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Bhootu 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shona can See Pihu

Bhootu 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pihu calls Gopal and asks why did he make her Bhootu. Shona comes and calls Bhootu. Bhootu asks if she is talking to her. Gopal smiles hiding. Sooraj tells Vikram that Pihu is not herself, something is wrong, they need to find out what is happening. Shona asks Pihu if she is dead, how can she be alive. They both touch each other and say they are twins. Gopal enjoys their drama hiding. Pihu asks Gopaal what did he do. Gopal says she asked for help, so he helped her, now she can correct Shona by touching her. Shona asks whom she is talking to in air. Pihu says she is speaking to Gopal. Daamroo asks who is talking to. Shona arrogantly tries to slap him and says she is speaking to Bhootu. Pihus shuts her mouth and warns not to take her name. Vikram comes and lifts Shona and says she should go

and sleep now as she has to go to school tomorrow. Shona asks sakoool. Vikram asks what language is this and takes her to Anandita’s room. Shona sleeps with Anandita keeping her leg on Anandita. Pihu fumes, she should hug mamma and sleep instead.

Next morning, Damroo gives list of house hold chores to Bobby and Mohini and asks to start working, it is Vikram’s order. Their jokergiri starts. Neelaam walks in. Mohini asks to do work for them. Greedy Neelam asks 2000 rs. Mohini says she does not have money. Neelam says she will not even burp without money and leaves. Mohini dumps all her work including cooking on Bobby and leaves. Barbie sees that and thinks Bobby cannot cook.

Anandita shows Shona sleeping on floor and shows her Vikram, says Pihu never used to sleep on floor, something has happened to her. Vikram says she is right. Bobby tries to prepare food and burns his hands. Vikram asks to serve food. Bobby pleads to forgive him as he did not prepare food today. Barbie says Bobby already prepared food. Shona tastes food and says it is tasty. Pihu sees Barbie and realizes she prepared food for Bobby. Bobby walks thinks how prepared food. Barbie throws ointment for him hiding. He takes it to room and shows his burnt hands to Mohini. Mohini asks him to be careful. He says he did cooking and washing, now she should clean floor. Mohini acts that she is having severe headache and shortness of breath. Bobby asks if she is lying. Mohin throws tantrum and forces him to work. Barbie sees that and thinks Mohini is spoiling Bobby, but he is good hearted though.

Pihu walks to her old area wearing school uniform and shows it to her friends. Friends are shocked seeing her neat and clean. Pihu says her friends are so dirty. Shona says they are her bestfriends. Pihu says she will have to attend school to become good. Shona’s friend asks how did she become so clean, how did she get teeth. Shona says her fate has changed and gives them gifts. Pihu says she stole her items. Shona arrogantly scolds her. Pihu thinks how to correct Shona.

Precap: Shona steals food. Pihu thinks Shona is spoiling her name.
Anandita says tomorrow is Shona’s birthday party. Shona tells Pihu that she will destroy her party.

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