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Remember – twinj ff introduction

Remember – twinj ff introduction
I saw one kannada movie i like something in it so made it for twinj if you guys like it thenbonly ill post next

Kunj sarna – main lead lovely guy have good heart know value of love and frienship friendly but strict at office now in love with twinkle he is kind of person like first he decided twinkle going to be his future wife promised her he will marry her then they started loving .what circumstances made him to decide this that you get to know later
Twinkle taneja – punjabi pataka childish girl but kind hearted sweet girl….loves kunj lot and her sister too can do anything for her happiness

Yuvraj luthra – rich famous business man always busy in office hardly gives time to his girlfriend but loves her truely best friend with kunj value kunj friendship lot
Mahi taneja – twinkles elder sister yuvraj’s lover she and uv loving from years she dont have trust or hope on her love on uv but know why she loved him that is because she know only he can full fill her needs and matches her status but time changed everything lets see what happened she is opportunist doesnt think about others

Mahi – hi im mahi taneja im inblove with yuvraj luthra he have his own business now he is in bangalore and im in mysore dont know how we fell in love but i know why i fell inblove because i know he is the one who can full fill my all needs but dont trust or hope on love because he dont have time for me ibwant soe one who understand me
Mahi said some lie uv to change uv but lies multiplies….
Kunj – i love you mahi you are the one im searching for but remember im good boy meet me tomorrow
Uv – mahi meet my best friend kunj he did drama he help us in our problem
Lies multiplies…mahi created problem which not exist what was it and kunj came to help them

Mahi – i loved uv for my needs and now i want you for my mind
Kunj – for me there is no difference between my body and mind (man ) they are one for me and in that twinkle only there please dont force to come there twinkle dwells in me
Twinkle – yes i love kunj but for my sister hapiness im ready to sacrifice my love please kunj marry mahi and leave me
Kunj – no for me you are my wife i have decided only you will be my wife then no one else
Twinkle – then tie knot to my dead body
Kunj – do you know if you made me close to mahi then you will loose me and my love remember
So what happens will twinkle be stupid and leave her love kunj for mahi hapiness

Do you agree with mahi definition of love or kunj definition of love
Twinkle thinking same as kunj and she is possessive about kunj will she leave him for mahi
Can kunj convince his twinkle ?

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