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Two more days passed. Back in India everything was getting darker without a strong officer. Again threats of bomb blasts and attacks started to come. Oberoi Mansion was silent as a graveyard. Daadi was not in good health and was constantly taking Anika’s and Shivay’s name to atleast see them once.

In LONDON Mrs. Anika Gonzalez was under strict observation as her bleeding from uterus increased the day before. She and her bleeding is in control now but this created a sudden panic amongst doctors.

“Shivay, I don’t want to die” Anika said fearing and clutching his hand.

“Offoo Anika, nothing like that… why will you die? It’s just bleeding because you had miscarriage and nothing else, your pregnancy had complications… just relax” Shivay explained.

“Sure?” she asked like a kid.

“Yep” he answered stroking her hair, he remembered something and then said “Anika… I have to go to London Art Exhibition today, Yuthang is going to participate, so he invited me”

“Hey… Yuthang is going to participate?” Anika asked excitedly.

“Yes and guess what” he paused allowing Anika to think for some time. When she nodded no after a bit thinking he started to say “he has made a big portrait of yours”

“What?” her eyes bulged out in happiness and she started to throw tantrums and was showing stubbornness to go but she was not even allowed to move an inch from her bed.

“Bhagad billu” she said looking away.

“Achcha tell me something… from where have you learnt this word haan? It’s not a random word that we use in our daily life” Shivay asked.

“I have heard it somewhere, I think maybe when we have visited India an year ago… why?” Anika asked.

“No… this word sounds so dangerous… bhagad billu… he he he” he started to laugh.

“Okay you tell me when are you going there?” Anika asked excitedly.

“If you allow then in an hour or two” he answered.

“No no you go now, and yeah video call me when you reach in front of my portrait… deal?” Anika extended her hands for handshake which indicates the finalisation of any deal. He held her hand and kissed over her palms saying “deal” she smiled and almost pushed him away.

He smiled and looked back while going out of her cabin. She smiled back and threw a flying kiss to him.

He reached the museum where the exhibition was going on. He called Yuthang.

Call conversation-

“Hey dude where is your area?” Shivay asked.

“Come straight and then left if you are at the main door” Yuthang instructed.

“Okay bye… I am coming” he said and hanged up the call.

He walked past a big portrait of three child… naah three brothers crafted amazingly over a canvas. His eyes stopped and his mind stopped to register anything looking at the picture. it had three brothers, two of teenage and one much younger to them, who are looking at the younger one who is sitting sad holding his chocolate.

His eyes got filled with water and he was lost in that picture when someone came from behind and patted his shoulder “Shivay” the man said with a shaky voice.

“Yeah… yes” Shivay wiped away her tears and turned to that man.

“You are alive?” the man asked.

“Excuse me?” Shivay narrowed his eyes and made a questioning expression.

“Rudra… Rudra Shivay is alive… Rudra” Om shouted out loud while this Shivay was looking at him with doubt.

Rudra came running towards Shivay and hugged him. Shivay too wrapped Rudra in his arms but soon he started rubbing Rudra’s back to calm him down.

“Bhaiyaa… you are alive” Rudra said smiling broadly with the tears tickling out his eyes.

“No wait… what are you saying about? Bhaiyaa… you both from India?” he asked that shocked OmRu a lot.

“What are you saying, yes we are Indians… you are too, and how… how you came here? Shivay speak out… please” Om pleaded jerking Shivay’s shoulder. Yuthang came from back and saw Om jerking him.

“Hey… Omkara right?” Yuthang said extending his hand for handshake.

“Yup” Om shook his hands saying.

“This is Shivay, Mr. Shivay Gonzalez” Yuthang said and series of expressions flushed over OmRu’s face before it turned to perfectly shocked.

“Gonzalez?” Om hardly asked gulping down his pain.

“Yeah… Gonzalez, I am Shivay Gonzalez dear… I know I am a foreigner and Shivay is an Indian name but this is because my Mum was Indian and she loved this name a lot” Shivay explained.

Om then noticed, his eyes isn’t green or any other shade but perfectly black.

“Ohhh I am sorry, we are very sorry… you look exact like our brother… we just mistook, actually our brother died some days ago and seeing you we just got the hope of getting our brother back. We are sorry” Om said looking down.

“It’s okay dear, Yuthang let’s go” Shivay bid adieu to them and went away with Yuthang.

They reached in front of a big portrait of Anika. The portrait has perfectly filmed her smiling face and her carefree hands and her legs shining in between the grass. A smile covered Shivay’s face when he muttered “beautiful”

“Hey, just stop drooling over her… don’t forget she is your wife now” Yuthang teased him hitting Shivay’s back.

“Hmm… but look at her… she is looking so amazing” Shivay admired her beauty once again.

“Give some credits to me also who have drawn this picture” Yuthang said looking down.

“Yes yes my dear friend… it’s so amazing” Shivay said holding Yuthang by his shoulder.

The scene shifted to Inesh’s ward where he is waiting for a call since morning. His phone rang and he smiled looking at the caller id.

“No boss… that man has exact name to Shivay and looks almost like Shivay but his accent and tone of speech and everything else is very different, he cannot be Shivay Singh Oberoi” the man at the other side informed.

“Okay fine… just keep a strict eye over everyone and listen just keep me updated about OmRu” Inesh said when the man remembered how Shivay behaved with OmRu so he said “boss… he wasn’t even happy to see OmRu there rather he walked away with someone named Yuthang”

“Hmm… this is mysterious but do, do one thing… you just keep me updated and let me think over.” Inesh put down the call.

Shivay went back to the hospital after an hour and was shocked to find a crying Anika.

“What happened? Anika… what happened?” Shivay asked rubbing her back.

“We cannot have a baby? Please tell me… can’t I conceive again… please tell me” Anika asked holding Shivay’s collar.

“Relax, relax… who said you this?” he asked wiping off Anika’s tears.

“A man… A man came to me and informed this, when I asked Mrs. Wilson she also couldn’t deny… that means…” she started to weep again.

“Anika… Anika listen, making babies is not only the motto of a couple’s life… and frankly I don’t care that you can conceive or not because till the time I have you, I know that my life is complete” Shivay explained stroking her hairs and caressing her face while dropping a kiss over her head at the end.

“But Shivay” she tried to argue but it was of no use as he nodded a no and pulled her in a warm hug close to his heart. She wrapped him and hid her face in the crook of his neck trying to forget the entire world around her.

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