalls Rantej coming that day to meet him. Amrish ends the call and greets Dharam. Dharam wishes happy birthday to kajal. She takes the gift and thanks him, and silently goes. Anu is shocked. Shagun asks what you are doing here and asks her to meet Dharam. Dharam asks how are you Juhi? Anu says good. Dharam tells that he couldn’t say them bye due to his client and couldn’t give them goodnews. Shagun says he got married few months back in court and asks from where is your wife? Dharam says Veerpur. Anu is shocked and is about to drop cake from her hand, but Shagun and others hold it. Dharam says girls get scared hearing Veerpur’s name. Dharam says he needs to go now. Shagun asks Dharam to make the papers ready soon and says they can’t bear fake Juhi anymore. Dharam says ok and leaves.

Shaurya comes on his bike. Amrish asks him to park his car somewhere. Anu comes to Shaurya. Shaurya sees her. Anu says Dadi is waiting for him. He holds her hand. Anushka asks him to throw the rose kept in his pocket. Shaurya says it was given by you and smiles. Kajal tells stories to kids. Kids laugh on her and say she is totally crazy. Kajal cries. Anu asks kids to say her sorry. A guest lady says she is mad. Shagun says it doesn’t matter, and asks kids to have icecream. She asks Anu to be careful and says they are very powerful people. Kajal sees Shaurya and smiles. He gives her gift. Anu says they did wrong to make fun of Kajal. Shagun thinks she will take no time to become bad with Juhi.

Kajal thanks Shaurya after getting the gift. Shaurya asks her to open the gift. Kajal refuses and looks at Amrish. Amrish nods no. Shaurya understands and asks her to do what she wants. Anu looks at him and says she never thought she will make her happy again. Shaurya opens the gift. Kajal sees doll. Kids tell that one more family member is added to Tulika’s (doll) family. Kajal says she don’t want to cut the cake. Shagun asks guests to enjoy the party. Shaurya looks at Anu. Anu says you have forgotten what to do. Shaurya asks her to wait for few mins and then party will change. Anu asks are you a magician and asks him to move. Shaurya starts the countdown. Some kids come with the girl and sings happy birthday. Shagun asks Amrish to do something. Kajal gets happy. Girl thanks Shaurya for buying shoes for her. He asks her to enjoy. Dadi says he can do anything.

Kajal cuts the cake and makes everyone eat it. She gets scared seeing Amrish. Anu makes her eat cake. Kajal smiles.

Rantej recalls Pandit telling that Malhari is remarrying. Malhari says now she will wear colorful clothes and admires it. Rantej tells her that remarriage is not suitable in her old age. He tells Bapu was right about women. Malhari says she will not let Veerpur go in someone’s hand and tells that she wants its power. Rantej calls him useless and says she is marrying to get power of Veerpur. Rantej warns her that he will tell everyone that she has gone mad. Malhari says she will not lose the power and asks him not to tell anyone.

Shagun sees kids playing and asks Amrish to handle them. Amrish asks Shaurya why did he bring the kids. Shaurya says I have made the party lively. He throws ball near Anu. Anu holds it and comes to him. She throws the ball. He runs behind her. Rabba Re Rabba plays. Anu also picks a ball.

Shaurya comes to Anu’s room and says he knows to enter her heart and home. Anu asks him to go. Shaurya is about to kiss her….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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