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Belan Wali Bahu 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo’s ghost finds his ghost friend

Belan Wali Bahu 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Laddo’s ghost comes to Roopa and says I am bored, talk to me. Roopa says I have a lot of house work, we will talk after work is done. Laddo’s ghost says fine I am leaving. Roopa says I will work and you can talk. Laddo’s ghost starts talking, he says when I got first salary, I brought sweets for everyone. Roopa is cleaning room and answers him without listening. Laddo’s ghost says what did I talk? Roopa answers it wrongly. Laddo’s ghost says you keep working, I am leaving, he leaves.

Laddo’s ghost says this Roopa thinks only she has work, I have work too. He sees students going to school and says I should visit my school.

Laddo’s ghost comes to his school. He comes to class and says we used to enjoy. His friend Mahesh is sitting

in back and says we used to not study and have fun on back benches. Laddo’s ghost says Mahesh? they both get excited. Laddo’s ghost says how can you see me? Only my wife can see me, I died. Mahesh says I fell from roof and died too. Laddo’s ghost says I will take you to my house.

Mahesh comes to Laddo’s house with him. Mahesh says wow nice house. Nobody can see them. Laddo’s ghost shows family to Mahesh’s ghost. Laddo’s ghost introduces everyone to him but they cant see him. Shalini is taking selfie. Mahesh poses too but nobody can see him. Train passesby, they all holds things house. Mahesh holds a photo frame. Prem sees photo still on wall and says photo is not falling. Laddo’s ghost says how did you hold it? I cant hold things. Mahesh says I died 19 years back, I concentrated on my powers so I can hold things. Laddo’s ghost says give me those powers too. Mahesh says you have to work on your focus. Mahesh says let me show my power. He goes in Suzzi’s body and talks in his voice in Suzzi’s body. Laddo’s ghost says you can enter bodies too, make me learn it. Mahesh says let me teach you.

Mahesh holds a show piece and lifts it in air. Dada sees show piece hanging in air and is stunned. Mahesh puts it down and asks Laddo’s ghost to lift it, Laddo’s ghost tries to focus but keeps focusing on other noises. Laddo’s ghost says I cant do it, make me learn to enter bodies. Mahesh says its more difficult than this, you have focus for one moment. Laddo’s ghost says we will learn later.

Laddo’s ghost brings Mahesh to Roopa. Roopa cant see him. Laddo’s ghost says Roopa meet my friend. Roopa says you are joking right? Mahesh says let me show myself. He moves bedsheet. Roopa sees bedsheet moving and faints. Mahesh says I will bring water.

Scene 2
Lata asks Shalini to make food. Shalini lies that ghost is not letting her work. Lata says work with ghost, she leaves. Shalini sees water glass moving air and faints.

Roopa wakes up and says you were joking? Laddo’s ghost says no I met my friend’s ghost. Mahesh brings water. Roopa faints again seeing glass in air. Mahesh sprinkles water on her. Roopa wakes up and says what is this? Laddo’s ghost says I met my friend, he will live with us. Roopa says ghost will live with us? Laddo’s ghost says I am a ghost too. Roopa says you are my husband. Mahesh says ask her to not worry, I will leave. Laddo’s ghost tells Roopa that he will leave. Roopa thank you. Laddo’s ghost leaves with Mahesh. Roopa is scared.

Laddo’s ghost and Mahesh comes to tree and says I sleep here. Laddo’s ghost makes him sit on roof.
They sit on terrace plank then. Laddo’s ghost says my wife is always busy, its good you are here to talk. Roopa sees him sitting on terrace and says I should give him time too. Roopa comes terrace. Laddo’s ghost asks her to not sit beside him, Mahesh is sitting here, you can leave. Roopa makes face and leaves.

Roopa is miffed and says I went to sit with him but he asked me to leave. Laddo’s ghost comes to Roopa and asks what happened? Roopa says I took time out but you asked me to leave, I used to sit with you but you didnt allow me for your friend. Mahesh comes there and sees them fighting. Roopa cant see him and says to Laddo’s ghost that you spoiled my mood, you are married now, you have to give time to me, your friend should think that you are not his childhood friend now, your friend came but cant stay here. Mahesh glares at her.

PRECAP- Mahesh throws Jitendra’s cap away. Jitendra sees it fall. Mahesh comes in kitchen and stir a dish. Lata sees spoon moving in air and is stunned. Mahesh slaps Naren, they laugh.
Jitendra says to family that there is a ghost in house, they hear a noise. Dada says we will not be alone now, we will move in group in house, ghost is here.
Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that all are scared of your friend, what kind of friend he is that is scaring your family. Mahesh glares at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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