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Unknowingly your’s ❤️ Prologue (RagSan)

“What have I done? Why did I agree to marry HIM?” thought Ragini sitting on the bed.

“No I hate him the most and more then him hate this house which took my sister from me” she cried reminiscing her dear elder sister who is now dead.

“No Ragini you can’t cry. You have to find out about your sister. You have to gather proofs which will lead to your sisters murderers.” she wiped her tears and looked determined.

“Shit, Ragini what have you done. I won’t ever forgive you for this. Though I agreed for marriage I won’t accept you as my wife. I hate you and I promise I will show you your real place. You have invited this by your self. I won’t ever forgive you for this Ragini. You have to pay for this. You will see the worst of me”



Ragini Gadodia : Free spirited, happy go lucky girl. Don’t like the way the people of their village treat women in this century too. She is very brave and strong girl, but gets scared of some nightmares which she is getting after her sister’s death. Hates Sanskaar the most because he belongs to Maheshwari family who according to her treat their wives as servants.

Sanskaar Maheshwari : Smallest of all Maheshwaris , a very arrogant, ridiculously hot with perfect body.  Loves his Grandmom the most and trust her blindly. Hates Ragini the most because of her free attitude.

Accompany to their journey and check out how their Hate turns to Love.


Hello guys… This is my first story on RagSan. Do tell how you it is through comments.

Thank You

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