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Recap: swara’s confession and sanskar felt delighted.

Sanskar’s pov:
” Welcome Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari” i said supporting swara while we enter in our new house. Basically it is old one, my grandparents used to live here but later my dadi came with me after my parent’s death. I renovated this house for me and swara. It’s indeed beautiful and very big. ” it’s amazing” swara said. “hmm” i nodded in acceptance.
” this is our bedroom” i opened the wooden door welcoming her in our luxurious bedroom. ” thank you” she replied and i made her settle on the bed slowly trying my best not to hurt her bandages.

” sanskar I’m hungry” swara said placing her hand on stomach. ” okay i will bring soup for you” i told her but she held my hand ” i don’t want to have soup i want to eat something spicy” swara said licking her lips. ” but it’s not good for your health” i protested. ” you will bring delicious food if you love me” she raised her eyes. She very well know to convince me. Her love is my strength and weakness. “okay” i surrender and she smile brightly. I went downstairs and made spicy pasta for her and she loved it.

” swara you are going to wear this ” i said giving her my one of the white shirt. “Why?” She asked confusedly. ” because your injury on belly won’t be affected by this it’s loose for you” i gave her a reason. ” ohh” she turned her lips in O-shape. I couldn’t stop myself and quickly lean down kissing her lips. Her eyes widen at the sudden kiss. ” what was that??” She asked being astonished. ” it was your fault as you were looking so cute” i explained my point. Don’t know why she always look so attractive and tempting that it become so difficult for me to be around her. Swara made weird faces at my answer and i chuckle.

” come on let me change your clothes” i sat beside her after closing the door. Though only we both are in the house but still i closed the door. ” i will do myself” she took the shirt from me. I was knowing she won’t agree at once after all she is great stubborn swara. ” it won’t be possible because of your injury ” i said pointing at her bandages which are tied around her belly and arm. Swara stare at me helplessly as she know I’m correct. ” so may i??” I extended my hand towards her to take shirt. Swara lower her eyelashes and bite her lips in nervousness. Her cheeks turn crimson red so she is feeling shy. Awww!!! Her cuteness is at the peak. ” i can switch off the lights” i said. I want to make her comfortable. “Okay” she agreed and i turned off the lights. It’s night and room turned dark but still the moonlight is enlightening it enough for me to see her face. I open the zip of her hospital gown and remove it. Swara closed her eyes for few seconds. I lean forward on her to make her wear the shirt, it’s when she looked in my eyes. I can read some shyness in her eyes as she is only in her inners. I picked her right hand and kissed her palm so that she should feel normal.

Don’t know what came in my mind but i lean and placed several kisses oh her neck moving to throat. She wrap her arms around my neck and turn her face giving me more access. It felt magical when my wet lips taste her soft skin. There is only silence in the room expect the sound of our heavy breaths and fast heart beats. A mourn escape her mouth as i nuzzles in her valley kissing her cleavage. I lifted my head and merge my forehead with her. Our lips were just an inch apart and didn’t thought for a second and capture her glossy petals. I loved the way she react to my touch. After tasting her lips for long time, i entered my tongue in her mouth. My one hand held her head and i deepen the kiss while another is busy caressing her bare back. I just can’t get over her. I broke the kiss when swara felt difficulty in breathing.

We shared an intense eyelock. Our eyes are filled with desires. I wish to rip our clothes apart and mark her mine as she has also confessed but i have to control my senses. She is injured and her wounds are still afresh. Swara is lying on my chest. I was about to button her shirt when she held my hand ” i need you” i was little surprised with her demand. Even i need her as much as she needs infact more. ” no swara” i denied. Her eyes showed confusion and little hurt may be she felt rejected. She should not misunderstand anything. I cups her face and whisper ” you are not fine and i can’t take any risk with your health” i cleared her. To love her would be the best thing for me but at the end it will tiring and stressful for her health which i can’t bear.

I started buttoning her shirt and once i was done, i whisper huskily in her ear ” once you will recover then i won’t leave you”. She was blushing profusely and i love it because I’m the reason. I engulfed swara in my embrace and lie on the bed. She is half lying on me and sleep soon took over her senses as she must be tired. I closed my eyes and soon slept.
Sanskar’s pov ends.

After few days:
Swara’s pov:
” no no that blue one ” i instructed sanskar as he was taking out his shirt for me. I still wear his loose shirts and I’m loving this dressing. Everyday, i used to wear his different shirts. ” okay this is final ” he signed as i had been changing my choice of shirts from half an hour and he seems to be pissed off. He came near me and remove the previous shirt and made me wear the new one. It’s common now as he change my clothes regularly. But still my stomach feels butterflies due to his proximity. ” swara” he called me placing the clothes for washing.
” hmm” i lifted my head. ” dadi wants to talk to you ” he said sitting beside me. Ohh he has told me about his àdadi with whom he was living. I never talked to her after our marriage, so I’m little nervous whether she will like me for her grandson.

” I’m going to call” he said in my ear and dialed the number. He held my hand in his and squeezed in assurance. He is best and understand immediately what I’m feeling.
” hello dadi!! How are you?” Sanskar asked as she received the call on other side. It’s vedio call so i can see her. She has beautiful face with slight wrinkles and white hairs. Yeah! She is cute. ” hello sanskar swara” she said. ” hi” i softly greeted her.
“When you both are coming to USA?” She asked after few casual greetings. ” very soon dadi” sanskar answered. ” I’m eagerly waiting for you swara, i can’t wait to meet you” she sequealed in excitement. ” me too” i said smiling. We talked for further few minutes and she is jolly lady, very open minded and the stereotype image of her in my mind has totally changed. I thought she is tough, strict and traditional dadi but she is opposite.

” i think i will get good news soon” she said narrowing her eyes. I and sanskar give confused look to each other but it didn’t take long for us to realise what she meant. I was wearing only sanskar’s shirt with few upper buttons open while sanskar is also in his vest only. I regretted for not changing my clothes. We both don’t care what we wear because it’s only two of us at home. Heat rushed through my cheeks and sanskar is smiling sheepishly. ” yeah dadi very soon you will get the good news” sanskar’s words added to my embarrassment. He is giving me naughty smirk. This man can never change. We cut the call after few talks which were about my accident and dadi gave me tips how to recover soon. Sanskar stare at me for few seconds before whispering ” you are forgetting something” i got perplexed because i don’t know what I’m forgetting. ” what??” I asked. He took deep breath and join his forehead against mine. “Your marriage contract ” he mumble and then capture my lips. Ohhh shitt!! I forgot about it. Sanskar was busy in kissing him but i didn’t responded as i got confuse what to answer him about the contract when i had already confessed that i love him.
To be continued….

Precap: swasan and shanaya confrontation. SwaSan consummation.(last part)

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