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I miss you a shivika story chapter 6

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Omru excute there plan to Anika in Oberoi mansion,,they formed a well planned

O- Ru actually mom want a p.a for her interior business and Annika bhabhi is perfect for that ,and mom is also happy what if we try this

R- but o how can we convince bhabhi to come here and work

O- leave everything on me

(Actually Anika wants a job bcoz before anay she owned a small interior office but she stop bcoz of anay so she decided to do a job again but a condition that she carries anay with her and the work will be from house )

R- o what r u  making in your mind

O- call Khanna

Rudra call Khanna and tell him to make a contract ,with anika’s condition ,good salary structure and mentioned it if she leaves the job in middle so she pay the 25 lac as a bond

K- ok sir

They form that contract and send it to Anika she’s happy bcoz she again gained a chance to be a indipendent girl ,,but she has to work in Oberoi mansion she is think twice and happy ,she didn’t know that this is the same Oberoi’s in laws bcoz contract is on jannvi name ,,she make a call to shivaay

A- hello

S- yes Jaan

A- shivaay I have a good news for you

S- what I’m becoming father once more ,ohh thank you so much Annika thank thank you thank you but I want a girl this time

She is silently listen all bcoz shivaay starts like a bullet train

S- hello baby r u there

A- I don’t think so that u r desperate like that for the another kid

S- yeah I’m desperate finally my queen give me my princess

A- shivaay stopped please

S- what happen

A- I’m not pregnant

S- what

A- yes ,I got a job that’s the good news

S- what wait u got job means u applied for a Job nd didn’t bother to tell me

A- shivaay listen na pls don’t spoil your mood I’m sorry

S- Annika what is the need for doing job , do you think I’m not take caring of both of you

A,- it’s nothing like that I’m bored at home nd I want to work shivaay pls

S- what about anay

A- I’ll take him actually that lady boss call me on her home or hum Wahi se kaam krenge

S- Anika but aise kisi k ghar

A- shivaay pls

S- ok but give me minute to minute update ok

A- ok promise

S- good ,ok I have a meeting I’ll talk to you later by Jaan

A- by my baby

Next morning*****

Oberoi mansion

At dinning table

Both omru just desperately looking towards main door

Shivaay take leave and stands up from the table Rudra stops him

R- Bhaiya kha Jaa rahe ho

S- football khelne chalega

O- shivaay wait for sometime na have breakfast

S- I’m done om I have to attend a meeting nd I’m already late

P-  jaane do usko ,Arpita beta Jaa shivaay Ko see offs krde

Rudra makes irritating face toward Arpita

O- when bhabhi come Rudra

R- we have to stop bhaiya otherwise he missed Bhabhi entry in our house first time

O- shivaay I have to talk to you

S- now

O- ya nd he drag shivaay to the room and bore SSO with his shayari

Meanwhile in entrance of Oberoi mansion

Annika arrives with anay  ,Jahnvi waiting for her she welcome her and blessed anay ,Annika felt a deep connection with them ,,Rudra see her and his nephew stared them how innocent bhabhi nd cute nephew he got he come forward and greet with Annika

R- hi

A- hello

J- Anika if u don’t mind then can u give baby to Rudra I’ll tell u about our work , don’t worry he take care of him

A- ok she gave anay to Rudra and followed Janvi

For a minute Rudra just stare Chhota shivaay he is the carbon copy of his father without waistiing time he take him to shivaay room

Shivaay room””””””””””””

Rudra leave anay on floor and anay identify his father he crawled nd reach near him ,he pull shivaay pants which makes draw shivaay’s attention and he can’t believe what is this……….


Shivika moments

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