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Rikara Os With a VM on Yaad hai

Rikara Os :Yaad Hai Connected Directly to the VM on Rikara Yaad Yai ….I have attached the link of the Vm below



He Married Her ,He Bought her home as His Wife but Yet Was it Marriage?… For Him It Was Just an Act… An Act He had to enact to save her life and Now… In simplest Words She is His Contract Wife…A Wife Just For three Months Until He was Able to get Rid of His Mother’s Sautan or in  better words his fiancee …

Was is it the Same for Her ? Indeed No …She Believed in the concept of Marriage… She Accepted Him as her husband With Her Whole Heart but Could She Voice Her Decision ?No For Him It was All An Act…but For her it was her truth ..the truth that she had barred her soul to him..only him .. the only person who could evoke feelings .. touch her .. make her feel butterflies… he is her everything …

The Time Lapsed…it Was the End of the third Month Since Her Stay in Her Sasural…It was the Time to leave.. Leave… Leave him..His Everything…

The Decision Was Mutual… When The Day Came to an End She had to Leave ..Just with a Handshake or Should She say a Hand Hold.. ..The Same Hold She Had Dream’t to Have a Life Together …That Moment Bought her The Memories She Would Give her Life if it was Real ! …Was it ? No ,it was Just an Act of Love they Enacted Just to Show Everyone … but For Her …It was True As She was True To herself…She was his Wife ! And He was a Husband ! 


Teri Meri Aankhon Ne Milke Jo Khwaab Bune 

Woh Bade Pyare Thhe

Teri Meri Paaon Chale Milke Ke Do Pairon Tale

Taare Hi Taare Thhe


She had to Leave Behind .. Everything… Every Moment Spend Came rushing into her ..it took her to The Day They had slept together in the recliner  in his arms .. Was it in his Arms ? No.. Yet She Felt it was .. Everything of Him Intoxicated Her …He was Her to take .. but Now !… .. 

 Saari Baatein Mujhe Yaad Hain … …                                                         

Woh Chand Raatein Mujhe Yaad Hain                                                                                   

The Time is coming to an end his heart screamed… “Stop her “said his heart … But Was it the Same Omkara Standing Before her ? No it Was Omkara Singh Oberoi The Person Who hated her With all his heart ..but yet letting go of her hand reminded him the softness of her hand clasped in his hand…his missed the warmth… his heart pained …his heart screamed “you are letting go a gem of person… … But  Omkara Singh Oberoi Took Decisions from mind.. …The Moments Spend With Each other… Flashes came across… her laugh.. her smile..her tears..her chirpiness … The moment she fell in his arms.. he did not want to let her go from his arms back then … but now…


Mujhe Bhi Tere Haathon Ki Narmiyaan Yaad Hai…  

 Woh Maasoom Pyari Si Besharmiyaan Yaad Hain  …                                                           

Yaad Hai Sab Mujhe Yaad Hai

She has Taken the Decision To Free him Why ? Was it because she felt guily he was forced into the relationship ?…No it was not the only reason indeed …She loved him …She            Realiased She was Hopelessly in love with her Husband…when the thought of leaving him broke her … She was ready to sacrifice her love for his happiness… she was ready to live with the memories of their time together…only memories…

The Rainfall Had a beautiful Memory attached to her heart…to them .. the day she felt she had someone …the day there was someone to embrace her sorrows.. but…but… will she ever get …embrace him…in the rain .. drench together…Nooo…  She can Remember the moment he put down his facade of a being  Nandi and smeared cake in her face .. He was happy .. The carefreeness… his  laugh … his smile … It went away but still remained within her… ..

Yaad Hai Tumko Woh Barsaatein

Jab Milke Hum Bheege Thhe

Kyun Andar Se Aanch Uthi

Jab Baahar Se Hum Geele Thhe

Kaisi Thhi Woh Befikri

Guzri Phir Bhi Na Guzri

Aisi Shaamein Mujhe Yaad Hain

Aisi Baatein Mujhe Yaad Hain

.. The Moment she stepped out of the Mansion He found her letter …I Love You Omkara ,”Your Wife Gauri… … He could remember The Day She hugged him with happiness he reciprocated… Was it an Act to Show his family ? Was it ? His heart questioned…No it was Not… it was a moment she hugged him with all her love.. her eyes conveyed her love … her eyes captivated him .. held him.. pleaded him… The words she spoke made no sense back then.. he couldn’t decipher… but Now he could.. but was she here? No… She Left…She Left him.. to a World of her own… to a life without him… She was Here… He could see her … he could feel her .. her smile that warmed his heart… but it was just a passing  mirage …she left taking away his happiness…

Koi Jaan Ke Jaan Se Toh Guzarta Nahi

Kabhi Apni Marzi Se Koi Bichhadta Nahi

Yaad Hai Sab Mujhe Yaad Hai

Saari Baatein Mujhe Yaad Hain

Yaad Hai Sab Mujhe Yaad Hai

Saari Baatein Mujhe Yaad Hain

Was She Happy? She Left Him For his Happiness … but was she herself? Was She the Chirpy Joyful Girl she was with him?… …Was She Normal?… “No” her heart Screamed… Tears Started Flowing Down her eyes… She couldn’t  forget him… the strings attached to her memory.. couldn’t go away … Could she sleep ..? The  Word “Sleep took her to the memories .. the day she slept in his shoulders content and peaceful… she did not care about the world..it was him..only him and her…she was lost in him…she could remember everything…his cuteness when his slept..he looked content back then.. Was it because she was beside him…? …she could remember the carefreesness when they had danced madly … what type of a carefreenesss was that ? … it went away .. she had hugged him… was it a part of an act the enacted as a couple hopelessly in love.. it wasn’t … he hugged her back… she felt his love the moment he reciprocated with a chuckle ..he did not push her away…Did he love her ?.. Did he have feelings for her? … but  couldn’t he express it… why didn’t he ? she cried… if he had?…

Kaandhe Pe Sar Rakh Ke Tere

Soyi Thhi Main Kitni Der

Dhoondh Rahi Thhi Duniya Mujhko

Khoyi Thhi Main Kitni Der

Kaisi Thhi Woh Befikri

Guzri Phir Bhi Na Guzri

Saari Shaamein Mujhe Yaad Hain

Saari Baatein Mujhe Yaad Hain

She came to him … she questioned him about the status of their relationship… Why couldn’t he shout at her “it was just a blo*dy contract .. Why didn’t he?…because … “You love her” he heard his inner voice ,…But …but  was blinded by his hatred .. he could not express his love in his heart in words… if he had? Would she have …? … He had become Stoned heart since she left … Did tears come out in the form of his pain.. No why?.. She had taken all his tears and smile the day she left…  it was just anger left.. the anger that he couldn’t stop her.. the anger that he couldn’t express… why?..he wanted to shout .. 

Jo Hothon Se Naa Keh Saka Harf Woh Bhi To Hai

Jo Aankhon Se Naa Beh Saka Dard Woh Bhi To Hai

Yaad Hai Sab Mujhe Yaad Hai

He wanted her.. he wanted her more than the air and water.. He could remember … everything thing of her .. her dark orbs  making him drown in them… her everything..Her tinkling bangles … her long tresses ..which he would have fisted in his hands when they would kiss… her petite figure which fitted his arms … she was the missing the puzzle of his life… her scent which intoxicated him.. her glucose wali chaiii .. will he be ever able to get a taste of her and her chai?…will he? .. he would die a thousand deaths to get just a chance.. only a one chance… because he needed her to live… she was his breath.. she was his humdard.. she was his heartbeat..she was the mother of his child..she was the reason of his existence…the three months spend with her was the beautiful phase of his life..if he could go back in time… “I need You Gauri ‘..he screamed …but the storm had left with his chirrayai…

Saari Baatein Mujhe Yaad Hain

Yaad Hai Sab Mujhe Yaad Hai

She had decided to go away from him… his memories..his memories haunted her..She longed for him .. his touch … his love..his care…Going away was the only solution.. She left Him … To a Place where he would not be able to find her?

Yaad Hai Sab Mujhe Yaad Hai

Saari Baatein Mujhe Yaad Hain

Will they cross each other again ?… Will they be one in all true sense?…Will they become soulmates?..will they become inseparable?…Only Destiny Knows…  

Rikara Vm On Yaad Yai https://vimeo.com/259283061



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