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I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 47- Aarohi slapped Gauri

I’m back with the next episode hope so you guys gonna love it.

Ignore all spelling, typo and grammatical mistakes and enjoy reading


Shivaay” Dev uncle what if Anika didn’t remember last night happenings?

Dev” i don’t know Shivaay what will happen? If Anika won’t be able to recollect how Aarohi will digest it all.

Shivaay” Maa! Knows half of the truth.

Dev” what? What you mean half truth.

Shivaay” i was making Anika understandable that…….( flashback is shown)

Dev” what? But they why you did told Aarohi about Anika medical history”

Shivaay” Maa didn’t listened me she just……..( their convocation got interupted by voice)

Om” Dr Jeet has arrived” Dev uncle

Dev” nods and walk away”

Scene shifts to Vahni room

Vahni” getting restless” uff why Anika is not waking up. How i’m gonna execute the next blast on them. Jiji face will get elicpes when Anika in her full senses will deny to accept you her Maa.

You were flying in the air na but you all have forgotten that i’ve the thread in my hand. My one twist and you will fall on the ground that you will get nipped in the mud.

This time i will win and you will lose not you but your heart and distractions of heart means full stop on Rajput’s.

Let me see what melodrama to come forward

Scene shifts to Hall

Dr Jeet” Dev here are Anika reports”

Dev” is everything alright na what’s in reports?

All cluelesses gazing for jeet response

Dr” her reports are normal”

All gets happy

Vahni” smirks”


Vahni” have you done for what you were planted?

Man” there’s a qoute” jitna chota admi us ka hath uthaye he lambaye.

Your work is done here are her orginal reports”

Vahni” what’s in them”

Man” smiles madam g that you insert in her”

Vahni” and you know what i don’t want to bring out”

Man” faithful dog never fail to pleased her master.”

Vahni” throws bundle of cash on his face.  fresh flash for my dog.

Man” smiles

Flashback ends

Vahni pov” jiji you have broken her but you can’t get the pearl.

Dr” Dev where’s Anika?

Dev” Anika is still sleeping.

Dr” Dev you told me everything but before Anika woke up. I want Anika should not meet bhabi g”

Devi g” why ? Everything is soughted out. Anika is really happy now then why Jeet you are saying this?

Dr” Maa g you are elder then me and i don’t need to tell you this but still never judge the book by it’s color or cover. Tough Anika cried out but we all don’t know whether she still remember or not. So before Anika wake up i don’t want bhabi g near her.

Shivaay” he’s right dadi g what if seeing maa Anika again troubles herself”

Dr” exactly and one more thing you have to bring Anika to hosiptal in evening i’ve to do some more test.

Dev” sure”

Vahni” worries

Scene shifts to Anika’s room

Aarohi ( thinking)” gently rubbing Anika arm what shivaay did with my Anu? He was saying that he’s the reason behind her pain but what’s that. Both are married but Anu never share wifey relation with him. I’ve seen in her eyes pain of losing him but what happened between them that both got separated? Today i’m gonna ask Anu why she…….   

Aarohi gently peck Anika eyes. Wake up my bacha


Anika” slowly opening her eyes”


Aarohi” smiles good morning Anu”


Anika” looks around and then gazing  Aarohi hands”


Aarohi” you are eldest one but sleep like kids get up from me now. You won’t change at all never. 


Anika” tries to come out of the bed but unable to come out. Anika shouts BABAA……

Aarohi” Anu what happened?


Anika” Huh! What’s this she tries to untied the dupatta but in vein”


Aarohi” Anu what are you doing your hand”


Anika” open it i said open it….. 


Dev” Anu”


Anika” Baba open this Anika shouting and what she’s doing in my room?

Dev” sshhh stop shouting i’m opening the knot wait don’t shout”

Aarohi” Anu you…..?

Dev” Aarohi stay quite”

Anika” open it Anika pulling the dupatta. Aahha open it why?

Aarohi” Anu what happened why you are behaving like this?

Shivaay” Anika stop stress”

Anika” what she’s doing in my room and on my bed? Whattt

Dev” Aarohi you come with me. Shivaay you stay with her i’m bring Jeet”

Anika” tell me what she was doing in my room”

Shivaay” first stop stressing Anika” then i’m going to tell you.

After 5 hours

Aarohi” you all lied to me. I’m asking with what right you all were playing with me. I question you all about Anu but you all were manipulating me.

Brain tumor and Amnesics such a big truth and you all kept under blanket. If you all have told me the moment i step in i don’t have to do what i did yesterday.

She forgets all incidents that she does in anger and i was on heaven that finally she called me Maa. But you fooled a mother cheated me.

Gauri” Maa please……..

Aarohi” Chatkhhhh she give tighted slap Gauri”

Gauri” cries”

Dev” Aarohii”

All get shocked

Aarohi” not Aarohi but Anu’s maa. Cries won’t you ask princess why i slapped you. For accusing  my Anu you didn’t accused  your di but  me.

Sharam nahe i thi ek baar bhi nahe soach k kyun Anika di esa kar rahe hai “IN  KA ZAMEER MAAR CHUKHA HAI”

 just play the cctv and look in Anu eyes death  have surrounded her eariler but your words have murdered her there. See her eyes what they are tell you.

Chutki i’m doing same as Maa did left us alone but just  a difference  between maa and your Anika di is just that she give you pain by leaving but i want to take your pains. 


I’m dying but i don’t what you all to die with me same Anu was died when Maa left me. They way my husband slaughter me i don’t want you to be. My baba couldn’t caged me but i want my dolls to be placed in  protective  arms  as mine Prince became beast”

Devi g” Aarohi forgive us”

Aarohi” why you are saying sorry maa g infact i’m sorry that i held my Anu responsibilty to you. And you too can’t understand my Anu her love, her feelings nothing.

Just because i can’t give Heir

Devi g” how can you say that beta. You have gifted us Anu she’s heir of Rajput’s.

Aarohi” bus maa g bus i’ve seen everything now. And from now onwards i don’t want anyone to get close to My Anu.

Bhavya” maa don’t say that please we love di alot.”

Aarohi” but you hate her right. So you are not going to take her name.

That house is lucky where two sisters play, fight , laugh and cry. They grow up together share their self with eachother. But you both left your di alone shame on you both you don’t deserve her.

You have no brother but she became brother for both . She foward her wrist towards you to tie thread for you it will be just a thread but for Anu it became oath to protect you both from every evil. Sisters prayers for their brothers long life and you were digging her grave

What you all did with Anu that has no mercy in Aarohi Singh Rajput court only punishment.

Gayu” we are sorry maa”

“Aarohi clutches them” woh kon sa eas rishta tha jo humari Anu nay nahe nhibhaya tum dono k sath batao humain. From parentally to siblings. Even she’s your elder sister- in-law na

But you both can’t fulfill just sistery relation.

Gayu” bend their heads

Aarohi” So Aarohi Singh Rajput declear that Gauri Singh Omkara and ACP Bhavya  Singh Rajput  are going back to Oberoi Mansion and you are not going to meet Anu again

Gayu” cries maa no”

Dev” Aarohi what are you saying?

Aarohi” that i’ve to do eariler and how can i leave you Devil Singh Rajput you lost my Anu na . So today i Aarohi Singh Rajput remove your name from mine…….

“Dev in cracking voice” Aarohiiiii

Aarohi” yes just Aarohi. You slapped my Anu i slapped your name on you”

All faces gets black and white

Devi g” beta don’t say that”

Aarohi” call the chopper boy and fly back to OM Gayu.”

“Gayu hug Aarohi from back” please maa don’t give this punishment to us.

Aarohi” back your bags and leave RM.

Shivaay” Maa”

“Aarohi turns her face whole red in anger” my Anu loves you alot more then herself still loves you and will loves you till her last breath. If she didn’t loved you or if she was gold digger then why seeing you in tears that are just water   she even betray death for these tears.

 Is that was her love or her betrayal you?

Shivaay” punish me”

Aarohi” definitely you will get punishment because i’m Aarohi not Anu. Anu forgive those who pricked her because if she has to punished you Shivaay then the worst punishment for you by her was just that Anu never get back from death for you instead of giving pain to herself she would have wounded your soul as well same you did but she’s Anika.     ( Durga)

Shivaay” cries”

“Aarohi about to say something when her fone rings” she receives the call and her facial expressions changes. I’m coming there”

Vahni” three wickets are gonna😈

Scene shifts to Rajput Office

Chanda” Anika aur kitna kaam karo ge. Kyun khud per gusa ho?

Anika” jao yeha say Chanda”

Chanda takes files from Anika and throws it away” Anika enough yaar you are human not any machine and why you are doing this just because you became helpless infront of aunty g you handover pains to her. The great ASR infront of whom this world is helpless and bends she only bends infront of her Maa”

Anika” shouts Chandaaaa”

Chanda” don’t shout Anika i’ve seen you are nothing infront of your maa. Keep this thing in your profit and loss market that ASR has became Anu  and now if you again tried to do investment to became ASR you may get huge profit but you will lost yourself  and losing yourself this time means Anu will lost her MAA”

“Anika throws chair and cluches Chanda hand tightly” jis k pas tumhare jesai dost ho toh woh shakhs tootey ga nahe to aur kya ho ga?(If someone has a friend like you, then that person can not be broken, and what will happen then?)

Someone had said correct” it’s better to trust an emeny then your friends

Chanda” Anika”

Anika” don’t cry Chanda you have broken my trust on you as well. I thought atleast you won’t ditched me but you were above all. What i’ve done with you ? Of which birth you have taken wreak from me tell me.

“Chanda makes Anika sit” Anika please settle down see your feet are bleeding and don’t say that

Anika” nor i would have told you that i got brain tumor na aaj yeh rita phelta.

Sirf teen din thay sirf teen din aur Anika Singh Rajput  k sath  us Anika aur Anu( she stress on Anu) ki khaani hamesha k liya khatam ho chuki hoti.

She throws the fone on wall but it doesn’t make thugs

“Anika turns her face and get shocked. Her breath got stuck in throat seeing smiling lips and red eyes.

Anika pov

Haven’t she heard what i said to Chanda. No, no she should not know that i had brain tumor. Anika hitting her brain when Aarohi voice takes her heartbeat.

“Aarohi stepping foward” i’m really good at chatching poor wall got saved. Right Chanda”

Chanda” but Anika you are gone now . Ab gusa kaha gaya Anika? She runs from there

Anika” i’m also coming Chanda”

“Aarohi pushes chairs towards Anika” and sign her to sit.

Anika” having flashback


Anika” throwing pillows on floor”

Aarohi” Anu”

Anika” what i did yesterday with you. After that you again came here”

“Aarohi picking up the pillows ” i know i’m none to you, i don’t have right on you, you hate me and bala balaaaaa.

Anika” leave my room”

Aarohi” don’t make me angry warna…..

Anika” warna kya?

Aarohi” Anu if you didn’t obey my orders then your sisters won’t get married to omru. And i’m sure your hatred for me is not above your love for your sisters. From now onwards no more gusa and toar phoar “

Anika” you are threatning me”

Aarohi” janti ho na hum kon hai”

Anika” mutters jhooti hai”

“Aarohi wraps her from back” i’ve heard from someone that promise may gets broken but not pinky promise so i do pinky promise Gayu will not became Mrs Omkara and Rudra Singh Oberoi.

Calm down and when i’m around i don’t want this 2rs anger in you. Did you get that(Aarohi pat Anika cheek)

No more anger from today last night i’ve put full stop on ASR anger. And if you again tried to do something what you did last night that it will be begining of Aarohi’s anger.

Flashbacks ends

Anika” 😟

Aarohi” peck Anika cheek that’s like good sister…… And one more thing koi Shanapati nahe”

“Anika rub her cheek with arm” kya chahati hai hum say?

Aarohi” O hello yeh nakhre noor jahan ke aur tadi humain nahe dekho”

Anika” mutters yeh toh humari line hai”


Aarohi” but now it’s mine got it Aloo Singh Rajput”


Anika” Ho!!! 😲


Chanda” laugh Aloo”


Aarohi” giggles Alooo

Chanda” sorry sorry Aloo i just came to collect my fone but i can’t stop myself more you are exactly looking liking Aloo mota Aloo.

Anika” 😔

Aarohi” itna senti honaye ki zarooti nahe hai. Anu i’m going now and come down i’m waiting in car.

Chanda” aunty g pani puri”

Aarohi” na na Aloo puri”

Anika” chanda let her go then you are gone she whispers”

Chanda” aunty g Anika……

Aarohi” what?

Anika” nahe nahe kuch nahe kiya hum nay”

Aarohi” smiles and walk out”

Anika pov” what’s happening me? Seeing her my anger too with 120 speeds runs away and my mouth that does chatar chatar woh bhi chup jata hai in ko dekh kar. 


Ek Shivaay hai jin k samaney humari chatar chatar  aur tadi un ko chop kar deti hai. 


Aur ek ye hai kuch kehti bhi nahe aur humain chop kar deti hai. Aur  tadi woh bhi dheeli ho jati baasee karelay ki tarah”

It’s all because of that Shivaay he’s gone now. Paka unho nay he in k kaan may khuch phukha hoga aur yeh hum per…..😦

“Chanda shaking Anika” Anikaa wapis ao

Anika” kya hai she shrug her shoulder”

Chanda” don’t show anger to me got it otherwise i’ll tell aunty g what you did?

Anika shouts in mind” Shivaay Singh Oberoi”

Scene shifts to RM

Shivaay” Anikaa

O jaanaa plays

I don’t know what punishment maa is going to give me.

Maa who don’t leave Gayu and her husband. What she will do with me.

Shall i talk to Anika before Maa hang me.

Aarohi” Shivaay what are you doing here? Time for punishment has come. Sin that you commit of staining my Anu’s life.

Shivaay Singh Oberoi you………

Screen freezes on Shivaay orbs



What punishment you guys suggest that Aarohi should give  Shivaay Singh Oberoi ?


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