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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha denies making temple for indra dev.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all people of gokul saying yes we shall build a temple for indra dev so that we impress him and this time we get our rain in time, it will help us grow good crops and the food supplies will be enough for us to last till the next year’s rain. All people agree. Kanha says no people we don’t need a temple for indra dev, we can just pray, it depends on the nature of the rain and indra dev’s job is to give the world good rain every year. People say no kanha, what are you saying? We have to build a temple to impress indra dev and pray to him. Kanha remains quiet.
There suryadev tells indra dev that devraj indra, the people on earth have decided to build a temple for you to impress you for the rains this year. Indra dev gets proud and egoistic and says it is good,

a temple for me should be built as I am the greatest among the gods, all people should pray to me and try to impress me. Indra dev says suryadev call all the gods and tell them I have called for a meeting regarding this. Suryade says yes and goes.
There in vrindavan, balram says all people come in one line and put everything you have to offer for the temple in this basket. People come and put their gold and ornaments for the temple. A woman comes and puts what gold she has, kanha says no kaki wait, this is all the gold that you have, don’t give this away for the temple, keep it. Kanha gives the gold to kaki and says brother balram why do we need to give gold for the temple? Just build it the proper way if everyone want it, not by offering something we cannot afford. Radha goes to kanha and says what is the problem kanha?
In the meeting, indra dev says why is vayu dev late? Isn’t he interested for this meeting? Vayu dev appears and says pranam devraj, I was late, he sits. Indra dev says all gods listen, the world should from now worship devraj indra, I am the supreme god and king of all gods, they should know my importance so go everywhere in the universe and support the building of my temples everywhere, everyone should pray to me and impress me and if people don’t listen then scare them about the strength and wrath of devraj indra. All gods say okay and go. Indra dev’s mother says what are you doing son?
Kanha says radha you don’t understand, I will take you to rishi gargacharya, he will tell you everything you need to know about indra dev. radha and kanha go to rishi gargarcharya’s ashram. Kanha says rishi the temple of indra dev is not needed I think. Rishi says what kanha says Is right. Radha says but how rishi var?
There indra dev says mother, I am a very great god and see my position, I am king of gods, I shall be prayed and respected. Mom says but son, I am your mother and I know you, a person should not win the hearts of people by using the ego of his position or by scaring them, it should be done by love and if you are talking about building your temples everywhere by scaring the people, it is wrong. Indra dev says mother, if anyone plans against me or goes against me, I know how to punish them or rip them apart by my Vajra astra. Mom is shocked and she is worried for indra dev.
There rishi gargacharya says radha a temple for indra dev is not needed, it is about the position of a person, indra dev has done very wrong things in the past to establish his importance in the world, he has scared people to worship him which is wrong. Kanha says rishi, a god gives people love and not fear and we are encouraging this fear by kneeling to indra dev’s demands. Rishi says yes that is right, building a temple for devraj indra would not be right as he would just get more egoistic of what he is and has. Radha understands.
Narad muni says prabhu devraj indra has become egoistic and it is wrong. Lord Vishnu says yes devrishi, the time has come that indra dev shall learn a lesson.

Precap: devraj indra says I will not leave any person who plans against me. There kanha plays the flute and spoils the preparations for devraj’s Pooja. Everyone is worried.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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