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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu’s publicity stunt

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Janta buying a kaddu/pumpkin for 100rs. Malai visits the veg stall and takes the pumpkin for free. She tells vendor that she is CM’s sister in law. She comes home and gives the pumpkin to Imli. Imli asks what’s this, its Ganesh, see here, we will do its puja. Chaya discusses the social media controversies with Chaitu. Puttan laughs. He gets a call. He tells Chaitu about Imli doing puja of a pumpkin. He says Imli called us home, come. They leave.

Imli does puja. Chaitu and Puttan come. Imli says see this is Lord Ganesh. Malai says I got this pumpkin. Imli doesn’t let him touch it. Puttan says its a good chance, its Lord’s leela., you can get good publicity. Chaya says he is right, you will get famous. Puttan says you can’t imagine, devotion has

power. Chaitu also does aarti. Chaya says Ganpati ji will get your rating high. Jha says its wrong.

Puttan says we will make temple from where Malai got this pumpkin. Everyone visits Chaitu’s house to see the pumpkin. They make donations as well. Puttan says apologize to Lord, this is donation box for temple fund, we are making temple in this pumpkin fields. Khoji also covers the matter. Puttan asks Khoji how can he come like this, can’t he see people. He makes Khoji get darshan and makes him give 500rs chadava. Genda sees the news and says why didn’t I see Lord in pumpkin till now.

Haseena says we will oppose this. Genda says no, we can’t oppose Lord, we are in dilemma, Chaitu will get people on this side, we will wait for the chance, Chaitu thinks he got a golden egg, but the hen will get topic for us. Janta buys a pumpkin. Pahelwan and Puttan get into an argument. Puttan scares Pahelwan.

Pahelwan says you can give us some benefits. Puttan says my sister got pumpkin, go and oppose. Pahelwan asks Chaitu to understand, give something. Chaitu says fine, give him something. Puttan says beg well, don’t threaten. Chaya says I posted your statement. Jha corrects Puttan. Chaya explains them. Malai looks for the veg stall and meet the vendor. The vendor says she didn’t pay me for pumpkin. Puttan says I want your support, tell me from where you got it. The vendor says from my field. Puttan says you should give statement that you want to give field land to us for making temple. The vendor says take the land for free, as its for temple. Puttan says there won’t be any controversy if he doesn’t ask anything. The vendor asks for less rates. Puttan says ask more. The vendor says give 50%. Puttan asks whose soul do you have in you. The vendor says I was a politician before, now I m a veg vendor, my fields will get high, I won’t sell the land. He goes. Malai says why did you refuse when he was giving land for free. He says I was making matter imp.

Genda sees the news. She says we should get this vendor on our side. She opposes Chaitu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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