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Shani 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Shani casts his Vakra Drishti on Ravan

Shani 9th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shani tells Ravan it is time to punish him for his misdeeds. I wont waste my first Drishti on you for no reason. He turns and looks at Dhamini. She smiles. Shani also smiles. She gets emotional but he shakes his head at her. Ravan is about to attack Shani from behind but Shani holds his hand sensing it. He looks at Ravan now. Ravan says I will punish you for your daring act. Shani corrects him. I am Karamfaldata Shani.

Tridev smile and welcome Karamfaldata once again.

Shani pushes away Ravan using his one hand. Devi Chhaya and everyone smile. Ravan gets up angrily. You have become more powerful and have become Karamfaldata. Come and fight with me. He gets his weapon when Shani tells him he does not understand. I bring people on the right path and do justice for everyone’s good and bad deeds.

It is time to punish you for your misdeeds (for trying to keep Mahadev with you; for controlling Nav-graha’s; for hurting your wife and for abducting someone else’s wife)! He casts his Vakra Drishti on Ravan. Ravan asks him if he calls this punishment. This is good joke. Shani says I am Karamfaldata Shani and Dandnayak too. I have promised someone I will fight with you today. Bali blocks Ravan’s way. Ravan warns him and tries to move him aside but Bali does not even shift from his place. Bali tells him he is blessed with a boon. I will get half powers of whoever will try to attack me! He holds Ravan by his neck. Shani tells Ravan this is the effect of his Vakra Drishti. It will mess up your every deed and you will get the result of your every karamfal. Bali refuses to free Ravan for the next 6 months. Ravan shouts against it but Bali disappears with Ravan.

Tridev appear there. Mahadev blesses Shani with Kaal-Darshan Drishti. You will be able to see the past and future using that Drishti. World was imbalanced over the past years but it is in balance now as Karamfaldata Shani is back.

Shani kneels down before his mother to seek her blessings. She blesses him teary eyed. They share an emotional hug. She says I only had 2 wishes. One, the world should accept you again and you get your identity once again. Second, that your relation should become normal with your father. I am very relieved to see my first wish finally come true. Surya Dev says there is still imbalance. Some deeds are still incomplete but we will do them in Surya Mahal.

Everyone is gathered in Surya Mahal. Surya Dev says my son Shani has not just saved me and everyone whenever a problem came upon us. He never thought about himself and has always done his duty. I remained angry and distant from my son even though he only thought well for all of us. I never appreciated him. This is why he will be addressed as the ruler of Surya Loka after today. Please accept this position. Does anyone present here have an objection to it? Shani says I have an objection. The motive of my life is to make sure that everything in the world happens smoothly. Tridev also appear there. Mahadev tells Surya Dev that he told him Shani wont accept his proposal. He has to manage the entire world so offering him this position will instead be disrespectful to him. Shani might be Surya-putra but he will have his own Loka named Shani Loka as his personal abode. Everyone smiles. Shani adds that he will still keep coming to Surya Loka. Pardon me. I will have to leave Surya Loka the day you accepted me as your son. There is one thing that I wish to do before leaving. He addresses Surya Dev as his father and touches his feet. Surya Dev hugs him instead. Everyone is touched to see their union. Surya Dev and Shani step down together.

Shani wipes his mother’s tears and gestures her to smile. Every mother thinks it to be her duty that her family stays happy together. she does not know that it is the right of every mother. I have sensed your pain since childhood. I wont free myself till the time I make you happy. They share a hug.

Shani hugs Yami and Yam. He meets his Nana Shree and finally Indra Dev. Shani tells him he can foresee his future.

Shani asks Kakol why he is so emotional. you wont get rid of me so soon as how will Karamfaldata travel without his carriage. Kakol hugs him excitedly. Shani hugs his friend Hanuman next. He kneels down before Tridev. They bless him and disappear. Dhamini asks Shani if they are going to their home now. Shall we? Shani says maybe no one’s wedding started like this in the world. I hope you will give your husband one chance. She nods. Everyone cheers for Karamfaldata Shani as he walks out of the Mahal with his wife.

Shani and Young Shani are sitting together. Shani shares that some people believe that this is the last chapter of my life but there are many more chapters due with Mahadev’s new Drishti. Treta Yuga is about to end after which Dwapar Yuga and Kalyuga will follow. That will surely be the last chapter of my life. Young Shani asks him about his future. Shani says how I can see it myself. Young Shani asks him to look at him. I am no one else but you only. Shani closes his eyes. Young Shani asks him what he saw. Shani tells about the future incidents – birth of Ram, Lanka on fire, Ravan’s death, Krishna’s birth, My Aradhya Krishna’s life, Mahabharata and then Kalyuga, Raja Vikramaditya, democracy! Everyone will see Shani’s story while Shani will watch their stories. They stand up. Young Shani adds that world will try to hate them; will think of their enemy and will try to forget us! They will hold us responsible for all that goes wrong in their life. Shani says one might forget Karamfaldata while doing their karmas but he will remember Shani when he will be getting his karamfal. Yuga’s will change but the paths and results wont change. Every karam’s karamfal is bound to be given. It is good news for a devotee and a bad news for a sinner. It is better to realise the right and wrong yourself. Your aim will be before your eyes then. Young Shani says Shani will be with you in many forms to help you. I will come whenever you will lose your path so always remember! Shani and Young Shani say together – come on the path or I will have to do so!


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