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Raglak – His Sins and her sacrifices part 1


It was their marriage day..  Yea finally Ragini was so happy that they were gonna get married…

Her dream was coming true.. Anyways she was guilty…She never wanted to kill her sister or separate her parents.. But she was forced to… She was blackmailed… But now everything was over.. the blackmail.. one of the worst rivals of dp using r Raginii to break the maheshwari business empire. ..She was blackmailed to do everything .. he  threatened to take Laksh life.. She could never let her Laksh in danger.. so she had to do all the wrong doings she had done..

But now the blackmailer mr malhotra was arrested.. She was free..  that was the day when she and lakshya got intimate .. They became one.. She gave her virginity to him…now everything of hers was his..
She became the old Ragini ..She thought to not let anyone know about her being blackmailed as it would put the whole family into tension..She wanted a tension free life now.. swasan were back together even her parents too… . And as a cherry on top her Laksh  proposed her for a remarriage … what else she wanted …

She was all ready in her bridal attire looking no less than a goddess..

She looked at the envelop in her hand…It was her pregnancy report .. …. She was carrying his child..Their symbol of love.. She thought of  telling it to him as soon as the marriage gets over.. She hid the envelop in h the cupboard ..

Finally the marriage arrived .. kavya hit her in her head and went in place of her..

And when she finally gained her consciousness and ran down to stop the marriage the scene she saw was kavya and Laksh getting married…

And when she stopped them…The venomous words that came out her love’s mouth…inspite of all her sacrifices this is what she gets …

” Ragini tum kissi ki pyaar ki laayak nahi ho….. And ha wo jo pyaar mei tumse kar rahi thi ..wo sab dikhava tha … mujhe tumhare liye pyaar vyaar kuch nahi…agar kuch hai..tho vo nafrat hei ….Aur haa.. pls stay away life..  never ever come before me.. mei tum jaisi characters ladki ko tolerate nahi kar sakta ” he spat out…


She was sitting in her room … staring at their engagement photo…
She had lots of dreams…But he shattered them… She dreamt a life with him and their kids ..  yes kids ..  She was pregnant with twins..

Tears were flowing down her eyes thinking of his betrayal..  why did god punish her so much.. She had never done anything wrong purposely to hurt anyone.. And even if she had done.. It was to save her love and his family.. Even when she pushed swara into the river the blackmailer has promised her that if she had done what he had said.. he would save Swara..  Thats why she was ready to do that sin.. god knew all truth … But then still he punished her..

And he called her characterless .. how could he do that.. he knew the extend to which she loved him.. She could never ever imagine anyone else in his place .. not in this birth .. not in any other birth..

She was remembering all these things when she felt a tiny finger wiping away her tears.. It was ragya.. Her daughter …  She also felt a pair of tiny hands hugging her from behind…. And that was raksh.. Her son..

” mamma.pls dont cry. … papa will come.  ” said ragya trying to console her mother..
“Haa mamma.. you should not cry.. we love you na.. Even though papa is away from us ..  he too loves you.. ” said raksh to make her feel happy but little did he know he was more hurt..

Her children know their father is Laksh maheshwari..  when she has not done anything wrong why should she hide that fact to her children .. They have the rights  to know who their father is..
But to the children.. Their father is abroad for work.. And he is too busy that he cannot return or call them either..

Poor kids . They know nothing that their dad has betrayed their mom..

It has been six  years to that incident..
She left badi after that.. what reason was there for her to be in kolkata.. Even when. She was accused non of the family members even trusted her.  Swara her soul sister.  She knew Ragini could never harm her.. But she believed that Ragini turned devil to kill her.  She understood.. non of her family members were her true family.. they were all just fake..

She came to mumbai..  She didnt want any of their shadows to fall on her innocent children …
After reaching mumbai .. She met her friend roli.. She was one of her best friends who always stood by her side …

Roli and her husband sidhaant were the once  who helped her throughout..
They took her to a music studio telling that they have got a job for her. She was shocked when she found out that she was gonna become a playback singer..

She sang and sang and sang.. And now she was one of the most famous singers in the whole of india.  She sang in many languages.. And had fans all I overr india.  She never revealed her family identity to anyone.  She never came for any interviews..

Its just that she didn’t want Laksh or his or her family to know where she was..
She knew laksh and kavya weren’t together anymore as her wrong deeds were out and was arrested.. It was a breaking news throughout that year.

She would just switch of the tv whenever that news came.
She was also handling business.  She formed her own business company ..
She was really successful in it.

She was happy with her life.. this was enough for her. She her kids and her besties roli and sidhant..

Past in maheshwari mansion..

It was not at all like before.  The house which was once filled with laughter an joy .. now non of them talked much to each other.
Since Ragini..  Their ladki bahu left the hours.  It was as if goddess mahalekshmi had left the house with her full aura …
All of them Were lifeless..
Laksh was the most affected person..
As soon as he came to know that Ragini left kolkata his mind and heart was filled with guilt.. he understood that he was wrong .. But unfortunately he was married to kavya.  One month if life with kavya.. he understood what a gem Ragini was.
He understood that somewhere in between the revenge and drama and all je fell for Ragini so hard that it became impossible for him to forget her.. wherever he turns and whatever he does it was Ragini’s face in front of him.  Even though kavya was his wife . He never paid a heed to her.  He didn’t even look at her properly.
All he could think and se w as Ragini.  He cursed himself for spoiling her life.. he cursed himself for not recognizing her love.
How foolish was he.
It was truly said that u never realise the value of something when u have that.  Only when you loose it u realise how valuable it was.   It was the same case for him.  He never valued Ragini when she was there with him but once she left he madly wanted her.
Then there was  the time when kavya’s truth was out..  he was so happy that he could kick kavya out…he wanted to ask forgiveness from Ragini.. he wanted to get her crack in his life..
He thought of talking to his parents about this.. But none if the family members talked to him.. even though Ragini did wrong they liked her .  They wanted her to be a part of their family..

When Laksh acquired the courage to talk to his family and when he spoke to them. All of them Were against him.. They begged him to not spoil her life once again..

They just hoped that Ragini was happy wherever might be..

Then one fine morning they came to know that mr mAlhotra was bailed out of jail..
He was actually changed for good.
The first thing he did was come to maheshwari mansion to say sorry to Ragini .. he thought that Ragini might told the truth to ragin..

He was shocked when he came to know what all happened in her life ..
He was damn guilty.. She was such a pure and innocent soul and what all she had to face.  He called both the maheshwari and gadodia family to his place and revealed the truth to them ..
They all were shocked guilty .. there was tears in all of their eyes thinking if the sacrifice that pure soul had done to save them and what had she got in return.. pain and betrayal.. .

Laksh was devastated.. he hated himself for everything .. How could he hurt her so much.  Tears were gushing out of his eyes.
As a punishment Laksh started distancing  himself from everyone.. he became a workshops.. he had kept agents to search for Ragini.. at that time she wasn’t famous.. non of them knew about her.. he wanted her back at any cost.. he wanted fall on her feet and ask forgiveness from her.

He was now the workaholic maheshwari.. he would go to work early in the morning and come back very late..

Meanwhile the family had to face another sad news that swara could never become a mother.  Uttara dana away with a guy whom she loved..
The happiness of the whole family  was gone.. The worst thing for the elders were that they couldn’t become grand parents. Both their elder bahus couldn’t give birth and their daughter ran away .  They would never pressurized Laksh for another marriage because they couldn’t see anyone else in place of Ragini.. They knew that now even Laksh was madly in love with Ragini.  They wouldn’t hurt him more. Because he was already punishing himself in the worst way possible.  His life was pathetic now.  He was no  more the happy go lucky guy.. this might all be the punishment the family was getting for their wrong deeds to Ragini.. gadodia family was also in the same condition.. shekhar and dadi were the most guiltY of all.

six months passed
One fine day.. It was morning 7 .. Laksh was rummaging though his cupboard to find his file.  Finally he found It and left without arranging his cupboard back.

Ap saw this .. She got in his room as soon as he left and started arranging his cupboard.. Thats is when she found an envelop .. She saw on top of it .. It was written ” FROM SOON TO BE MAMMA TO  SOON TO BE PAPPA ”

Ap wa shocked.. She opened the envelop.. her eyes were filled with tears.. was it happy tears or tears of guilt that even she didn’t know. It was Ragini’s pregnancy report..
She felt that her whole family was a sinner.   They had done a sin to Ragini.  And Ragini was pregnant with the first heir if the maheshwari empire. She understood that all the wrong happenings in mm was as a punishment for the sin they had done to Ragini..

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