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Roke na ruke naina–Season2(part 11)

Ragini was brought to a prison. She was locked up in a jail cell.

She sat on the floor there and then she touched her baby bump.

The silvery moonlight was coming from the air vent illuminating her face.

She then softly whispered,”Baby.. your father told the story like how we met already na..he was about to tell more but he went you want to know how we met after those 18 months?”

She then started recalling her past.

Ragini was going through some files in the office. When someone opened the door.

“May I come in madam? I am your new PA.” That person said and his voice elated her heart.

She was not able to believe that the voice which she was hearing was really of Laksh?

She clutched that file suppressing her smile and ocean of her memories with him started flowing in her mind.

She then controlled her smile somehow and said,”Yes.” 
She then turned to face him… the one whom she missed so much in these 18 months.

She was so happy to see him again..well she used to stare their photograph for hours before too..but in reality she saw him again.

He was also shocked to find her there.
Being shocked he uttered,”Ragini.”
Their eyes got locked.

The tune of Roke na ruke naina played in the background.

Ragini somehow managed not to smile and converting her tone to bossy one she said,”Not..Ragini.., call me Ragini Ma’am.”

He then immediately said,”Sorry Ragini Ma’am.”

“ cute he is.. and duffer too..” She thought, She was just joking and he didn’t understand it..but this arouse an idea in her mind and that was to pull his leg more.

She then wore a scornful look and said,”Mr. Laksh Maheshwari you are late..!!!”

He was more shocked now and he then stammered,”S-So-rry..”

Ragini pressed her lips tightly trying to seal her laughter and said,”How you got late??”

This question activated the chatterbox mode of Laksh and he took a deep breath and said,”Ragini..” then Ragini looked towards him sternly and he stammered a little and said,”S-Sorry Ragini Ma’am…How I tell u who cheated me..”

Ragini got confused and asked,”Who??”

“My.. alarm..I bought it being so happy with my own money. The money which I earned ‘toiling so hard’…I thought it would wake me early but it’s battery got discharged and it cheated me..Then my socks..huh..I asked them to be where I am keeping them but they also cheated me and changed their place…I searched for them for hours then I become able to find them..” Ragini opened her mouth to say something but Laksh again started speaking,” And..then.. my cycle…the one whom I got after doing so many efforts.

Laksh took a flashback.

“Today I will take my rent from that boy…it got 3 months and he didn pay me” The old man i.e., Laksh’s landlord muttered while coming upstairs to Laksh’s room.

Laksh heard his voice and making a tensed face mumbled,”Rent…Oh god..I have to do something.”

That man reached to Laksh’s room and was about to open it when he heard Laksh’s voice from inside and he stopped to hear his conversation.

“Noo noo..Bhaii..I know we have ’10 big mansions in abroad’…Yes yes..We have ’15 here too in India’..but you must be thinking na..why I live in this ‘Small apartment.’ it’s because I want to become something on my own….”

That man was looking him from a gap between the door while Laksh continued,”Yes Bhai I even told my sweet landlord who is my father.. because of that reason only….Yes yes.. Bhai that uncle is so sweet..when I will become something na..I will give my half property to him only..” 
That old man’s eyes become wide hearing the last sentence. 
“Okay Bhai..I don’t have money to pay the rent now…but soon I will pay we will talk later.” Laksh said and then slide the phone in his pocket and sat down on his bed.

That man now came into his room. Laksh stood up and said,”Uncle..I will pay the rent soon..”

That man made Laksh sit on the bed and said,”No..noo.. it’s okay beta..I don’t have any whenever u want.. and you know na.. where I will get a tenant like you.”

Laksh smiled. 
“Did you got any job beta??” That man asked.

“Nope uncle..I am still searching it..” Laksh answered.

“Okay beta..are you facing any problem in finding that? You have to roam in the city must be tiring.” That man said.

“Yes uncle..I don’t have any vehicle too.” Laksh said.

“Ohh..then you can take my cycle..” 
That man said.

The next day he handed over the key of that cycle to Laksh and went inside the house.

“It is old..but I got it after showing my acting which is not less than any gold.” Laksh chuckled.

Flashback ended

Ragini was tapping her feet on the floor and then she said,”Laksh… what happened..where you get lost?? Tell me how you got late.??”

“That cycle’s brakes failed..because of that cycle I would become a victim of a big accident. Just got saved..phew..That cycle is too old that even the museum community didn’t have any antique piece like this.. huh..”Laksh said.
This made Ragini laugh wholeheartedly. He was looking her with confusion but was mesmerized with her laughter too..he then asked slowly,”What happened?”

Ragini was busy in laughing still and then controlling her laughter she said,”Laksh…hahahaha…I was just pulling your leg and you didn’t understand..I learnt to laugh and do such things from you only and you didn’t understand it..”

“You were joking??” Laksh asked raising his eyebrow for which Ragini nodded in approval and then pointing towards a chair she said,”Why are you standing? Sit..”

Laksh hesitated as in real means he came here for job.
Ragini glared him and he then sat there. Ragini also sat on the chair in front of him.

“How are you Laksh?? How many times I called you but you never picked it nor even called me back.” Ragini said in complaining tone.

“I used to message you na..” Laksh said.

“But why didn’t you talk??” Ragini asked and then in mind she thought,”How much I was carving to listen your voice..but you..”

Now Laksh thought,”How I could talk to you Ragini.. maybe if I had talked with you, after listening your voice I couldn’t be able to hide my love for you.”

Then he said,”I talking on phone is dangerous.. you know it causes many diseases because of the harmful waves produced by phone.”

Ragini narrowed her eyes and said,”Then those waves doesn’t affect if we text? Huh..”

“I can only stop the conversation if I do chatting..but when I talk na.. and that too with my friends.. and that too with my best friend that is you…then my chatterbox mode got activate and I keep on blabbering..see I am blabbering now too..”

“Okay okay..” Ragini huffed.

“You tell are you???” Laksh asked and said,”One day I heard of a news someone killed a person in the area you used to live..I was very tensed but I didn’t ask you as I didn’t want to make you afraid.”

Ragini lost in deep thoughts then she started getting flashes in which she was standing having a blood stained knife in her hand and a person was lying on the ground from whose body blood was oozing.

“Ragini…!!What happened???” Laksh asked shaking from her shoulder a little.

Ragini was sweating badly remembering that incident, She picked up the glass of water and gulped the whole water in a single gulp closing her eyes but in this process she started coughing.

“Ragini are you okay”Laksh asked and being concerned he stood up and came to Ragini’s seat and rubbed her back.

“I-I am ok Laksh” Ragini said and Laksh smiled and he sat back on his chair.

“Well Laksh whatever I am today is only because of you then why you want to be my P.A.??” Ragini asked.

Laksh told everything to Ragini and after listening to him Ragini said,”My junior took your interview and also you got selected even when I didn’t know that it’s you.”Laksh smiled but Ragini’s next statement amused him and made his mouth open in O shape because Ragini said,”Laksh is that really you?? If yes I have to be careful to employee Mr. Troulemaker.”

“Hey don’t call me that..” Laksh made a pout.

Ragini laughed and then Laksh said,”Thank you so much Ragini for giving this job to me.”

Ragini made a scornful face and said,”Hey.. don’t break the rule which a great person asked me to follow. No sorry and no thank you in friendship Laksh.”

Then Raglak smiled looking towards each other.

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