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Raglak : Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ep 15

Nrxt morning both the families as well as nikhil were plotting how to unite Raglak.. .

All of them were sure of Laksh’s feelings.. but Ragini remained a mystery..

In the hall..

Achhaa…Aaj holi hai.. And i wanna celebrate it in the best way with my bachas..  dadi said excited like a child..

Teekh hai maaji.. Said shekhar..

Tho bacho ..  what are you waiting for lets start the preparations.. dp cheered..

Ek minute uncle.. i’ll call swara too.. Ragini said excited and ran to call dear..

All this whole our lover boy was busy staring at how excited she was and this didnt go unnoticed by the family
. They eyed each other seeing lucky’s love for his bestie..

After sometime Ragini came back after informing Swara about the holi celebration..

Acha ragu … go to the store room and get the flowers and cloths and all for decoration..  Haa and also take someone for your help told sumi signalling  nikhil…

Haa aunty ill go with her..  nikhil said making Laksh frown

Nahi i’ll go Laksh protested..

Arrey its ok laksh ..  i’ll ho with her you just came from mumbai few days back na.. why go in the dust and get sick.. he said and started following Ragini….

Laksh immediately pulled him back..

Nikhil can’t you understand.. I can gi with her… she doesn’t need you everytime Laksh said trying to suprised his anger but still sounded rude ..

Ragini was getting irritated seeing this..

She just walked off giving a death glare to Laksh ..

Laksh immediately followed her ignoring nikhil.

Ragini entered the store room and saw that the decoration items were on top of the cupboard.. she had to climb on top of a stool to get it..

She was standing on her ties as she couldn’t catch the box properly and thats when Laksh entered the room calling Ragini’s name startling her..
She leather balance and slipped..

Her eyes were tightly closed as she expected herself to reach the ground at any moment but before that she was caught by two strong arms..

He was staring at her beautiful face… She looked really cute with her closed eyes and scared face..
He slowly blew onto her face causing the flicks of hair in her face to fly away without creating barriers for his sight..

She slowly opened her eyes feeling herself safe in his arms..  their eyes got locked..  those eyes which made her fall for him even when she didn’t know what love was.. those eyes on which she could frown herself..

He has got these new feelings now ..  something like a desire..  He always loved her politely .. And now as this love increases he wants her more.. As only his and nobody else’s ..

She could see his eyes becoming darker.  Some kind of desire… wantingness..  She was confused ..

He slowly inched closer to her while caressing her cheeks with his thumb creating havocs in her.. And slowly slid his fingers to her lower lip tracing its out line while looking at her intensely..

She was shivering… He has never been like this with her.
He slowly leaned his face closer to her closing his eyes and place his warm lips in her cold ones.  It was a slow and passionate one Even though she wasn’t responding ..

She was shocked and was shivering ..   Even when he kissed her for the first time.. it was a short and aggressive one..
But  this one was full of love and affection and need ..  He was in need for her love which she was hesitating to give him..

Her hands were travelling through his hairs and back.. He pulled her more on to himself to deepen the kiss..

Ragini..  did you get the things .. She heard her mother scream from outside the storeroom.  .

Thats when she came back to her senses..

She pushed him with all her strength and wiped her face turning away from him..  ..

Haa maa im coming she said regaining her breath.  And once she was sure her mother had left.. She turned back towards Laksh.

Whats as that Laksh.. She asked him with teary eyes…. making him feel guilty..

He couldn’t control himself.. first of all seeing nikhil and Ragini together he was going mad… Even though untold Ragini that he would be fine with Ragini’s and nikhil friendship .. He couldn’t digest them being together.  There was a kind of insecurity that he felt for his best friend.. for the woman he wanted with him forever ad his bestie.. As his lover . As his wife.  … He couldn’t lose her at any chance..
Even though he didnt understand his feelings long before.. He was always possessive about her.. from their childhood.

Im sorry Ragini.. He uttered ..

This is wrong Laksh.. remember we are just best friends and nothing more than that.. She reminded him..  I might be married to someone else monday and even you might be.. And all these between is now.. No.  Its wrong..  She said so that he stays away from her..

It is not that she wants him away from her.. But the truth was she was scared of her feelings.. people say if we be scared of something or someone in our childhood then that will be there in our subconscious mind throughout our lives.. It wa athe same for her.. The incident on her child good..  was still fresh in her subconscious mind.

How she loved him truely .. how he said that he had feelings for their new friend.. And how she asked him to not contact her when he left to mumbai ..
Those feelings were registers in her mind. And she if feared if it would happen again..

She didnt want to face a heart Break ..

You are not getting married to anyone else neither am I.. He said with a determined voice lookingstraight into her eyes..

Mathlab.. She asked being confused and wearing that her fears shouldn’t come true..

Matalab ki ragu j cant think of becoming someone else’s till im alive.  Because .. Because .  I love you Ragini..  from the bottom of my heart.  The day I saw you after u came back .. I fell for you.  From then i have made it a point that you wil be the only girl in my life..  I know I am being possessive.  But what can i do Ragini.. Even in our childhood I never wanted to leave you and go.  I was so sad.. in those ten years my life was full of your memories..I was on your world Ragini .. I love you so much that i cant imagine going away from you now.. I cant imagine what will happen to me if I see you with someone else.

She was shocked..  No.. this couldn’t happen.. what if These feelings were any infatuation and what if he will fall for someone else in future.. But still she loved this feelings.. She cant deny the fact that she loved him truely and deeply and  that to from childhood

Laksh what are you saying.. No.. this might be soem infatuation.. forget it Laksh.. im telling you. It wil fact our friendship and our families also most probably will not agree..  She said…

There is nothing wrong Ragini.. And about our parents im sure they will be happy if we becoming me one.. the only thing that matters is your answer… He said

But.. I dont have any feelings for you Laksh.. She said bluntly.. hiding her emotions si that she thinks she does t have to face a heart Break.. little did she known that seeing him broken is what is gonna make her heart Break..

Yes he was broken seeing how rudely she said that.  She didnt have any feelings for him then what was those that he saw in her eyes whenever he came close to her.. wasn’t it love.. He knew she loved him.. he understands he better than any one ..  He would any how make her confess her feeling be thought … He wants to find the reading that is stopping her from acknowledging her feelings.. But then at that moment he couldn’t control his emotions. Tears were flowing from his eyes..

Ragini felt as if some one stopped her heart..  She couldn’t see he raksh so broken.. so.. did he really truly love her so much..She thought to herself.  But then she rubbed away her thoughts..

Im sorry Laksh.. She whispered.

He just started at her and left her alone in the room .. making her feel more guilty and miserable..

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