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Chandrashekhar 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra befriends Sindhal

Chandrashekhar 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagrani asking Darsi to take her to Sindhal. Chandra waits for everyone to sleep. He sees everyone sleeping and runs away. Jagrani is on the way and asks how much far is it. Darsi says we will reach soon. Chandra sees Sindhal and runs. He reaches the end of the cliff. Sindhal follows. Jagrani gets hurt by a thorn. Darsi removes the thorn.

Darsi says this jungle way is tough, we will reach soon. Jagrani says I will get my Chandra. Sindhal walks to Chandra. Chandra says don’t come ahead, I will jump down. Sindhal says fool, you will die, stop. Chandra says don’t come close. He jumps down. Sindhal holds his hand and pulls him up. Watson and Gomes are on the way. Bheel says I don’t know Sindhal’s place exactly. Darsi says someone screamed, we will hide behind the

tree, someone is coming. They hide. Bheel says we heard about their place, its nearby. Richard says shooting is not a good option, it can hurt kids too. Sindhal says you are trying to run from me, you would have died. Chandra says so what, I won’t get tied by anyone. Sindhal says you think this is bravery, there is a thin line between bravery and foolishness, enough now. The man says police and Britishers are around, they can come here anytime. Sindhal says let them come, we will be gone, take Chandra. Chandra says wait, can you lift me and run when police is after you, I won’t run. Sindhal says how can I trust. Chandra says you saved my mum’s life, not mine. Sindhal asks your mum? Chandra says if I mum learnt about my falling down the valley, she would have died, how can I forget your favor. Sindhal says come.

Darsi takes Jagrani. The man says Chandra is running fast, he may run. Sindhal says whatever happens, he won’t cheat. Darsi says they stay here. Jagrani runs and looks for Chandra in tents. She says there is no one here, where did Sindhal take him. Darsi says Sindhal was going to get Chandra here. Jagrani asks what did you say, you knew this will happen. She cries. Darsi says sorry. Jagrani scolds her. They hide.

Police reaches there and searches the camp. Gomes says he was here some time back, he must have not gone far, move. Darsi says Sindhal isn’t a bad man, don’t worry, Chandra will come soon. She goes. Jagrani goes home and says I went to . Sitaram says what can I say if you don’t trust me. He asks her not to worry, he will find Chandra. She says I trust you a lot. She cries and leaves the food. He says even I can’t have food. He consoles her. Jagrani does her work. She thinks of Chandra. She hears him and runs to the gate to see. She gets sad. Its morning, Gomes says what will I answer Watson. Richard shows the footprint. Gomes asks where does this way go. Kaka tells Chandra about the place. Chandra says Tatya never got me here. Kaka tells about Tatya Kaka. Chandra laughs and asks how can young Tatya be everyone’s Kaka. The man says we are saying about Tatya Kaka, not your friend Tatya. Sindhal smiles. Police looks for them. Kaka says Tatya Kaka was a great man, he wanted everyone to be free, Watson killed him, Sindhal is Tatya’s son. Chandra sees Sindhal.

Chandra says why is Watson alive if you have many men. Sindhal says every Britisher is a Watson, I will kill him. Chandra sees Richard pointing gun at Sindhal and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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