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Janam janam ka sath hai humara tumhara (part 16)

Now, As Lakshya said those words Ragvi fumed in anger. She glared him like this number one shooter will kill him if she get her rifle.

“I love him? What a joke. You first untie the rope and make me free then I will show you my love” she muttered under her breath and looking down she jerked her body again to break the rope.
Then she looked up and found Lakshya who was standing close to her was coming more close to her.

Ragvi started looking in his eyes without her knowledge.
His eyes oh my god… She forgot everything and just getting drawn in them.
He then came behind that tree and caught Ragvi’s hand by which she gasped.
Lakshya said, “I am seeing how beautifully you are staring me from with your angry yet beautiful eyes. What beautiful words you are using for me in your mind can I know.”
“P-please leave me..!” Ragvi twisted her hands whom Lakshya was holding.
Lakshya opened the rope which was tying her hands but her waist was tied up with the tree still.
He left her hands then and came in front of her.
He smirked while saying,”You have to come to my palace being a good girl first.”
“I won’t” Ragvi said looking straight into his eyes. But he didn’t got angry his eyes were same as before soft but a spark of mischief glittered in them now he gave her a mischievous smile and going backwards he said,”Do what I am saying or else….” He left the sentence incomplete which started poking Ragvi’s mind. “What he meant my or else..?? What he will do to me?? Ugh..What he wants??” Ragvi thought and then gathering her words together and clearing her throat she said,”Or else what??”

“Don’t you know where is your father? Anything can happen to him if you will show this ego of yours to me.” Lakshya said and sat on that stone again.
Ragvi got shocked by his statement this was an unaccepted reply which did its effect to the best to her. She has no one to call a family except her father. Her mom died when she was very small and she is the single child of her parents.
Her eyes brimmed up with tears and she started getting weak. She didn’t found herself weak in front of anyone till now She was a princess u know that too the best shooter. The flashes of her moments with her father started coming in her mind.

And then her father’s words against Lakshya and his father started echoing in her mind.
But she thought let it go for a while and do what he is saying it will be more good then.

“Ok I will” Ragvi said staring the ground.

Lakshya smiled and untied the rope.
Ok now come with held her hand which were as delicate as a petal of flower. Ragvi felt the warmth of his hand and forgot everything for a while. Then they came where their caravan was waiting for them.

“Princess Ragvi will go with me on my horse. You all start the journey.” King Lakshya ordered.

Then he mounted on his horse and signed Ragvi to sit behind him. Gritting her teeth Ragvi sat behind him.

After sometime the sun came up and they were in the heart of the kingdom of king Lakshya.
It was the time of very early morning no one woke up still except an old man who was going with his herd of sheep for grazing.
His eye fall on the King and h
“Hey.. Shyam!! Lalita!! Govind!! Come out Look…!!” That old man squealed in happiness. And from a hut near by three small kids emerged out.
The youngest among them was a girl, pointing towards the king and the princess she said,”Who is that girl sitting behind the king??”

”Idiot she is our Queen.” A boy who seemed to be eldest among all three said.

Ragvi narrowed her eyes by this statement and King Lakshya chuckled and whispered to Ragvi,”Even these kids know that. Now you too accept this.”

Then the kids started running behind Laksya’s caravan cheering and shouting to make everyone hear the news of arrival of the king and their would be queen.
People started coming out of their homes and started rejoicing the arrival of Raglak. Now Raglak had a large number of people following them cheering and shouting in happiness and as they were moving towards the palace more were coming.
The news of Raglak’s arrival reached to the palace before Raglak reached there. Laksh’s Mother i.e the Rajmata got ready to welcome them with her servents.

(You can assume Rajan’s parents from Rishta likhenge hum naya as Lakshya’s parents)

Raglak now reached to the palace and there Lakshya’s mom welcomed Lakshya as he came after defeating there biggest enemy and welcomed Ragvi too.

Then the servents took Ragvi to a room where the royal bridal dress was kept on a bed of flowers.
Ragvi stared that dress angrily and said,”I am not going to marry him..!! Take this dress away from my eyes now!!” She grabbed that dress and threw it on the floor and on the white shining tiles of the room of royal palace Ragvi saw Lakshya’s reflection.
She lifted her head up and saw Lakshya picked up that dress and instructed the slaves to go out.

As the two lady slaves came out of the room they started gossiping, “Hey you know she is the princess of King Sajjan Singh. I heard she is very arrogant and haughty.” one of them said.

“Our Prince will handle her. You know how gentle and sweet he is. He will change her.” The other one replied with a smile.

Now inside the room, holding that dress in his hand King Lakshya took steps towards Ragvi and said,”I think you forgot my warning. It won’t cost you. It will cost your dad.”

He clapped and a soldier came there.
“You know were my father in law is imprisoned na. In the worst prison we have . Go..Welt my would be father in law with hunter 100 times” Lakshya ordered with a stern face still looking towards Ragvi. Ragvi gt shocked and looked towards Lakshya whose face was expressionless. That soldier was about to go but Ragvi came to sense and in a shaky and feared voice she said,”No..noo..I am ready for the marriage.”
Lakshya looked towards her and with a wide smile gave the dress to her and came out of the room.
Now the news that princess Ragvi agreed for marriage spread in the kingdom.
It reached to Sajjan Singh too who was in the prison which was a special one with all comforts as King Lakshya ordered to give all comforts to his father in law. He heard it from the soldiers outside his room.

Lakshya goes to his room and sat on his royal bed.

Lakhya’s Pov

I looked her she was so scared but looking very cute in that form. She was just looking like a cute kitten. This fact was hard to digest for me as in our previous meetings she was a lioness. It was very interesting and entertaining for me to hurt her ego. She is now becoming what I want her to be.. her somewhere ego is left still but I am ok with it as this was among a reason I fall for her.

Lakshya’s POV ended.

After some time he reached to the hall of his royal palace which was adorned with flowers beautifully.
People were talking happily about the marriage of Raglak.
King Lakshya sat in the mandap and at that time Ragvi came there in that dress.
The murmuring sounds of the people ceased when Princess Ragvi arrived there. She was looking extremely gorgeous. King Lakshya started looking her being awestruck.

Ragvi sat beside him and then the priest started chanting the hymns . Then after all rituals they got married.

“Long live King Lakshya! Long live our queen Ragvi!!” , People started shouting in happiness.

And these words were tearing Ragvi’s ears She closed her eyes swallowing the anger boiling in her.
Then after sometime Ragvi was taken to the room of king Lakshya.

She sat on the bed thinking about her father’s well being and about Lakshya too. A fear started encircling her mind and heart. Then she heard the sounds of foots steps coming towards the room and then the opening of the Room’s door. Ragvi snapped her head towards the mirror which reflects the door. She saw Lakshya standing at the entrance of the room. She hold a vase which was kept beside her and threw it on the mirror on his image harshly by which the mirror scattered in pieces.

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