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Siddhi Vinayak 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin and Siddhi get saved

Siddhi Vinayak 9th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shankar and Manjiri shouting for help. Everyone comes and rush Vin and Siddhi to hospital. Gauri gets glad that her snake has done her work. Doctors treat Vin and Siddhi. Mannu asks Gauri what was she saying about snake. She asks him to stop nonsense. Doctor says why isn’t the medicines working. Prachi wishes Vin dies. Rajbeer says its better if Vin dies. Doctor tries hard to save Vin and Siddhi. He rushes and shouts for help. Manjiri cries. Everyone enters the ward. Doctor says don’t know how Vin’s oxygen mask for removed. Manjiri gets dizzy. She goes out and prays for Vin and Siddhi’s lives.

Gauri and Prachi console her. Manjiri asks them to inform Riddhi’s Dadi. Savita comes there and passes by Manjiri. She checks the reports. Vin gets stable. Doctor says

I m sure someone removed his mask. Siddhi gets short of breath. Doctor says congrats Shankar, your son is out of danger now. Shankar rushes. Prachi and Gauri think they lost 250 crores. Vin asks nurse what happened to him. She says snake had bitten you. Shankar says Mata rani answered my prayers. Vin says I wish she didn’t answer your prayers. Doctor sends Shankar out. Vin sees Siddhi and asks what happened to her. Doctor says she removed snake poison from your hand to save your life. Vin gets shocked.

He gets up and asks Riddhi why did she risk her life to save him. He falls down and holds her finger. He gets dizzy. Doctor puts him on his bed. He asks Vin to take rest. Doctor asks for blood unit. Manjiri comes. Vin asks why did Riddhi risk her life to save me. Manjiri says I don’t know. Nurse says we have no blood unit. Doctor says we have to save her life soon, arrange the blood unit. Manjiri asks what happened to her. Doctor says there is internal bleeding, her BP got low, anything can happen to her. They shift Siddhi. Vin prays for her. Manjiri cries. Savita moves aside. Siddhi holds her saree. Savita gets shocked seeing Riddhi. She hears doctors and says my blood group matches. Savita gives her blood to Riddhi and thinks of her. She wishes Riddhi gets fine. She leaves. Doctor checks Siddhi.

Nurse says why isn’t Riddhi getting conscious, despite giving many medicines and blood. Doctor says these marks are of plastic surgery. He asks Manjiri about the plastic surgery. Manjiri says I have no idea. Pratima comes and says she is my granddaughter Riddhi, her face burnt last year and she had a plastic surgery. He says medicines aren’t affecting her. She says I know her medical history well. She treats Siddhi. She says nothing will happen to Riddhi now, tell me if you need anything doctor. She goes. Manjiri says I m Vin’s mum, how shall I apologize to you, Riddhi risked her life and saved Vin. Pratima gets shocked. She thinks why did Riddhi save Vin, she wanted to kill him.

Siddhi tells Pratima that she got to know Vin’s truth, he came there to save her life, not to kill her. She tells everything. Pratima says then who tried to kill you. Siddhi says Shankar Kundra, Vin’s dad, I used to call him Shankar Kaka in childhood, he had sent goons to kill me, when Vin learnt this, he called me and came there to save me, now Shankar will learn a lesson. Shankar comes there.

Shankar asks Siddhi why did she say she will punish him. Siddhi gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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