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Badho Bahu 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Raghubir ji and Lucky clear out their differences

Badho Bahu 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Titli saying that just like he dreamt of winning National Medal, Lucky too saw the same dream. He did his best to make it come true. He dint think of his wound or what if his condition worsens. He risked his life. Don’t think that he cheated you! People take medicines; steroids to gain medal but my Lucky dint do anything like that! He only got a fake certificate! If we take his test today then the certificate will be proved wrong. We cannot call him a cheater then! he dint cheat till date so I don’t feel we should throw out his medals and trophies like this. I would like to keep it all back in his room if you will allow. He won them on his own honestly. They gave him strength in the past too and will continue to do so in future too. She heads to Lucky’s room.


keeps them back in Lucky’s room. Do you see what all I have to do because of you? I had to argue with the one before whom I never said a word in the past! You are the reason behind this! You ruined my birthday too. I wont spare you as soon as I find you! She notices Raghubir ji and Malti ji on the door and apologizes to them. He in turn apologizes to her. I dint think of this before but I understand your words thinking what prompted Lucky to do this. I gave him the burden of my dreams while he put himself on edge to fulfil it. What if his wound had worsened? He would have still played the Nationals. This is my son! I don’t know where he is but I have to speak to him. Malti ji is also clueless. Raghubir ji ask Titli if she took out this box. She shakes her head. Malti ji points out that Jamuna ji gave this box to Lucky. Raghubir ji understands where Lucky would be at this moment.

Lucky comes to meet Jamuna ji. She is surprised to see him there at this hour. I am really pleased to see you. I know you are worried that Komal left you alone like this. She made a very big mistake but don’t worry. I will scold her when she is back. Do you wish to say something? He holds out that envelope before her. I don’t deserve it as I broke your and Mahender Babu ji’s dream. Please forgive me. I lied to Babu ji that I am fine. I got a fake certificate to play. Sports Authority people told him everything today. He had to look down because of me. I made a very big mistake. She pacifies him saying that everyone makes mistakes. Plus, you dint do it intentionally. You tried your best to make your Babu ji’s dream come true. I have full faith in you. You have no ill intention. We learn from our mistakes. This is your lesson. Don’t accept defeat in the face of situations / mistakes. Raghubir ji seconds her. Lucky stands up seeing his father there. Raghubir ji pats at his shoulder. It wasn’t your mistake. I am the one who made a mistake. Lucky is in tears. Raghubir ji says I should apologize to you. as your Guru, I was responsible to give you best training and make you the best wrestler of the world. I put that burden on you eventually. I got blinded by the thirst for medal. I even played with your wrestling. I forgot the rules of wrestling. Our emotions matter more than winning and losing. I forgot this and tampered with your career. I would not have been able to forget myself if something had happened to you. Please forgive me. Lucky apologizes to him as well. Raghubir ji praises his will to fight even when he was badly wounded. I pray that everyone gets a kid like you. They share a hug. Titli says now we should cut 2 cakes. One is yours and Babu ji’s and second is mine. It is my birthday. He wishes her Happy Birthday. She asks them to come with her to celebrate her birthday. Lucky politely apologizes to her. I want to spend some time with Jamuna Ma ji. I don’t want to go there as I am missing Badho very much. They all let him stay in Bakriawal. Titli leaves with Raghubir ji.

Vardaan looks at Pragya who looks down. Everyone is waiting anxiously. Titli and Raghubir ji come home. Malti ji asks about Lucky. Raghubir ji assures her he is fine. He is at Jamuna Bhabhi’s home. She asks him if he is speaking truth. He tells her to call him in a while and talk to him. Kamla ji asks Titli to cut the cake now. Titli cuts the cake and feeds everyone one by one. Raghubir ji takes everyone’s leave. Titli holds Malti ji’s hand. Avinash’s mother asks Titli to focus on her and her would-be husband too. Titli feeds them cake. Avinash wishes her Happy Birthday. Kamla ji takes everyone to dinner table. vardaan smiles at Pragya. She hopes he wont speak about the chit before Teji ji. Vardaan takes a step towards her when she asks Teji to feed her cake. He happily agrees. Vardaan watches them thus and feels bad.

Everyone is seated in the living rom. Ram ji is emotional thinking about his daughter’s wedding. Kamla ji says we want her to marry asap so Badho can return home. Pinki seconds her. Kamla ji smiles thinking she will become number 1 the day this is over. I will then bring Badho quietly home.

Lucky tries Komal’s number but does not get through. He hopes Badho returns soon. How long will you make me wait? I cannot live without you! On the other hand, Komal too is looking at the moon emotionally. I cannot wait anymore, Lucky ji. Come soon and take me with you Lucky ji!

Next morning, wrestlers are practising in the Akhada. People ask them to step out of the Akhada. They refuse to leave. Sangram Singh tells them to step out of the Akhada. It is to be closed very soon. They refuse saying that they wont leave till their Guru ji comes and says this to them. His men beat them up. Threatened, they run away. Sangram Singh tells his men to do their work. Pinki finds some men putting Lucky’s posters and then applying black colour over his photo. She questions them. She runs inside seeing so many goons there. Sangram Singh vows to teach a lesson to the family. Ahlawat Family comes out and asks Sangram Singh what he is up to. Sangram Singh speaks of Lucky’s ill doing. He vows to close down their Akhada. Rana tells him off but Raghubir ji calms him down. Sangram Singh tells him all the villagers will question him in a while. Be prepared to be insulted!

Precap: Everyone has gathered Sangram Singh speaks ill of Lucky in front of Ahlawat Family and villagers. Villagers are speaking ill against Lucky. Ex-Sarpanch ji advises Raghubir ji to ask Lucky to come back asap. This appears to be absconding and is aggravating the anger in villagers. Call him to come down at the earliest.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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