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Half Marriage 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun and Chandani decide to start family

Half Marriage 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shakti thanking Maya for trying to protect innocent guy like him and tells Janki that they have to join hands against Chandani. Janki nods. Chandani comes to Sulochana and says sorry. She tells that she will take her advice before doing anything. Sulochana says you want my advice…and asks her to do good for people and not for them, and asks her to become bahu of the house first, then do their betterment. Chandani says ok. Arjun asks Chandani why is she upset, and says Maa can never get good bahu than you. Chandani says you take my side, and tells that she couldn’t live upto Maa’s expectations, and says surely Maa wants something from her.

Maya thinks don’t know where that old lady kept medicine and thinks she can’t do this all life. She sees Chandani giving

medicine to Sulochana and hides. Sulochana asks her to go. Chandani sweetly asks her to have medicine. Sulochana takes the medicine. Chandani smiles. Maya is upset.
Chandani is taking Sulochana to temple. Sulochana asks her to wait for Maya. Maya comes. Surinder tells that he thought they will lose Rakhi or her baby, but everything is fine. He tells Chandani that kids get attached with their grand parents and tells when you will have baby, then Sulochana will get busy with him/her. Maya gets upset. Chandani smiles. They come to temple. Sulochana prays to God for Arjun’s happiness and asks him to complete his family and bless him with a baby. Chandani is surprised. Maya is upset. Pandit ji blesses Sulochana. Sulochana asks Chandani to take his blessings and asks her if she don’t want baby, but I want. Maya tells Chandani that aunty bounced you today and says new generation don’t want baby so soon. Chandani says I am not shock or tensed hearing Maa’s wish.

Arjun wakes up and looks for Chandani. Chandani is standing near the window. He greets her good morning and asks what happened? He hugs her. Chandani says it is 8 am now. Arjun asks why didn’t you wake me up. Chandani says we all went for a walk and tells that Maa asked God to give us a baby. Arjun is surprised and says we are still kids for Maa. Chandani calls him tubelight and says our baby. Arjun gets happy and says it is a matter of happiness. She says we are married since 3 years and says why to get late. He takes her to bed and tries to get intimate. Chandani asks him to leave her. Arjun asks don’t you like me or baby. Chandani says Maa doesn’t know that we have husband and wife’s relation. Arjun says when Maa gave permission then…Chandani says how can you have baby suddenly.

Arjun says there is no special mahurat for these things. He says we have been married since 3 years, loves each other a lot, but we haven’t made husband and wife till now. We have no reason to stay separated. He is about to get closer to her. Chandani tries to go, but he holds her hand. Arjun says we had sworn not to have husband and wife’s relation until maa accepts you, but today Maa wants us to unite and have children. He says we will become husband and wife in real means, and calls her better half. He says now there is no need for any distance between us. Maya hears them. Arjun asks Chandani to go and tell Sulochana that her son will fulfill her wish. Maya gets happy and thinks I won’t let them come closer, and will do something before night to widen distance between them. She comes to Chandani and asks why she is happy. Chandani says it is husband affect and says you will not understand. Servant shows parachute oil bottle and says someone threw it in garbage. Chandani recalls finding oil on Rakhi’s room floor. Maya gets tensed.

Chandani tells Maya that someone had thrown oil in Rakhi’s room floor and thinks who could it be. Shakti cuts the window or something to hurt Chandani and informs Maya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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