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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Indra threatens people

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Preeti asking Minty not to go out. Minty says he was Papa, I held his hand and saw him. Rahul asks who, that old man. She says yes, he is Papa. Preeti says no, he can’t be your Papa. Rahul says I think we should tell the truth to her, that man is the reason for your dad’s death, he has caged us here, if we break his rules, we will hurt us. Minty says no, he is Papa, he won’t hurt us. Preeti says don’t say this, don’t ashame your dad’s soul. Namrata asks why did you block my cards… She worries and checks cash.

Indra/Seth ji leaves for Kashi. Namrata sells the phone for money. She argues with the vendor. She says my love Rahul hates me, bank has sealed my accounts, Seth ji is after my life. He says fine, I will give 2000rs. She says its costly phones.

He says you just said your bank account is sealed. She says fine. Thakur gets sad seeing Aditya’s pic. Lakhan tries to flirt with Latika. Gauri sees people going for Kashi Darshan. She sees Shambu and Rudra. She says I have just seen them. Thakur asks Lakhan to see. Latika says we will go. Gauri asks but why to go if Shivlings have to go Kashi. Latika says we can also take Shivlings to purify. Thakur agrees. They get down the bus.

Yashpal gets CM’s call. Yashpal says police will find Shivling soon. CM asks him to go Delhi for an imp case. Yashpal asks why suddenly, are you also interested in Shivlings, I m on this case till I get orders, I will get the Shivlings. CM calls someone and says listen, tell your men to be cautious, Yashpal has a doubt, remember they shouldn’t reach Kashi with shivlings before time. Thakur asks where are they. Gauri says I saw them. Lakhan says we should go back. Latika shows the saints. They go to ask them about the Kashi procession. Gauri says I have seen them passing by. The man says they have gone through village lanes, we are going there now. Latika shows Shambu and Rudra’s pic. The man says they joined us two days back. Latika asks did they have anything. The man says they had a big box. Thakur says Gauri you were right, we will leave. They reach the place and ask others about Shambu and Rudra.

Shambu and Rudra smile seeing them and go. Latika says they were just some time back. Thakur says they would have gone nearby. Namrata comes there. Indra and his men follow. Namrata asks how did they go, I need nine shivlings to save my Rahul. The man asks why are you asking about Shambu and Rudra, we don’t know about them. Namrata says I want to know where they went, think of something, please tell me. Indra comes and says they won’t say this way, I will manage from here. Namrata says I will get Shivlings, don’t do anything to Rahul.

Gauri, Thakur, Latika and Lakhan hide and look on. Gauri says this is Seth ji. Indra says they all got to see me because of you. Namrata says don’t punish my Rahul. She asks the saints where did they go. Indra says I have to kill one of them, whom shall I kill. He says this boy was in news, miracle child, I will kill him, you all will know Lord’s miracle can’t save this boy now. The man begs him not to kill the boy. Indra catches the boy. Thakur says I have to save the boy, if Seth ji kills this innocent boy, I have no right to live. Lakhan says trust Lord, Kaal Bhairav will do something, stop. Indra scares the boy and hits with a knife. They all get shocked.

Minty shows pic and says he is my dad. Rahul and Preeti get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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