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The magic of love, part 11

Yuvani and Shavna were having food.

Shavna was talking with each other intentionally, so that Yuvani will get mingle with each other. Suhani was finding the whole thing odd, she was there with two unknown boys and her sister was busy with one of them!

Yuvraj was finding it much more difficult; he had to behave as a stranger to her!

He tried to start their conversation, but it was very difficult for him, to hide both his closeness and love for her. Suhani understood that something was bothering him.

Suh: Di, I seriously feel that I should leave now!

Sh: Why?

Suh: Because I don’t want to disturb you,

Shard was about to say something,

Suh: And Mr. Birla too, even though he is trying to hide it, I know, he is uncomfortable with me and he had to be, we don’t know each other.

Shavna sighed and looked at each other!

“Damn it” they both said in mind.

Yuv: (in mind) Suhani, it is not as you think, I was uncomfortable, but that is not because of you, it is due to my feelings for you and the fact that I know you!

Bh: Suhani please na stay, I mean, I was thinking to spent the whole day with Sharad, we met after years and if you leave, I would be constantly worried for you, so please.

Suhani sighed and agreed for her sister.

They had finished food by then.

Yuv: You look very calm and quiet, like you are not interested in mingling with people.

Yuvraj smiled inside thinking what a chatter box she is.

Again, Suhani interrupted his words in other way.

Suh: (In mind) God he is really uncomfortable with me, but what to do, Di, will be very sad if I leave.

Suh: Guys, are we going to sit here for the rest of the day? Come, let us go out.

Bh: Yeah, let us, but where?

Sh: Movie!

Suh: What?

Sh: Any problem?

Suh: I am sorry but that is not a good idea, I mean yes, people go for movies with friends, but that happens when you are together, and you two, you are meeting after long time, so let us do something fun, something that will make us remind this day.

Yuv: Yeah Sharad, she is right.

Bh: Park?

Suh: No Di, there won’t be any privacy there,

Yuv: Ok then, I will take you somewhere.

Bh: Where?

Yuv: That is suspense, but the place is calm, quite and there won’t be any disturbance.

Others smiled.

Yuvraj took them to the edge of a forest and there was stream nearby. Suhani was all excited by the place, she ran out of the car.

Yuvraj smiles at her. Others joined her.

Suh: Wow, this place is really wonderful, thank you Mr,

Yuv: (cutting in) Yuvraj, please.

She smiled, He was finding it very hard, to hear her addressing him as “Mr. Birla”.

Four of them sat under a tree and started to talk, they had real fun, teasing, cracking jokes, laughing. Then Shavna excused themselves saying that they are going to stream and headed to stream.

It is true that Shavna wanted Yuvani to spent time with each and hence were getting occupied with each other, but there was an easiness they shared, deep down they liked, or wanted to spent time with each and Suhani understood this, of course not this that they were doing to intentionally, but that they are fond of each other.

She went to Yuvraj and held his hand. His heart skipped a beat when she held his hand.

Suh (looking at Shavna): Yuvraj, I think it is not just friendship which Di and Bhaiya share, I think that they like each other.

Only then he watched them, he was busy admiring her until then.

Yuv: I think you are right.

Suh: I hope so, Di was distancing herself from love and marriage for me, because I,

She stopped there. But he understood that she was referring to her illness.

Yuv: Because you?

Suh: Oh nothing,

He asked her only because he knew that she was expecting him to ask her.

Suh: let us go to the stream.

She dragged him with her.

He was not fond of playing in stream, but didn’t refuse seeing her happy face.

They had some nice time in stream.

Yuv: Suhani, your dress got wet.

Suh: So what, we will sit here for a while, until this get dry.

He sighed.

Yuv: Metal.

Suh: (fuming) you called me mental? Actually, I should call you that.

Yuv: Me? Why?

Suh: What else would I call a person who even after being in a stream isn’t enjoying water?

Yuv: i am not mad like you, to spoil my clothes.

Suh: What? How can you even think of dress in the beautiful nature, I mean how can something other than this nature come to your mind?

Yuv:  This place is beautiful, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think of hygiene!

Suh: You are a total waste!

He was about to retort when Sharad stopped him.

Bh: Shall we leave?

Yuv: But I can’t let Suhani sit in car on her wet dress!

Suh: (fuming) you are speaking as if I am dying to travel in your car! Don’t bother about me; I will go on my own

Saying this, she marched off. Shavna sighed!


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