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Family- Solace of happiness: Description

in this story, our four couples: rumya or ruvya, shivika, priveer and rikara and their famous oberoi family are now a broken family with secrets and pain.

shivika’s side of the story:

shivika are married happily with three children however one child isn’t anika’s child. only shivay knows this truth and it is killing him inside as the child is a result from his affair. who is this child’s real mother? what will happen when anika gets to know the truth?

rikara’s side of the story:

rikara left O.M as of tej and snakelana and started a new life in a new city in a new country. married happily with four children until an accident takes gauri away from this world causing om’s children to hate. has gauri actually died?

ruvya or rumya’s side of the story:

so here ruvya or rumya are married but not happily as rudy still loves his dead past love and is unable to accept his wife who loves him unconditionally. Rudy’s dead love died giving birth and the wife gave rudy two children to love as well. will rudy ever accept his wife?

priveer’s side of the story:

prinku was a single mother who got married to ranveer but hates him as he is her husband’s murderer. even after two children with him, she still hates him. what will ranveer do to make prinku accept him?

oberois’ side of the story:

since rikara left, the house has been as dull as anything. all the elders fight over property and who should inherit the oberoi empire, shivay or rudy?

so guys, in here you can choose:




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