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Nimki Mukhiya 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Babbu comes to play holi at Nimki’s house

Nimki Mukhiya 9th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Babbu goes to his room. Sweeti says Babbu’s changing. Ritu says he does that because Masa frustrates him. Let him live his life. Amma says to ritu I can’t let him be that Nimki’s.

Next morning, Rekha says to Amma wear the sari from my family. It will looks good on you. Dadi says i won’t go to ghat tola. Tettar says we have to do it. Sweeti says babu talk to amma. He says amma doesn’t trust me. Devi comes and throws colors on babbu and says happy holi. These are colors of my love. Babbu says are you crazy. She says apply color on my face. Amma says stay out of this house. Nimki says its holi. I have write to play with my husband. Ritu says lets go play. Tettar says we are going to ghat tola. You can play there. Amma says you go there I wont ever go

there. Tettar says lets go everyone.

Scene 2
Abhi says to Elena why two water guns? She says one for nimki. Nehal comes and says I wasn’t event invited in ghat tola so i came here to wish you. He says nimki is arranging it. He says I know I did wrong but you played a nice game. He became Nimki’s relative. Abhi says what are you saying. He says Tettar will be exposed that they haven’t accepted nimki. They wont play holi with ghat tola.

Abhi comes to holi. He says where is Tettar? Ritu says he is comin. Nimki says he met his friends on the way and went with them. Elana runs towards nimki and falls. Sweeti holds her and says careful. Nimki says good morning. Rekha says Tettar left and all of us are stuck here. Ritu applies Abhi colors. Dablo applies color as well. Ram applies color to babbu but he steps back. Abhiu says what happened? He is your father in law. Babbu comes forward. Ram applies color. Nimki says babbu apply color on baba. He does that. Everyone claps. Ram hugs Babbu. Abhi says to Babbu happy holi. He says happy holi. Ram says where is ama? Sweetri says dadi was alone so amma stayed with him.

Ritu says nimki come to Babbu and both of you announce the holi. Tune takes photo of them. Rity says ram you come as wel. Everyone applies color on babbu.
Amma is angry at home. Dadi says calm down. She says I can’t go to ghat tola. She says its festival today. Amma says don’t you care they all left this house. Ever since I came here my family could never meet me and now tettar took my family. DAdi says we have to do this for politics. Money defines who you are. We have this respect because of this politics. No one would be scared of us if we don’t have power. She says you care about walls I care about people. Everyone would be of the same color there.
Precap-Babbu is drunk. He dances and plays holi with Nimki. Amma comes there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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