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Ikyawann 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya slaps Satya

Ikyawann 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Satya saying I m marrying Soumya. Susheel gets upset. He smiles. Soumya calls out Satya and looks for him. She sees Sejal. Sejal says I m back, you got shocked right, Satya is where he used to be before, he is with Susheel. She goes. Susheel cries. Satya takes the egg to keep in nest. Susheel pushes him. The egg falls over Soumya and her face gets blackened. Susheel says sorry. She shouts. Everyone laughs. Sejal laughs seeing this. Fighter didi jokes on Soumya. She asks Susheel to laugh well. Susheel laughs. She asks what did I do, Satya has pushed me and this happened, it was a plastic egg, it has blank ink in it. Fighter Didi taunts Soumya for blackening her face. She says Soumya has blackened herself and Satya’s face too. She asks them to get lost. Satya says you didn’t do

right. He takes Soumya with him. Jhanno throws water on Soumya. Sejal gets happy. Leela says Soumya, you can’t come on, you will have to stay out. Satya asks why. Soumya says egg fell over Soumya. Soumya says it was plastic egg with ink, so what. Sejal says no, when egg gets rotten, it gets black, I think it was not fake one. Leela agrees.

Leela says we will purify you. She does the rituals and sends Soumya in. Satya says she is much upset, don’t trouble her more. Sejal instigates Leela. Mehul comes to meet Susheel. Fighter Didi doesn’t allow and ask him to leave to do a good dad’s duty. She says you have raised her well, you never allowed her to ride cycle thinking she will be hurt, you raised her with this thinking, you don’t weaken her resolve, she has a passion to do well, anger can be channelised in good direction to get desired results. He thanks her for taking care of Susheel and helping her. He thinks I have to give this pendant to Susheel anyhow. Soumya throws the things in Satya’s room. He stops her. She scolds him. He asks him to shut up.

They argue. He says relax, we are getting married in ten days, stop this drama at once. She says you can’t stop me and slaps him. He gets shocked and leaves. Leela looks on and misunderstands. She says its good Satya slapped her, she was doing much drama, I m delighted, bless you Satya. Susheel finds the pendant and smiles. She thinks of Satya and Soumya. She removes the mangalsutra and says I have moved on now. She wears the pendant and prays.

A girl says I also want to play. Her dad stops her and says you are a girl, if you get hurt, you won’t get a guy for marriage. Susheel looks on. Fighter Didi says lets see if my training affected Susheel. Leela says Satya has slapped Soumya, he is like me, he knows to rule in the house. Kali hugs Sejal. Sejal says I have come to clear the garbage from home, if Leela is a lioness, I m a sly fox, I will oust Soumya from here. Susheel shouts to that girl’s dad and scolds him for having such thinking. Fighter Didi says its good impact of my training. She goes. The man says who will marry my girl if her bone breaks during the play. Susheel says make her capable so that there is a line of guys to marry her. Leela says like you got, you couldn’t manage your husband and giving lecture here. She insults Susheel. Susheel says I m not talking about your life, you don’t tell about my life. Leela says its no use to talk to you. Susheel says the wall will collapse if I bang my head on the wall. Leela says fine, lets bang our heads and see.

Leela asks Susheel to show her strength. She hits Susheel’s head on the wall and sees the crack. Leela then hits her head on Fighter Didi’s hand and gets a wound.

Update Credit to: Amena

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