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Ek Deewana Tha 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivani is Sharanya?

Ek Deewana Tha 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shivani shows Akash around the house. A shadow is seen on the curtain.

Madhvi is unable to understand how Akash can look so similar to Vyom. Rajan warns her to not to even take his name by mistake. You have to be strong. She asks him what will happen now. How will we tell Shivani why we adopted her? Why we raised her with so much love? She steps back in shock noticing someone passing by. She is sure there was someone. Rajan says Shivani does not understand. We shouldn’t have come here. Don’t know how many secrets are hidden here. They experience the same thing again. Rajan peeks out of the window but finds no one. He closes one window pane. There is no one. It can be a coincidence too that the guy Shivani fell in love with has a similar face like Vyom. Madhvi corrects him. It isn’t

Shivani but Sharanya! It might be two bodies but one soul only. We know that Sharanya took birth as Shivani. This is why we adopted her! She hates Vyom. She said the same thing before dying! Come what may, she wont love Vyom in any birth. How did she fall for Vyom’s look alike then? He tells her to speak slowly. Such powers increase when you take their name. She is sure he is around. He dint go anywhere. I can feel his presence. He is around. Don’t know what will happen when he will know! A shadow is seen behind a room’s door. Madhvi says this was the silence before the storm. The old game has begun yet again!

Shivani asks Madhvi which game she is talking about. Madhvi dismisses it. Shivani shows her 2 dresses that she got from London. What should I wear? Madhvi agrees to help her and goes out. Shivani tells Akash not to miss her. He smiles and tells her he will try. Akash and Rajan are all alone in the room. Akash calls Rajan Dad. What are you doing Dad? Rajan turns stunned.

Shivani comes out wearing one dress and asks Madhvi how she is looking. Madhvi imagines Sharanya in her yet again and goes quiet for a minute. Shivani asks her again. Madhvi tells her it is very beautiful. She helps her get ready. She keeps imagining Sharanya in her and is startled. Shivani remarks that she is looking at her as if someone else has returned in front of her instead of it being her. Is there something? Madhvi denies but Shivani demands to know what’s bothering her. Madhvi says you look different. Shivani worries that she might have a pimple. Everything is fine. How do I look different? Madhvi fails in covering up. You look like. Shivani asks her who she looks like. Or do you feel someone has returned from the past? She has big long nails, long teeth like some devil! Madhvi gets scared. Shivani apologizes to her for scaring her. I know I am adopted but I look like some film star. Who do I look like? Madhvi calls her beautiful. Shivani hugs her thanking her. I am really hungry. Madhvi goes to bring something for her. Shivani is startled by some noise. A hand scratches the adjoining wall of the room behind hers. She leans closer and hears someone calling Sharanya’s name. She jumps in shock. This house is weird! Someone peeks inside Shivani’s room through the keyhole. You are back, Sharanya! Shivani looks back again.

Shivani’s engagement is organized in Bedi House. Everyone claps from them as Shivani and Akash enter. Madhvi keeps seeing Sharanya in Shivani. Shivani asks Madhvi to give her her ring. I cant believe I am going to be engaged. Madhvi recalls the similarities in the past incident during Sharanya’s time. Rajan gestures a girl to bring the ring. Madhvi gives a box to Akash. Shivani hurriedly takes the box from her and pulls Akash to the stage. I cant wait! Rajan is unable to understand how the girl, who even hated Vyom’s name, is so anxious to get engaged to Vyom today!

Shivani has extended her hand towards Akash but he tells her that he cannot get engaged to her. There is someone else in your life who you love more than me. It is someone with whom you share a relation from the past. He is right here! Akash points his finger in front of her. Shiv’s look alike makes a grand entry. Shivani smiles broadly. Rajan and Madhvi look on in shock. Shiv’s words echo in Madhvi’s head and the past flashes before Rajan and Madhvi’s eyes. Rajan and Madhvi look at each other.

Precap: Shiv’s look alike says a shayari to Shivani. We share a relation that goes beyond this birth! I have waited for years to confess my feelings to you! He kneels down as he says I love you to her. Reporters click their photos. Akash smiles from far while Shivani is pleasantly surprised.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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