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Sanky ki dulhania (part 6)


Swara was playing football with her friends in the ground of college campus.
Ragini was sitting at a distance and watching them.

The ball now came to Swara and she kicked the football with so force that it flew above everyone’s head and by mistake it hit a person’s back who was sitting very far in that ground on a bench.

Ragini slapped her forehead.

Swara sighed.
Swara: Don’t know why it happens with me.!! When I play cricket the ball break principal’s window and when I play football it surely hit someone like this.!!

Anisha: Now you kicked the ball you will go and take it back.

Swara: Okay.!!

Swara went at the place where that person was sitting.

Swara was standing there facing his back.

Swara: Am sorry..! I didn’t meant to hit mistake it happened sorry.

She hold her both ears.

That person stood up from the bench and turned towards Swara.

And Swara left her ears.
Swara: Sanskar..!
(Oh..he was also Sanskar.. willingly or unwillingly this girl torture him careful Sanskar 😅😉)

Sanskar picked up Swara’s football from the ground and forwarded it towards her.

Swara took it back and before she could thank him or say anything he went from there.

Swara: What happened to him??
Anisha, purvi and Ragini came near her.

Ragini: What happened to him today? Did u did something to him??

Swara(mumbled): I did yesterday not today!

Ragini: What??

Swara looked towards Sanskar who was going with guilt filled eyes.

At some steps away from them Sanskar stopped near his friend.

Sanskar: I am going to the public library.

Swara heard it.
Swara: I have some work.. I am going to public library!!

Anisha,Ragini,Purvi : Library and you??????

Swara: Yes!!
Trio: The place which contains books!! You have a bibliophobia..!!

Swara looked that Sanskar was going.
Swara(in hurry): Yes!! now…let me gooo!!

Anisha: But u can go in our college’s library also!

Swara: I need one book which is not in our college’s library.

She ran from there to parking area for taking her scooty.

Sanskar already left the college for the library.

Purvi: From where sun rose today?? Swara is going to library!!

Ragini: I think she went there because someone also is going there..!!

Anisha: Who??

Ragini smiled.

After sometime Swara reached to the library it already got evening’s 6:30 as the library was far.

Swara went in library and found that only Sanskar and an old lady librarian was there.

“Sanskar!!!” Said Swara loudly.

That librarian glared towards Swara.

Swara came near him.

Sanskar( whispered): Hello Swara! You shouldn’t shout in library.!!

Swara(whispers): Sorry but I didn’t knew it..I came here for the first time.

Sanskar: First time?? Really??
Swara: Yes!! I have bibliophobia 😶

Sanskar: Hahaha..! Really??But what made you come here today??

Swara: you..

Sanskar: What?? Me??

Swara: Yes I saw u coming in library.. and I wanted to ask sorry for that day when I talked rudely..!

Sanskar: No need of sorry..I forgave you already..!!

Swara: Thank you!!

Sanskar: No need of thanks also..!!

Swara: Why?? Then whose need is there??

Sanskar: There’s need of handshake.

He forwarded his hand.

“Hmm..okk!!” said Swara giving her hand in Sanky’s hand and they both did handshake.

Sanskar: Now as we both are friends so no sorry, no thank you..😉

Swara: Hahaha..!! Okk boss! 😄

Sanskar: Will you like to meet my other friends.??

Swara: Yes..!! Who are they??

Sanskar hold Swara’s hand. Swara looked towards their hands and smiled unknowingly. Sanskar took her near a self of books..

Sanskar: These all are my friends..!!
Swara(murmurs): And my enemies..!!

Sanskar: I heard it…
Swara passed him a smile.
Swara sat on a chair and hold her head.

Swara: I know.. it’s quite strange but I really have biblophobia! I am not joking it’s can’t imagine but now also how I am breathing in this library I know it only..!!

Sanskar: Hahaha my dad was right..he used to tell me that his friend’s daughter i.e, You are an unique piece in world.

Then they heard door’s sound.

They saw that the librarian went closing the door.

Swara rushed towards the door and started banging it.

Swara: Hello!! We are inside still.!!

Sanskar also did the the same but they didn’t got any response.

After sometime they fed up and sat on the chairs.

Then Swara’s phone rang ‘ Shinchan shinchan pyaara pyaara shinchan shinchan pyaara pyaara par hai kitna cute'(it was her ringtone 😂)

Sanskar: It’s your ringtone??
Swara: Yes!!
Sanky looked her in disbelief.

Sanskar: You are really strange!!
Swara: yes I am!!
Swara picked up the call.

Swara: Hello di!
Ragini: Swara where are you??
Swara: We got…
And her phone’s screen turned black as it got switched off.

Sanky: What happened??
Swara: My phone’s battery I was playing games on it in class so…

Sanky(Rolling his eyes): Well done!!

Swara: You also have a phone someone for help.

Sanskar: I have..a brand new phone but.. I left it at home today.!

Swara: Well done to you someone can left their phone!! I mean it’s important for me like air, water and food!

Sanskar: By mistake I left it
Now Swara started sweating heavily.

Sanskar: Swara Are you ok??

Swara: Obviously not!! I am surrounded by sooooo many books How I can be fine!!

Swara started feeling dizzy and she got unconscious.
Sanskar: Swara!!
—————To be continued—————–

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