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Shani 8th March 2018 Written Episode Update: World gets rewarded with Karamfaldata

Shani 8th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

|| Our mind helps us differentiate between the right and wrong. One should never be too proud of them being smart. Shani teaches that one should be smart yet simple, calm and polite as well. They are the real traits of a good human being. ||

The weather turns stormy. Surya Dev is having trouble standing. Shani looks up and notices the change in the directions of planets. Lot many collisions happen in the galaxy. Ravan asks Shani to hurry up. Make a quick decision or maybe because of your delay the world will be destroyed! Ravan laughs as the situation turns worse. Hanuman angrily takes a step towards Ravan but Shani requests his friend against it. Hanuman tells Ravan that Shani will never surrender to a cruel person like him. It isn’t possible till the time I am here. Ravan says you make me realise

that monkeys are indeed fool. You still think you can defeat me? Seems like I will have to use my last move now that I had saved for later. You came to save Shani right? See how he will lose everything now. He uses his powers and creates a bigger storm shocking everyone present there. Shani looks at it worriedly. The storm is headed towards Surya Loka where Devi Chhaya, Yami, Devi Anjana and Dhamini are. Devi Chhaya is pulled in the storm. She shouts at Shani to protect her. The storm surrounds other ladies too. Yami tells Shani not to worry about them. We are safe. Protect mother first. Ravan asks Shani how he will save his wife and mother now. Accept that you are weak!

Brahma Dev says seems like Shani has accepted his defeat already. Seems like he is losing his willpower. Narayan asks them if their wait for this moment is wasted. The one, who guided the world his entire life, seems to have lost his own path today. Mahadev says this isn’t true. Shani will have to fight with Ravan and defeat him in order to save the world. He will have to find his way out of this situation. It will make him karamfaldata again. Shani has become emotional right now fearing that he will lose his relations. This is why he cannot see the right path clearly. But he will have to break this bond of emotions. He will have to understand that he still has one option left. His own heart will guide him to it.

Young Shani refuses to let Shani lose. He will have to succeed for the sake of this world. Dev Vishwakarma is about to fall but he holds him. The weapon is ready. Young Shani looks at it. You have completed such a difficult task. The weapon is coming into its form. He asks Dev Vishwakarma to take it to Shani asap. He will become Karamfaldata only when he will accept it willingly. He will get Mahadev’s drishti once again then. Earth begins to shake which bothers Dev Vishwakarma. Young Shani explains that this is happening because of Ravan. He has changed the course of Nav-graha’s and has created a moment that can destroy the entire world! Dev Vishwakarma asks him if this is how the world will end. Young Shani declines. It is just the beginning of that end. When the war going on inside Shani’s mind will end, it will be a beginning not just for Shani but for the entire world. Dev Vishwakarma asks him who will make Shani agree to become Karamfaldata again. We have all tried to make him agree but it did not work. Young Shani nods. everyone except I have tried it. I know you must be thinking that I myself am an imagination. Such imaginations help people from get out of the relations which stop us in reality. I will meet Shani in that manner only. I might not be real but I am the voice and strength inside him. I am his real identity. I will take him to his path of becoming Karamfaldata again. Dev Vishwakarma asks him how he will do it. Young Shani says Shani has always struggled with attachment and detachment his entire life. Now when it is impossible to defeat Ravan, this is the moment when Shani will be freed from the war going on inside his mind. It will happen only when Shani will be free from all the feelings of attachment and detachment. This only will make him Karamfaldata!

Shani finds Young Shani standing before him and is surprised. He looks above and notices his weapon. Everyone / everything else freezes. Young Shani tells him to look at him. I am your strength. This is just a moment of Kaalchakra but it is a truth for you! Shani says I am directionless. I don’t know anything. Young Shani says this is why I am here. You will have to give up your fear of losing your relations, be it parents, friends or spouse. Shani looks away. Young Shani says if you think you will be able to remain detached after becoming Karamfaldata then this isn’t true. The biggest attachment would be when you will refuse to accept this truth in your life. You can rectify the mistake that I committed years ago. Do your karam, karamfaldata but with a feeling of unbiasedness.

Mahadev says even I am a Vairagi but I feel Anurag after hearing the voice of young Shani. Narayan tells him he was right. For a while, I forgot that Shani makes his own path. He knew about this path already but he needed to hear his inner voice to finally accept it. Mahadev remarks that this is the moment that the world has been waiting for. Pick up your weapon and become Karamfaldata Shani again! Tridev mentally coax Shani to lift the weapon.

Shani looks at the weapon. Young Shani says I wouldn’t ask you to lift it but it will be right if you will not pick it ever. It is because you wont be able to become Karamfaldata ever. This is the truth! Shani adds that he did not have to become it. He was born that ways only. Shani nods. You were Karamfaldata when you took birth. You still are Karamfaldata and will remain so your entire life as this is an inseparable truth related to you. It isn’t your choice but the reason why you were created in the first place. You have no attachment or detachment for it anymore. You are free from that boundation. I have done my work. It is time for your inner voice to mix up in you. Shani closes his eyes and Young Shani enters inside him. Everything turns normal again.

Shani looks at the weapon. It is my turn to lift this weapon. I am free so I decide to lift this weapon in my Vairagi avatar. Dhamini smiles hearing his words. Shani finally holds his weapon. Ravan looks upset. The ladies are freed from the storm the moment Shani thumps his weapon in the ground. Ravan looks at him in confusion.

Tridev are relieved as well. Mahadev says Shani has crossed the biggest test of his life and has given this world their nectar. World has got their Karamfaldata back. Narayan adds that Ravan’s negative energies will also end now. He too will get his Karamfal now. Mahadev smiles. We too will get to see Karamfaldata Shani doing justice.

Shani tells Ravan it is time to punish him for his misdeeds. I wont waste my first Drishti on you for no reason.

Precap: It is time for Shani to give karamfal to the world by accepting his position as Karamfaldata. See the last chapter of Shani where Karamfaldata Shani once again became Dandnayak Shani.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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