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Yeh un dinon ki baat hain- Totally fallen for you!!! Episode 6.

Hello guys. I am back with my new chapter of the ff. I hope you guys will like it.

Recap: Sameer sees naina… Naina apologies for her mistake. Arjun introduces himself and preeti. But naina takes them both away before her introduction to Sameer.

Now, the episode starts…..

Sameer, Munna and pandit are going to home on Sameer’s bike. Sameer is lost in his own thoughts. Munna and pandit notice his situation.

Munna: Sameer, are you alright???

Sameer: Of course I am alright.

Munna: No yar, you are looking somewhat different.

Sameer: Different? (looks in the mirror) I am looking the same. My hair, my dress, everything is same and neat.

Pandit: We are not talking about your looks. We are actually talking about your thoughts…

Sameer stops the bike and turns towards munna and pandit.

Sameer: What are you both saying???

Munna: You seems to be lost in some thoughts…. Don’t you? Don’t lie to us!!!

Pandit: Exactly. Even I was about to say that. What happened? Anything strange happened with you?

Sameer starts thinking about that girl who has tied him to the tree. We all know who she is. But sameer doesn’t know na 😉😉😉. Munna and pandit again notice sameer lost in his thoughts.

Munna and pandit: (came towards Sameer’s ears and said loudly) Hello sir!!!

Sameer closes his ears….

Sameer: Have you both gone mad? Why did you shout like that…. My ears are aching…..

Pandit: You are not replying to our question na. That’s why we shouted!!!

Sameer: I am totally fine. Don’t worry. Just thinking about the girl.

Munna and pandit: Which girl???

Sameer: The girl who has mistaken me!!!

Munna: (with a sarcastic smile) Wah!!! Such a wonderful title to a romantic love story….

Sameer turns towards munna seriously.

Sameer: Romantic love story??? Wonderful title???

Pandit: Exactly… This suits your story very well 👌👌👌.

Sameer: Shut up munna and pandit! This is not a title and I haven’t fallen in love. I am just saying that I am thinking about that girl. That’s it.

Munna: Did you like that girl? You should have told us there itself. We would have find out her details na….

Sameer: What are you talking Munna?

Pandit: Ha sameer. Munna said it right. You should have told us there. We would have helped you out 😉😉😉.

Sameer: Guys guys, don’t get excited!!! I was just thinking about her. Not interested in her. Ok???

Munna: Really???

Sameer: Yes munna. Nothing else. Just leave that topic. We need to go home immediately. It’s really too late.

Pandit: Ya ok. Let’s go…

Sameer starts his bike and they all 3 leave from there.

The scene shifts to naina’s locality….

Naina, preeti and Arjun reach their society. Naina and preeti got down the bike.

Naina: Arjun bhaiya, park the bike fast and come. We need to go immediately before we get caught!!!

Arjun: Ok. You both go. I will come. Go fast!!!

Naina and preeti start running to their home. They immediately open the door, go inside to their rooms. Arjun also immediately comes and closes the door.

Suddenly, arjun hears a knock on the main door. He turns back and opens the door. It is his father, rakesh agarwal.

Arjun: Papa, aap??? (sees his watch) You are coming from outside. But you are at home na.

Papa: (with a serious expression) You can question me later. Where are naina and preeti?

Arjun gets tensed…. He starts looking in different directions 😐😐😐.

Rakesh: Hey arjun, I am asking you only. Where are naina and preeti?

Arjun: They are in their room papa. Why? What happened?

Rakesh pushes arjun and goes towards naina’s room.

Arjun: (to himself) Oh no! Naina and preeti just went into the room. We might get caught today…. 😧😧😧

Rakesh knocks the door.

Rakesh: Naina, open the door!

There is no response.

Rakesh: Naina, open the door!!! Preeti, preeti. Open the door!

Arjun is getting so tensed….

Naina opens the door and rakesh gets shocked and shouts “What’s this you are wearing naina?”

Arjun closes his eyes immediately and thinks “Today, I am over in papa’s hands”

Naina: Papa, I am feeling so cold. So I wore it.

Arjun: (to himself) Cold???

And slowly opens his eyes… And sees that naina is wearing her leather coat. Arjun feels relieved. 😩😩😩

Rakesh: Where is preeti?

Naina: She is sleeping papa. Why? What happened? Any problem?

Rakesh: Why? Can’t I knock the door at this time? Do you kept any time limit to this?

Naina: No papa. I mean you will sleep at this time na. So…

Rakesh: Nothing. I just came to see you both. That’s it. Now go and sleep….

Naina: OK. Goodnight papa. Goodnight arjun bhaiya.

Arjun: Good night naina.

Naina closes the door and removes her coat.

Naina: Uff… This is so warm!

Preeti: Did tau ji went?

Naina: Yes preeti. Now you can come out…

Preeti removes her blanket and comes down the bed.

Preeti: We have escaped naina. Otherwise, today would have been our worst day….

Naina: Ya preeti. Now go and change your clothes. Go!!!

Preeti leaves to change her clothes and naina also changes her clothes and goes to sleep.

The next day….

Arjun, naina and preeti are in the market.

Arjun: Thank God naina. We didn’t get caught. When father came so angrily towards your room, I became so tensed and thought that I am going to receive a blast yesterday night.

Preeti: ME too bhaiya. I just got so frightened by hearing tau ji’s voice that I covered myself with the blanket….

Naina: (angrily)  And left me alone to face papa…..

Preeti: Sorry naina!!! I didn’t mean to do that. But I couldn’t help it out.

Arjun: I really liked the way you covered up before papa. I didn’t expect this.

Preeti: Ha, I thought you would tell the truth to tau ji.

Naina: I thought to do the same. But again I thought of bhaiya. He took us out only for my happiness and I can’t see him getting scoldings just because of me. But I am really feeling very sad that I lied to father.

Preeti: This is too much yar. If you haven’t done it, then we all wouldn’t have been enjoying like this… And you told lie only to save your members na. The people whom you think as yours na. So it’s totally alright. Don’t worry…

Naina: Ya. May be… But I will make sure that from next time, I won’t lie at all. See it….

Sameer’s voice over: 😆😆😆. Naina is saying that she is not going to lie at all. But how could she know that she is going to do exactly the opposite to her word….

At Sameer’s house,

Someone is knocking at sameer’s door….

“Sameer, Sameer. Open the door!!! ”

Sameer opens the door and finds his mom in front of the room.

Sameer: What happened mom? You could have called me by name. Why are you knocking the door so heavily?

Lata: Once come to the living room. We need to talk to you.

Sameer: But what happened???

Lata: Come, you will know by yourself.

Saying so, she leaves…. Sameer also comes to the living room. And finds his step father along with his mom. They both seems to be in an angry mood….

Sameer: What happened? Why are you both silent? Have you called me to see your silent and angry faces?

Viswa tej: Why are doing this to us sameer? Who gave you the right to do this?

Sameer: What did I do? And about what right are you talking about?

Viswa tej: I know what happened yesterday??? Why did you fight with those boys?

Sameer understood about which matter his step father is talking about…

Viswa tej: You know what? Their parents came to my office and started scolding me. That how I brought up my child. What should I answer them?

Sameer turns his face away seriously 😠😠😠

Viswa tej: That too, you fought for a girl??? Do you love her or what???

Sameer looks towards his step father seriously. His mom looks confused.

Sameer: I don’t love her.

Viswa tej: Don’t lie. If you don’t love her, why did you bear those boys so harshly.

Sameer: Because they are misbehaving with her. She is my friend.

Viswa tej: Then you should have told them nicely. What’s the need for a fight?

Sameer: I tried to convince them but they did not listen and tried to misbehave with her more. I couldn’t bear it so I beat them.

Viswa tej: I just don’t understand what to do with this person….

Sameer: Even I feel the same. I fought for a girl and for a good cause and you are scolding me!!!

Viswa tej: See, you are not any gangster to beat and solve everyone’s problems. And coming to the girl, not only me. Anyone would think that you are in love with her so you fought with them. This is not the way to react.

Sameer: (in an angry tone) This is the way to teach them a lesson. When people can’t understand your smooth words, then you have to use your rough hands…

Lata: Enough sameer. This is not the way to answer.

Sameer: I didn’t answer in a wrong way. I am just explaining the situation….

Viswa tej: I have feeling so lost. What’s happens if our vishal also becomes as sameer? I am getting tensed….

Sameer gets more irritated and leaves from there. He goes to his room and closes the door loudly.

Lata: Why are you talking to him like that? You could have told him smoothly….

Viswa tej: Is he ready to hear my words? He is never going to change….

Saying so, he leaves from there.

Sameer in his room….

“I did that fight for a good cause but everyone are misunderstanding me. If I fought for a girl, does it mean I love her? Should we only help the people whom we love? My family members are only not trusting me. Then how can I trust on any unknown person? ”

Here, at naina’s house…

Someone knocks at the door. Naina opens the door and receives a letter. She opens it and immediately goes to preeti.

Naina: Preeti!!! I am so happy yar.

And starting jumping with her.

Preeti: Naina, what happened??? Why are you jumping like that?

Naina: See this once. You will understand.

Preeti reads the letter and starts jumping together with naina….

Preeti: (shouting loudly) Congratulations naina!!!

And both start jumping with each other…. Arjun hears their voices and come to their room.

Arjun: What’s happening naina??? Why are you jumping like that….

Naina: Arjun bhaiya, I got selected to Delhi University!!! Free seat….

Arjun: Really….

Naina shows the letter to arjun. He reads it and gets so happy….

Arjun: Hearty congratulations naina. I am so happy for you!!!

Preeti: It means naina is coming to Delhi with me na.

Naina: Ha, it means I can be with all of you there preeti.

Preeti: If mom gets to know this, she would be so so happy yar….

Naina: I know it!!!

Arjun: So naina, get ready to go to delhi my sister…

Naina smiles and feels so happy!!!

At Sameer’s house….

Sameer: This is just too much. My step brother will get spoiled because of me!!! Ha, I think my step father don’t know about him. Otherwise, this line would definitely go for him. This is not at all fair. If I stay here, this is going to be my treatment. It’s better if I leave from here. But where can I go??? Delhi….

Exactly. I can go to Delhi. To live with my grandfather…. He loves me a lot and I love to spend time with him. So, this is decided. I am going to Delhi. I will see who stops me!!!

This is the chapter guys…. Hope you guys liked it. Please do comment your views on my article. Enjoy reading 😊😊😊







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