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swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 71



So guys after a long period i have came with episode of punar vivah……


So lets take a recap where actually punar vivah stopped…..


Recap : sanskaar was hitted by a bullet by sahil and his left side got paralysed…..swara took care of sanskaar and giving him new hopes…..


3 months later……


Khushi was shown humming a song……


Khushi : sar jo tera chakraaye yaa dil dubaa jaaye aaja pyaare paas hamare kaahe ghabraaye kaahe ghabraaye……


She was massaging her dad’s head…….


Sanskaar was smiling at her daughter that after a long tiring week he’s finally relaxing on sunday and getting masaged in the world…….


Obiviously days are tiring for sanskaar so many things he have to do in a day…..


Exercises done by her great wife and laksh,then going to office and office work…..

Though 3 months have changed alot in his life……


Many things have been better….

Sanskaar is learning to be happy life is……

He’s handling his paralysis and like before he dont have any complain …..

Because he dont want to upset his wife who is doing so many things for his happiness….

Handling 2 kids alone then coming to office and handling presenatations with him and making him do exercises…..

She did alot for him

And ofcourse because of her pushing his fingers are moving he can now hold things in his left hand too…….

He smiles while recalling all the memories of her….


He feels lucky and blessed to have a soulmate like her….


And for her happiness he can do this…..


So after long 5 minutes khushi completed her massage and came infront of her dad…..


Khushi : so papa how you feeling now?


Sanskaar : princess its so good my all stress is gone your hands have magic like your mother……


Khushi : hehe papa then dont worry i will massage u everyday ur stress will be gone…..


Sanskaar kissed her forhead….


Sanskaar : no need princess then ur hands will pain na…. no no but take this as ur reward….


He gives 200 ruppes note to her…..


Sanskaar : go and buy anything but go with Aarav dont go alone…..


Khushi kisses his cheeks….


Khushi : love you papa….


The khushi runs and sanskaar was smiling when swara entered the room…..


Swara : so how’s massage jaan?


Sanskaar looked at her


Sanskaar : awesome you know khushi has same magic like you…..


Swara : ahaan beti kiski hai??😉😉😉😉


Sanskaar : oh common swara she have most qualities of mine like keeping quiet neither you are talkitive…. and then araav has became like you only chattarbox……


Swara : dare if you say against my araav he’s clean hearted…. he speaks his heart out samjhe….


Sanskaar : hmm hmm not like my princess naa who is a topper of the class….


Swara : toh my araav is first in sports…..


Sanskaar : khushi has more certificates


Swara : Araav has more medals….


Sanskaar : and khushi is second copy of my jaan……


Swara who was so engrossed in nhok jhok immediately listened to his sentence and blushed out……


Swara : sanskaar tum bhi naa… well my araav is too copy of my sanskaar the way he handle his small sister he’s truly like you……


Sanskaar : i love you swara for giving our both kids equal love and attention in this bad phase too this life is wont enough to thank you…..


Swara was about to say something when her mobile rang and it was flashing ‘ANJALI’


Swara immediately picked up the phone


Swara : so atlast you called us haa neither you and your husband dont have time for us……


Sanskaar knew anjali has called and he was too smiling……


Anjali : offo bhabhi am sorry na






Anjali : bhabhi i am returning back to you’ll…..


Swara : what you serious when?

Swara to sanskaar : she’s returning back…


Sanskaar told her to give her the phone… swara gave him…..


Sanskaar : yeah hello anju


Anjali : hii bhai hows u and ur health now?


Sanskaar : its better anjali now things are inproving and all because of ur sister in law…..

Acha leave all this when are you coming?


Anjali : in 10 days bhai you’ll should be ready with the party……


Sanskaar : are you come we will keep the best grand party in mumbai…..


Swara took the phone


Swara : and listen anjali take care of yourself take lemons with you in flight if you feel like vommitting and meet a doctor there and take advice totally from him…..


Anjali : yes bhabhi dont worry and ur bhai is not less he’s too taking care of me so much


Swara : obiviously it’s your first child all things will be first for u so you have to be more careful………


Anjali : yeah bhabhi chalo bhabhi have to do lots of things u inform in home take care of urself and bhai……


Swara : yeah u too bye…..


Swara cutted the call and she looks at sanskaar happily…..


Sanskaar : finally she’s coming and am so happy am going to me mama……


Swara : ahaan not mama phuppa ji🙈🙈🙈🙈


Sanskaar : no mama


Swara was about to say something when she feels a sudden pain in her stomach….


Swara : aaahhh sanskaar……


Sanskaar got worried he moved his wheel chair to her


Sanskaar : what happened swara? You ok


Swara : yeah sudden pain


Sanskaar : swara it’s been happeneing from 2 days now you should go to doctor……


Swara : no sanskaar am fine…..


She stands straight but she feels everything roaming infront of her…..


Swara : sanskaar am feeling like dizzy……


Sanskaar got highly worried he was trying to move his left hand too …….


And at that moment swara just lost her balance and she was about to fell down when sanskaar HOLD HER FEOM LEFT HAND……


It was paining him a little when he holded her but then too his hand moved…….


He made her lay on bed and shouted for everyone……


Sanskaar : maa papaaa bhaiya bhabhi come fast……


Everyone heard his screams…

and went up


Adi pankhuri laksh ragini anu and dp…….


They all were shocked to see swara was laying on bed and happy to see sanskaar’s left hand working…..


Sanskaar : laksh see na what happened to her….


Everyone came to swara and sanskaar sprinkled some water…….


Swara got her consiuesss…..


She got up holding her hand sanskaar supported her…….


Swara looked at her everyone she looked at her shoulder she saw sanskaar holding her from bothhands…..


Sanskaar : you ok swara?


She looked at sanskaar and then realise yes his hand started working……


She got up happily


Swara : maaa papa see sanskaar’s hand is working…..


She hugged sanskaar in excitement…..


Swara : omg sanskaar your hands are working…. your left hand is working see you can feel me now…..


She placed his hand on her cheek……

Sanskaar smiled : yes i can feel it swara and its all becuase of you….

But what happened to you?


Laksh : i think so its because of stress she’s taking……


Pankhuri looked at swara….


Pankhuri : swara i think so you shoukd tell everyone and especially sanskaar now……


Sanskaar looked confused….


Swara looked at sanskaar and everyone…..


swara : i am sorry that i didn’t said this to you’ll earlier but thing is that i am PREGNANT OF 3 MONTHS…….


While everyone was shocked….

Happiness came all on their faces….


Sanskaar left the hands which he was holding of swara


Sanskaar dont what to do happy that again he got that happiness and angry coz his wife hidded the biggest fact of their life…….


Anu : swara really but you could have told us why did you hidded from us?


Swara : maa i too wanted to say infact i was so happy….


Flashback of 3 months before

Sanskaar was in his room and swara was preparing something in kitchen she randomly discuseed with pankhuri that she missed her menstrual cycle this month……


Pankhuri : swara dont take it wrong it must be you have been pregnant…..


Swara looked at her…


Swara : bhabhi what you saying it can’t happen….


Pankhuri : it can happen acha ok dont do anything just check it urself by preganews…. if its not then ok if it is then its the happiest news in this mansion swara because so many things have been going on so…. for my sake please do it


Swara was sure she wont get any happy news but for pankhuri’s sake she went….


When she straightly went into her baathroom and checked….

And she got the biggest happiness of her life when it was positive she was so happy…..


She remembered how she got this happiness few months back and how brutually it was snatched she clutched her stomach and tears fall from her eyes

She can’t let this time anything happened to this child…..

It was her and sanskaar’s symbol……


She wiped her tears happily and then got out of room to tell everything to sanskaar but she looked at him sleeping peacefully….


She remembered everything of sanskaar’s paralysis….

She thought to share it with him but he will be in more guilt if he cannot do anything for her and their child which he was so much excited……


She went out of room and goes to pankhuri……


Pankhuri : what happened??

Swara : its positive bhabhi…..


Pankhuri hugged swara in happiness…..


Pankhuri : omg swara happiness came our door….. common will tell to everyone….everyone will be so happy


Swara ; no bhabhi please


Pankhuri : but why not?


Swara ; bhabhi just see sanskaar’s health he would feel more guilty if he found that he cant enjoy the biggest happiness of his life…..


Pankhuri : swara till when you gonna hide today or tomorrow everyone will get to know……


Swara : bhabhi just for few months i want sanskaar to be fine first then we all will enjoy this happiness together…..


Pankhuri ; and if Godforbid sanskaar didn’t recover in some months toh?


Swara : no bhabhi he will be fine and if not i will tell this wheni will complete my 3 months but till 3 months let us see i trust my God he will make my sanskaar fine…..but you pleasebe with me i cannot say this to everyone please help me and stay by myside please


Pankhuri : ok swara i am with you…… but you have to visit with me a doctor because last time you suffered bad miscarriage…… so you should visit a docand would take care of yourself alot. ……


Swara : bhabhi you are with me naa nothing would happen you only take care of myself ok….. and bhabhi thanks alot for helping me….


Pankhuri : yeah now say thanks to your elder sister too


Swara : love you bhabhi bas now sanskaar be fine soon your HAPPINESS IS WAITING FOR YOU…….



So after that swara use to take care of sanskaar and herself pankhuri use to take care of swara’s food and they use to visit a doctor every weekened……



And coming to present…….




Everyone was surprsied hearing the things that were told now…..



Pankhuri : i just felt swara right and she had a point….


Adi : but pankhu u would have told me atleast you both were hidding this big fact…..


Swara : bhaiya bhabhi isn’t at fault….i told her not to say anything to anyone……. i am sorry everyone but i just waited for this…. see sanskaar is recovering that’s why i didn’t told to anyone…… please am sorry……



Dp : no beta you should not its ok you did a fault but everyone lets forgive her and today is the double happiness for us sanskaar on one hand has recovered halfand we are gonna soon invite a new born in our house……


Dp came and blesses

Ap came and blessed swara and kissed her forhead and got emotional seeing sanskaar….


Sanskaar smiled sadly looking at anu…..


Ragini and laksh happily congratulated them both……


Then aditya came to swara and whispered in her ears…..


Swara : now manau your husband who is so much angry on you…..


Swara was like in serious tension because sanskaar was showing no emotions……😑😑😑😑


Adi hugged sanskaar


Adi : finally you are recovering bro and you gonna dad soon……


Sanskaar hugged sanskaar and pankhuri and adi went swara looks at sanskaar…..


Swara : sanskaar….


Sanskaar : no swara….. this time you did a mistake…. and I’ll tell you what mistake…. you would be ready with your answer mrs. Maheshwari but let me tell you this is the biggest happiness ofmy life swara….. you also remember last time how it was snatched from us. … how you suffered after miscarraige you forgot swara but i didn’t…… i still remember ur cries…. it rings in my ears till now…. and now when u got pregnant you would have shared it with me….

You were handling all alone business home kids Me you didn’t looked at urself swara…. you didn’t allowed me to take care of urself…..

Only you love me? I dont?

Is it my right or not swara?

You agree or not but you have snatched precious 3 months from me…. the biggest happiness of my life i didn’t knew i would be learning like this….

swara for the first time you have made me deeply sad….. i cannot forgive you for this…..

Saying this he wiped his tears and went


Saying this sanskaar started his wheelchair and went outside the room leaving teary swara alone….


Swara : i am sorry sanskaar i dindnt knew this would have hurted you so much i am sorry but i did all this for you……..


She cried saying this….




Precap : swara manau sanskaar… and sanskaar taking care of swara……



So guys how was the episode…..


After a long time i wrote something big….


well i was thing of someother track but i loved this track so penned it down. …

And guys sanskaar will be angry with swara in next episode despite being that he will take careof her….



So do read upcoming prts of pv and i will post soon incomplete journey. …..

Likes comment and votes please……

Take care….


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