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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Ratan Tries To Get Evidence To Protect Diya

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 9th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ratan asks Diya to tell what happened in detail. Diya tells him everything about meeting Abhay in Goa. Ratan asks her why did you do this, our relation is ending afterall. Diya says I don’t want Abhay to ruin your respect. Ratan says it seems we will not leave each other easily. He says we will not tell anyone about our decision until this matter is settled down. He asks her to sleep and promises her that he will not let anything happen to her. He gives dress to Diya. Diya looks at him. Ratan comes out of room.

Yash tells Mohana that he can’t believe her and asks her to leave. Mohana’s father tries to clarify, but she stops him and says she don’t want to convince him or clarify. She leaves with her father.

Ratan and Diya meets lawyer. Nitya and Yash come there

and tell that Abhay was admitted in the hospital and was serious. Lawyer tells that the case is weak as proofs are against Diya. Ratan says they can’t leave strength and tells that there might be some loop poles. He tells lawyer that he will also come with him to God. Diya says I will come with you. Ratan says you can’t go out from suraj garh and asks CT to take care of Sajjan Singh. He assures him that he won’t let anything happen with Diya.

Yash thinks about Mohana and is about to tear their pic, when Diya comes and stops him. Yash says I have broken relation with Mohana. Diya says Mohana might be innocent. Diya says she is feeling guilty and holds herself responsible for the happenings. Nitya comes and says Yash is right. Diya says you both have not trusted me as you knew me and asks Yash to give a chance to Mohana. Yash says I have taken a decision and will not change, tears pic.
Diya calls Ratan and asks him to have food after reaching and get the room checked where Abhay was staying. CT comes to Diya and asks why didn’t you tell Ratan about Abhay. She says you have to behave like his wife and asks her to have food, says Ratan didn’t have food.

Ratan meets Manager and asks him to tell in detail. Just then few papers falls down, Ratan bends down to pick it. Hasi ban gaye plays. Diya looks at his pic. Isha asks her to have food. Diya sees CCTV footage and sees Abhay falling down after Diya leaves. Lawyer says case is weak. Isha asks Diya why she is not fighting for herself. Diya says today Ratan has taken a stand for her and is fighting for her, and this feeling is great.

CT calls Ratan. Ratan comes back home. CT gives him water and says she will bring food for him. Ratan is too tired and sleeps there itself. CT looks at Diya.

Next morning, Diya omes to Ratan and asks him to have food. Ratan asks her to feed him. Diya tries to feed him. Yeh rishta plays. Ratan says I had enough food.

Diya promises CT that she won’t let anything happen to Ratan and asks her to bless her. Nitya says there is no news in the newspaper. CT says Ratan stopped it, but Arpita will do something. She tells that she won’t let Arpita and Ratan succeed and tell about their decision.

She meets Lawyer and asks about proofs. Lawyer says I didn’t get any. CT tells him that she wants to meet Arpita and will do out of court settlement. Lawyer says ok.

CT asks Diya to come with her somewhere. Diya agrees. Ratan asks Diya where is she going?

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