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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun and Devika’s marriage fixed

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Varun says to his mom that you cant act, please dont overact here. Mom says I will act here. Varun says you have to act like beggar here. Mom says I will not be a beggar, I am a great actor. Varun says let this marriage happen. Mom says you will marry her for real? he says yes. She says then you will leave her like your father left me? when relation and love is fake then why marriage is real? think if you are doing something wrong. She leaves. Varun looks on.

Devika tells her parents that she wants to marry Prince Arun. Lajjo says its your choice, do you love him? Devika blushes and says I like him, he is a nice guy. Parents smile and hug her. Devika says he doesnt know that I am not a daughter of Rajawat family, I will tell him truth before marriage. She leaves.


says to family that marriage will happen in two days. Kesar says marrying her before she becomes 18 years old will be a crime. Maasa says take date after 15 days. Priest says there is a good time after 15 days so you can do marriage then, Maasa says then marriage will happen in 15 days, all leave. Varun says to Devika that we are doing things opposite, people meet and date first and then marry but we are marrying before, we have time so we can go out and enjoy each others company. Devika says who are you? He says your fiance. She says no not right now. Varun says I can win your heart. She says I will see what you can do to win me, she leaves. Varun says I will shake your life.

Dhani is crying. KEsar asks her what happened? Dhani says I know Prince Arun came for Devika but I fell in love with him, I always wanted them to not marry and now when proposal is fixed so I dont want it, I am not like that. Kesar hugs her and says 18 years back my heart got broken and now my daughter’s happiness is taken away, do what I am telling you, she tells her some idea.

Varun is working out and shaking ropes to body build. Devika comes there and blushes seeing him shirtless. She tries to leave but slips and falls in his arms. They both share eyelock, sukoon mila plays. Devika moves away and turns to leave but Varun holds her hand and says I want to talk to you, we are getting married and I want to tell you that.. He sees Maasa there and says I.. I dont drink tea, I want us to each others habits, will you go on date with me? DEvika blushes and leaves. Maasa glares at Varun.

Scene 2
Varun comes to Maasa and says I cant lie anymore, I wanted to tell truth to Devika. Maasa says if you tell her truth then we will kill your mother. Varun gets tensed and says dont do anything with her. Maasa says she is fine but if you tell her truth then she will be killed. Varun says my mother is everything for me. Maasa says if you marry Devika then we will get money. Devika is crazy, she wanted to marry some cheap guy, I asked you trap her, pretend to love her. Varun says I am doing that so I have asked her out on date but cant arrange it. Maasa gives him money and says I am giving you this to get triple amount back otherwise I wont spare you, she leaves. Varun says this game is getting difficult.

Devika comes to her room and sees a modern red saree on bed, she smiles and holds it. She sees a note, she takes it and reads “Wear this saree and come out, a special evening is waiting for you”. She smiles.

PRECAP- Varun romances with Devika in rain, they fall in each others arms.
Varun sits on his knees and says to his mother that I am sorry, because of this plan, I will fail you again. Varun says to Devika that I am no prince, there is no Prince of any region, I am not Prince Arun. Devika slaps him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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