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Kundali Bhagya 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sarla urges Shrishti to decide about her and Sameer’s relation

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First Part in Kumkum Bhagya Section

Sameer was at Arora house, Shrishti brings an antiseptic for him. He denies getting it on as it burns a lot. Shrishti promises to tell him the secret why she was annoyed with him in farm house. Sameer agrees but screams as soon as she rubs the cotton and hugs Shrishti. Sarla comes home and was suspicious. Sameer explains to Sarla it isn’t what she has been thinking about.
Prithvi brings Sakshi to his room. As he helps her to bed she drags him along. Sherlin arrives at Prithvi’s house excited that he must be alone at home as his mother went for engagement shopping. She decides to surprise him and unlocks the room with the pair of key she had. She was shocked to see Prithvi with Sakshi in bed. Prithvi stands up at once while Sherlin

comes to slap Sakshi hard on face. Sakshi returns the slap. Prithvi tries to explain but Sherlin slaps Prithvi calling him a cheat. Sakshi questions Prithvi who is the girl to hit him. Sherlin says she is his girlfriend and has the spare key of the house. Sakshi tries to stop Sherlin who turned to leave. Outside, Sherlin tells Prithvi to explain it to his new item. Sakshi leaves home after an argument with Sherlin, Sherlin also leaves calling Prithvi a cheat.
Shrishti explains to Sameer how someone beat him on road, he was injured and as she tried to apply an antiseptic he screams, so she hugged him. Sarla was serious and tells Sameer to go and see a doctor. He leaves.
Karan was looking for his ball. Preeta was going inside when he calls her to freeze. Preeta inquires about the drama he created and is now waiting for climax. She was sure it will directly affect her life. Karan smirks then asks her to say please, but still doesn’t. Preeta taunts he must have gone to meet some girlfriend. Karan holds Preeta’s hand and asks if she is jealous? Preeta says she is happy in her personal life. After they share an eye lock, Karan confesses he went for some important task and not to meet any girl. Preeta turns to see Sakshi walk into Luthra’s house crying. Karan was shocked to see her. Rishab asks Sakshi if there is some problem. Karan goes to handle the situation and says she came to meet him. He offers to take her to bedroom, Rishab brings Karan aside and says there are other places in their house to speak to each other.
From Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya was thinking that it was Simonika’s plan for sure. She says she always wondered why Abhi was unclear what happened in the room. She tried to inquire him if he was drunk, or someone offered him a drink. Abhi recalls someone pricked him with a pin at the back of his neck while he was following Simonika. Pragya had understood that it was Simonika’s planning, she must have taken someone else and pushed her off the room window. She says had Abhi told her about it earlier they could have traced something in his blood, but its past 48 hours now. They followed Simonika’s car and stops by a little behind to follow her by foot. Simonika walks into a room, Pragya thinks Simonika’s hopes must die now. Simonika sense someone right behind her and turns to get slapped on face by Pragya. She holds her hand from another slap. Pragya says her plan is now failed, she wish to kill her but it’s must for her to be alive so that Abhi can be saved. She shares with Simonika the whole true story. Pragya says she stands with Abhi in this situation and will surely save him.
Shrishti tries to go away from the hall. Sarla questions what the truth is. Shrishti thinks she is unaware of Sameer’s feelings for her, how can she tell Sarla about it. Dadi also comes there. Shrishti explains whatever she told Sarla is truth. Sarla questions Shrishti if she and Sameer are only friends or is there something else. She has never bound her daughters for any of their decisions and thoughts, everyone share their feeling with them but Shrishti doesn’t. Sarla complains Shrishti has a mistrust issue with her, if she once tell her that Sameer is a friend she will accept it. But Shrishti must get a little serious and decide what she wants in life. Dadi agrees to Sarla and tells Shrishti to decide something about her life.

PRECAP: Purab was shocked to see Simonika’s face as Pragya turns her around. There, Rishab and Preeta try to speak to Sakshi. Sakshi was crying and shouts that she doesn’t want Prithvi in her life.

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