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A True Love Story Never Ends Chap: 18 Johnson and Smith


Veronica’s and Andrew’s hesitation after sharing kiss.

Liam and Noah’s conversation. Liam’s attraction towards Noah’s simplicity.

Daniel and Amber’s decision to talk to their parents. Their doubt over Veronica and Andrew’s strange behavior.

Their confession to their respective parents, their Grandpa and Granny’s last wish that all should find their respected partners first.

Mess created by Daniel and Amber .

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Chapter 18

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Ezekiel’s POV:

After the high voltage drama we all have decided to take light dinner then settled ourselves in the loan in front of our house.

“Today was so exhausting day.” Amber said while settling her self on the bench.

“Yup. It’s indeed.” I said agreeing with her.

“So? Shouldn’t we do something different?” Amber again asked looking at me and Andrew.

“What my little munchkin wants?” Andrew said and smiled.

"What my little munchkin wants?" Andrew said and smiled

“BB. How about we eat something sweet? Wanna have some ice cream?” Amber asked.

“Why not? Definitely.” Andrew replied and I too joined.

“I will come in two.” Amber said and went to the kitchen.

“Andrew. We have to talk about some serious stuff man. ” I said and Andrew stood up and sat besides me.

“I know man. There is so much mess around me. First Veronica and now this.” Andrew said and then bite his tongue.

“Veronica? I knew it. There is definitely something between you both. What is happening?” I said but he said

 What is happening?" I said but he said

“Nothing. Just her antics sometimes makes me mad. That’s it.”

“Is that only thing is there?” I said.

“Hmm.” He said.

“The ice cream is here.” Amber said and gave one cup to each of us.

"So what you both are talking about?" Amber asked

“So what you both are talking about?” Amber asked.

“Nothing. Just business stuff.” I said trying to revert the topic.

“Oh. You both are just mad. Business talk here too?” Amber said.

Suddenly my phone rung. Its Nahum.

“Hey man. Where are you?” I said lifting the phone.

“Just some stuff came up so was dealing with that. Just coming in 5 minutes. Noah is with me too.” Nahum replied.

“Okay.” I said.

“Who’s that?” Amber said.

“Nahum.” I replied.

“Oh. Where is he?” Andrew said.

“Oh. He is coming in 5 minutes and yeah Noah is with him too.” I said while some car parked in front of us.

“Look he came.” Amber said.

“Isn’t it the different car?” Andrew said.

“Hmm. It is.” I said.

Suddenly the car driver began pressing horn.

“What the heck he is doing man? Is he mad?” Amber said.

“Have he gone mad? What’s wrong with Nahum?” Andrew said with anger.

“Let’s see.” I said and we all 3 approached to the car. Again a car came and stopped after the car which came sometime ago.

“That’s Nahum’s car. Then whose this?” Andrew said and Am too agreed.

“Let’s see.” I said.

“What the heck is wrong with this guy! Man.” Nahum said coming out from the car and Noah too came out.

" Nahum said coming out from the car and Noah too came out

We all reached the car and knocked the glass. No response.

“Hey man. What is this behavior? Are you mad man?” Nahum and Andrew both said approaching the driver side glass. Suddenly the glass went down and that’s—-

“You.” I, Andrew, Nahum, Amber and Noah yelled.

End of Ezekiel’s POV:

Micah’s POV:

I was sitting in the garden in front of our home thinking about the stuff that happened some hours ago. It could have blown up everything but luckily nothing much happen. I was looking at sky enjoying cool breath.

 I was looking at sky enjoying cool breath

“Hey Micah. Sitting alone anything wrong?” Daniel asked me.

“Nothing man. Just thinking about today’s event. Where is Veronica and Jason?” I asked.

“They both are…” Daniel began but

“Arhhhh.” Veronica yelled.

“What happen?” I got afraid and we both ran towards the home.

“Where are they?” I asked Ma.

“In the kitchen.” She replied.

“What? End of the world.” I replied and all laughed.

“What the heck you done Veronica? Who pour 3 big spoons of Baking Powder in Waffle dough? This is so bitter.” Jason yelled.

"Why are you yelling at me? I haven't added Baking Powder in this mixture

“Why are you yelling at me? I haven’t added Baking Powder in this mixture. It’s you and now yo’re yelling at me.” Veronica too yelled.

“What? Why should I? I haven’t.” Jason said.

“Stop. What happen? Tell me first.” I said.

They both began yelling at me by putting their points first.

“Stop. One by one. Please.” I said.

“Look. We both are trying to make some new waffle type which is the production of our minds. But Jason have added 3 Big Spoons of Baking Powder instead of 3 Table Spoons. Now this Waffle is gross.” Veronica said putting her point first.

“Wait. Let me say this. I haven’t added this. It must be you.” Jason said.

“Wait. If you haven’t done it and Jason too. That means…” I said but

“Danyyyyyyyy.” Veronica yelled while Daniel came to the kitchen laughing like maniac.

“I haven’t” He said.

“You.” yelled Veronica and Jason in unison and ran towards him.

“Save me Micah.” He said and hide behind me.

“Micah. Just give us a side. I am going to kick him.” Jason said.

“Yeah. Micah.” Veronica yelled.

“Okay. Leave him.” I said.

“Leave and that too him. Nope.” Veronica said.

“Trust me Veronica. I haven’t done it.” Daniel said.

“Gotcha.” Someone said from behind.

She looked behind her and yelled—–

End of Micah’s POV:

Amber’s POV:

“Leonard.” NB and BB yelled.

“Ella.” EB yelled.

“What a pleasant surprise guys?” EB said and they both came out from the car.

“Hi. Ella.” EB said and give her a side hug.

“Hey EB. Looking dashing man.” Ella said.

" Ella said

“Hey cutie. How’s you doing?” She asked me.

“Hey Ella. I am fine.” I said and hugged her.

“Hey man. How’s you doing?” NB asked LB.

“Hi. Great man. What about you?” LB replied and hugged him.

 What about you?" LB replied and hugged him

“Hey come on man join us.” LB said to BB and they trio shared hug.

“Never ending B romance.” Ella said rolling her eyes and we all laughed.

“Hey. Where are you man. Joing us too.” They said poingting EB and Noah.

They all go and joined them.

“So how’s your trip?” BB asked LB.

“It was good man. Was little tired. But now I have seen you all so got some energy otherwise she is just making me bore.” LB said and point at Ella.

" LB said and point at Ella

“You. I am making you bore. Yo’re the one who is talking about their so called business things. Like who talk about business to their wife when they are alone. Like seriously.” Ella said and bite her tongue.

" Ella said and bite her tongue

“La la la la.” All began.

“Shut up.” LB said and we all laughed while Ella blushed a little.

" LB said and we all laughed while Ella blushed a little

“Look. Who is blushing?” I said and Ella hide her face.

“Even I have to ask something.” Ella said.

“Yeah.Sure.” I said.

“Your face is looking somewhat different today. Like a red rose.” Ella said and I got that she was talking about Daniel.

“Ella.” I said and buried my face in her shoulder.

" I said and buried my face in her shoulder

“Look. Now who is blushing?” Ella said making me more blush.

“So have you talked to Ma and Pa?” LB asked.

“Yeah? What happen?” Ella asked too.

“Yup. I have talked to them. They have said yes but it can happen only after the last wish of Grandpa will fulfill.” I said being sad.

“Yup. She has created a lot of troubles for us already.” EB said.

“Hmm. A mess actually.” BB said.

“Why? What happen Andrew?” NB asked unaware about the things.

BB narrated the whole story and then NB looked at me and asked “Really?”

BB narrated the whole story and then NB looked at me and asked "Really?"

“Hmm.” I said.

“This is going to be so much fun.” LB said and Ella joined too.

End of Amber’s POV:

Daniel’s POV:

“Gotcha.” Someone said and giggled.

Veronica looked behind and found Jennifer.

Veronica looked behind and found Jennifer

“Jenny. You” Veronica said and ran towards and hugged her immediately. She too hugged her tightly.

“Slow down you both girls.” Micah said.

“How are you girl? What a pleasant surprise! Are you okay dear?” Veronica asked continuously.

“Hold on. Hold on Veronica. Get some breath. I am fine. Missed you so much.” Jennifer said.

“Awww. My girl. Even I too have missed you so much.” Veronica said and again gave a tight hug to her.

“Where is Eddy?” Veronica asked releasing her.

“He didn’t come. Just me.” Jennifer said.

“Are you kidding? He too must be with you.” Veronica said not believing her and went out of the kitchen and began searching for him everywhere like a mad.

“She will get mad. Please stop her.” Jason said.

“Let her do it.” Micah said.

“Are you both kidding with me Jenny?” Veronica asked to Jennifer.

“Nope. I am not joking. He didn’t.” Jennifer said.

“Why?” Jason asked.

“Umm.” Jennifer said with hesitation.

“I know that. I am the reason of that.” Veronica said with sad tone.

“Veronica.” Micah said and I too went to her.

“No Micah. I am the reason for it. So I have to pay for that too.” Veronica said while tears began to form in her eyes.

"I will just come in 2 mins" She said and ran away from there

“I will just come in 2 mins” She said and ran away from there.

“Poor Veronica.” Jason said.

“Shut up.” Micah said with little anger.

“Come. Let’s go to hall.” I said trying to change atmosphere.

When we went to the hall some tall figure man was standing over there.

“Who is this man?” Jason yelled and went to him.

“Oh my lord. Edward you.” He yelled and hugged him.

“What?” said Micah and went there and I too joined him. We trio shared hug and then Jason yelled

“Veronica.” We looked upstairs where she was standing and looked at Edward.

“Eddy.” She yelled and ran towards him.

“Veronica. Take care. You will fall.” Micah said. When she was about to reach him

“Guys. I have some work.” Edward said and left the hall and went inside his room.

Veronica stood over there finding it difficult to even think something

Veronica stood over there finding it difficult to even think something.

Veronica stood over there finding it difficult to even think something

“Veronica.” Micah said calmly.

“I am okay.” She said while her voice is cracking from inside.

“Veronica. Don’t feel bad.” Jennifer said and hugged her.

" Jennifer said and hugged her

“I am.” said Veronica but broke down.

" said Veronica but broke down

“Don’t cry. Please.” Micah said too and hugged her.

“Take this water.” Jason said while offering a glass of water.

“No. I am okay.” Veronica said and stood up.

“Maybe that’s my destiny.” Veronica said and smiled little trying to hide her broken heart.

End of Daniel’s POV:

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End of Chapter 18

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Precap: Reason behind Edward’s disappointment with Veronica.

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A/N: Hey guys. So this is 18th Chapter. So what do you think about those 4? What’s with Veronica and Andrew?

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