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ᴀᴀɴᴋʜᴏɴ ᴍᴇɪɴ ᴛᴇʀɪ

             Episode 4th

Recap :- Naveen tells Kamini about daddy’s illness and Kamini decides to rent his room . Riya meets ahil and his friends in a cafe and invites them to her home .while his friends decline her invitation , Ahil accepts it.

Today’s episode begins with , It’s morning and Ahil is standing At RAI’S house , He rings the bell but no one comes , Then Pinky comes and informs that Nobody is in house , Before Ahil could return back to his car , A voice stopped him , He turns back and It was voice of …



Riya sees herself in the mirror and Screams loudly ” Aaaaaaaa !!! ”

Kamini and Naveen runs to her room . She had hidden her face with her hands .

Kamini : Riya , My princess what has happened to you

Naveen : why did you shouted ?

Riya runs and hugs her dad ” Papa , I’m not your Princess , See what has happened ”

Kamini : Riya ! Show us your face

Riya removed her hands and Both could see , A completely red , Swollen face .

Kamini is shocked ” HAI ALLA ! ( OH GOD ) How did it happened ”

Riya cries continuously .

Naveen : Tell us what happened ?

Riya : Today Ahil is coming to our home , So last night I applied facial mask and now I got to know it was expired .

Naveen smiles ” I told you , All these things are stupid , Apply nature tomatoes ”

Kamini : Shut up Ji , Can’t you see your girl , Go out and take out the car .

Riya : Mom, Now he’ll not like me , He’ll hate me .

Kamini : No baby , You’re looking good even in this look

Riya : what mom !

Kamini : Come let’s go to doctor , He’ll help us .

Then Naina sees Riya .

Naina : Oh riya are you okay ?

Kamini : Eh girl , We’re going to see a doctor , And don’t enter my house in my absence , Okay

They all goes out . Pinky goes to do laundry . And Naina was sitting outside in the garden .


Ahil reached near RAI’S house. He stood for a while ” Why my are feeling very different reaching here , What is this feeling ”

He took out his phone and sees The girl’s ( Naina’s picture )

Ahil : Till now I’m okay seeing your picture , But day by day , my eager to meet you is increasing , where are you ?


Suddenly his divine and constant thoughts about the girl broke as someone knocked his back .

Man : Oh bhai ( oo man ) what are you looking for .

Ahil : I was looking for RAI’S house .

Man : Oh there’s it , That red colored house .

Ahil : Ohkay thanks .

Ahil walked up to the house , The rings the bell .

Ahil : Hello , Riya , Are you there .

No one answers . Then a fair girl , Of medium height , Wearing Salwar – suit comes to Gate and says in a girlish voice ” Sorry Riya mam is not here now ”

Ahil : Oh ! I came here just to meet her .
Pinky : It’s okay Sir .

Then Ahil turns back to his car , Suddenly a silver- toned voice stopped him ” Sir , You can wait till they come back ”

Pinky : Yes ! please come in

Ahil comes in when Pinky opens the door , Till then Naina moves in her room .

Pinky : Sir please come in .

Ahil : No thanks it’s good here in garden .

Pinky : Okay wait let me bring some water for you .

Pinky goes in

Ahil : I thought I would aks Riya who’s this girl in picture and how’s she related to her , But …Shit !!

Whatever , Now , Ahil couldn’t stop his feet to go and search out who was that , Who’s voice was so enchanting .

He walked up to the little room which was separated from main house , And take a secret look into the room through window.

Inside he saw a girl sitting on the floor , Wearing a beautiful dress , Singing a melodic song . Ahil stood mesmerized there .

His feet crushes the dry leaves , And the cracking voice disturbed her . She stopped immediately ” Who’s there ? ” , She spoke as if terrified .

Ahil hurriedly runs from there and Sat on the chair which was there in the grass .

Pinky brings some water for guest .

Ahil : who’s in this room ?

Pinky : Naina Rai ! she’s eldest daughter of RAI’S .

Ahil : Why’s she living here separately .

Pinky : Kamini Ji dosen’t allows her to come into the house .

Ahil : what !

Pinky : Oh now I remember you’re that who saved us from goons  yesterday at temple .

Ahil : You and that girl ?

Pinky : Yes , she’s Naina .

Ahil stood up with joyous shock ” What this is Naina’s house ”

Pinky : Yes ! And she gave me this thread to give it you , As a thanks .

Pinky gives him a Red colored string, A ‘ thanks’ on which a heart sparking was pasted .

Ahil in his mind ” Now I’m here , At Naina’s house , I’ve to meet her ”

Ahil : Could you please make a cup of tea for me !

Pinky : Off course why not .

She got up and Goes into the house . Ahil stood up and goes to Naina’s room.

Ahil stood at the door ” Naina ” he spoke .

Naina opens the door ” Yes ! ” She couldn’t see who’s at the door , And Ahil couldn’t stop himself .He hugged her tightly

Naina pushed him back , She got nervous and tensed ” Who are you ! ha !! Somebody Please help me ”

She gets in and shuts the door .

Ahil knocked the door ” Naina I’m sorry , Please open the door ”

Naina : I don’t know you , Please go !

Ahil : You know me , At wedding you bumped into me , Then at Temple we met .

Naina : Okay , But why’d you come here

Ahil : You gave this thread to me , As a token of thanks , Now you only have to tie this to me , Otherwise I won’t accept your thanks .

Naina opened the door ” Okay I’ll tie , But after that you’ll go ”

Ahil ” Okay , Done ”

Ahil puts forward his wrist , Naina took that thread from him and ties on his wrist .

[ Background music –
Kacchi doriyon, doriyon, doriyon se
Mainu tu baandh le
Pakki yaariyon, yaariyon, yaariyon mein
Honde na faasley ..]

Naina : It’s done , Now please leave .

Ahil : I’m happy to meet you , I just hope we meet again .

Riya and Her parents comes back .

Naveen took Riya to her room . Kamini sees someone sitting in a large car and leaving on their arrival .

Kamini : Hey , Girl , who came ?

Pinky : Ahil sir came to meet Riya .

Kamini : what ! Why didn’t you told him to wait .

Pinky : He sat here for some time and then left .

Kamini runs in and screams ” What a heck , Ahil came and he went away ”

Riya cries : Mom , Now what ,

Naveen : Don’t worry we’ll invite him again ..


AHIL reached back to hostel ..

Abhay : So how was the meeting

Rahul : With Riya aka princess

Ahil : The most beautiful eyes , Most melodious voice , The most memorable Valentine’s day .

Abhay and Rahul stood up from the lounge and goes to Ahil who was lost .

Abhay : Rahul , I think He’s not in proper senses .

Rahul snaps his fingers ” Oh bhai ( friend ) what are you saying , You’re sounding as if you’ve set your alliance with her .

Abhay : Bhai ! You’ve meet Riya na !!

Ahil : No , Today I got a new friend .

Abhay : Rahul , What’s happening to him .

Rahul : AHIL tell us what you want to say

AHIL : Today I met Naina , Riya’s sister .

Abhay : wait ! Wait ! Are you talking about Naina Rai .

Ahil : Yes !

Rahul : That Naina , A blind girl , Are you serious .

Ahil in little anger : What does that mean. Till this present moment , I didn’t spare a single thought about that

Abhay : AHIL , You’re not getting it , If Janki aunty got to know that you’ve a friend , Blind , And that too girl , Then ?

Ahil : You’re talking childish now

Abhay : It’s not a joke , You want that girl to be your ….Shhha. …

Ahil : Listen guys , When we’ve to make friends we don’t see who that person is , Friendship is from heart not brain .

Rahul : It’s okay , But I think it’s just an infatuation, Nothing else , It will have some bad effects on your life

AHIL argued ” No , You’re wrong , Leave me on my fate ”

Abhay : Okay then ,let’s see , what will happen next .

Ahil : Alright I’m ready !

THE NIGHT !!!!!!


ղɑíղɑ’Տ ɾօօʍ…

Pinky : Really he hugged you

Naina : Yes ! I don’t know why ?

Pinky : Do you think he’s a good man

Naina : May be , He saved us , Or may not be , because , What happened now , How can he hug a girl 

Pinky : I don’t know , While going back he gave this letter for you , He told me to read it out for you .

Naina : A letter .

Pinky reads ” Dear , Naina , First of all very sorry for how I behaved with you , If you felt uneasy , Then I apologize. Secondly , It’s Valentine’s day today , So happy Valentine’s day to you .
You must be thinking why I’m saying all this , Just one question – Can we be friends ? , Would be waiting for your answer.

Naina : What ? Tear this letter and burn , Remember what once mom said that Riya likes Ahil , No we can’t be anything .

Pinky : But , He likes you .

Naina : No one can like me , I know it , There’s a confusion , Maybe this letter is for Riya .

Pinky : But it’s written , Your name Naina .

Naina : No , Pinky , He’s the richest man , Why’ll he waste his life on Me . It’s not true , Now you should go I think .


Ahil to himself : This even I can’t make out that it’s a infatuation or ….I think I should leave to lord , Wait !!! She’ll come there tomorrow , Yes , Let’s wait for her answer ..


AHIL set out to meet Naina at the temple . He goes and stood with Naina , She was standing and Praying , Her eyes were closed . Pinky saws AHIL she got shocked , Then AHIL silently tells her to go away .

After Praying to lord , Naina exclaimed ” Pinky , Done let’s go ”

Naina puts forward her hand , Then Ahil holds her hand .

Naina quickly moves away her hand .

Naina ” Ahil ! You ”

AHIL : How did you know ?

Naina : Once I feel a new touch I never forget it .

Ahil : Yes ! Come Let’s go , Today I’ll take you through the stairs .

Naina : It’s okay thanks , I’ve my Pinky to help me .

Ahil : She’s gone to answer a important call , Come let’s go .

Naina : I said Na ! no , I can go myself , I’m coming here since past 4 years .

Naina starts walking , Ahil walks behind her .

Ahil : Naina , You’ll fall down , wait .

Naina : No thanks .

She slowly tries to climb down stairs , But at second step , She loose her balance and She was falling down , AHIL saved her .

Ahil : KAHA THA NA MERA HATH THAM LO , ZINDGI MEIN KABHI DAGMAGAU GI NAHI ( I told you to hold my hand , Once you did , You’ll never experience any falls in your life )

Naina : Isi bat ka to dar hai , Ki kahin meri wajah se tumhari zindgi barbad na ho jae ( this is what I’m afraid of , If I hold your hands then your life can be painful )

AHIL holds her arms and helps her climb down . Naina frees herself

Naina ” Last time I’m saying thanks , Now please don’t come in my way”

AHIL : PTA HAI MERE HATH KI LAKIRE BAHUT KHAS HAI , TABHI TUMHARE JASA DOST MERE PAS HAI ..( My fate is soo good that I’ve a friend like you in my life )

Naina : Friend ?? Are we friends

AHIL : I’m waiting for the reply to that letter .

Naina : I’ve teared and burnt that letter , Because I know that whosever would be mine , Will just see pain and tears and nothing else .

She spoke this in a heavy and emotional tone and ran away .

Ahil stood there watching her going by , In tears ” I promise you one day I’ll make you realise that everyone is special , And don’t think that you’re a problem for others , I’ll be there for you ”

While the Rickshaw was passing by AHIL , He shouts ” Naina I’m giving you one more chance , Think it over again and then tell me , If we’re friends or not ”


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