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Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh kills demon brothers.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with ganesh in space with vishaypriya and sundarpriya. Kartikeya is on his mayor peacock and he comes flying to Kailash. Dambhasura sees and says see that son of mahadev has come, kill him everyone. All soldiers see and say see that large peacock, there is son of mahadev on it. The demons charge and kartikeya gets down the peacock. He and mayor fight the demons. The mayor peacock picks and throws demons here and there and rips them apart with its claws, the peacock uses its wings and throws away the soldiers around injuring them. Kartikeya takes his spear and kills soldiers as he fights them, some demons surround kartikeya and his peacock from behind defeats some soldiers and kartikeya kills the other soldiers with his spear. Kartikeya and his peacock together fight the demons

and defeat all of them easily. Dambhasura is shocked to see this.
There vishaypriya says you kid, you almost killed me, now we will not leave you. Sundarpriya and vishaypriya attack ganesh as ganesh dodges the attacks. Vishaypriya then becomes huge and picks and ganesh and mushak and he again uses his power and creates an illusion, ganesh sees that he is in danger of dying and he sees Kailash getting destroyed. Vishaypriya puts them in an illusion, ganesh and mushak ji see everything rotating quickly around them. Ganesh says this is an illusion mushak ji, don’t worry I will do something. Ganesh closes his eyes and focuses on the center of his mind, he opens his eyes and breaks the illusion and frees mushak ji too. Ganesh then jumps and punches vishaypriya and he and mushak ji land down on ground. Ganesh becomes angry and very huge in size as vishaypriya becomes normal sized. Ganesh says you both brothers have tried a lot to kill me and my brother and mushak ji, you vishaypriya tried to show that my family is in danger many times, I broke your illusion, but now you will be punished, you both have done too many sins. Vishaypriya is shocked and says brother my powers didn’t work on this kid. Sundarpriya says yes. Ganesh says I will punish you both, before both run away, ganesh holds them and picks them up. Ganesh then takes sundarpriya in one hand and starts beating him to the ground, sundarpriya gets hurt and says leave me. Ganesh beats him on head by hitting him on the ground and then punches him, he then throws sundarpriya towards Kailash. Ganesh looks at vishyapriya who is scared, ganesh starts beating vishaypriya to the ground too as he starts bleeding. Ganesh then throws vishaypriya on Kailash too.
In Kailash, as dambhasura sees, sundarpriya and Vishaypriya come down landing and fall on the ground bleeding and they close their eyes. Ganesh comes down on mushak ji. Dambhasura is shocked and says no my sons! Dambhasura has tears and says you killed my sons you evil kid, I will not leave you I will kill you. Kartikeya comes on mayor to mahadev and parvati’s seating place where dambhasura is. Kartikeya gets down and says dambhasura you have done too much sin, you will be punished. Dambhasura gets angry and says I will use the powers of my dead sons to kill you both. Dambhasura turns the bodies of his sons into a green spell and black spell in either of his hands. Ganesh says don’t worry brother today dambhasura will be defeated. Dambhasura attacks on kartikeya as kartikeya holds a shield. Ganesh tells brother don’t worry I have a plan, the shield you are holding will hold all the spell power that dambhasura attacks and then we shall use it to break the shield covering Kailash. Ganesh says I will turn into the spell and be on the shield. Ganesh turns into a spell and stays on the shield of kartikeya. Dambhasura keeps attacks on kartikeya’s shield, the shield accumulates the power of the spell and then starts releasing power on the shield covering Kailash, the shield shakes and starts breaking. Kartikeya says my shield wont hold long. Dambhasura attacks more and then suddenly from spell, ganesh comes out as the lightning attack and destroys the shield. All gods outside see. Ganesh goes up and then comes in his divya form down sitting on the lion in huge size. Dambhasura sees and says no this cannot happen. Ganesh sits on the lion. Kartikeya does pranam and smiles.

Precap: ganesh sends a messenger to call indra dev to meet him. Indra dev says I am not some servant if some younger than me calls then I will meet him, I will tell mahadev about this. Indra dev is going to Kailash as a baba sleeps in his way, he says get up or I will kill you. It is mahadev and he gets angry with his third eye almost opening.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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