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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya’s plan fails

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 9th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Devina asking Aditya to romance Sanaya, so that they can become rich again. Sanaya doesn’t like the mattress. Devina and Aditya come to her. Sanaya says I can’t sleep without an AC. Sanaya gets angry on Aditya for making her adjust. Pushpa asks what happened. Sanaya says there is no place for Devina here. Pushpa asks her to leave. Akhilesh says she is talking of bed. Devina says where will I go. Akhilesh says its fine, sleep with Ira in my room, I will sleep in hall. Pushpa scolds Devina and asks her to come to her room. Devina says never. Pushpa takes her. They leave.

Devina says let me sleep with Sanaya, its not safe for girls to sleep alone, Singhania’s men are ready to kidnap her. Pushpa says I have a solution, Akhilesh lock the door. Devina says you guys

are overreacting, this isn’t needed. They start arguing. Pushpa locks the door and asks them to go and sleep. Aditya goes to get the keys from Akhilesh. He looks for keys everywhere. He hides from Akhilesh. Ira and Akhilesh wake up and start arguing. Aditya looks on. He takes the keys and goes. Ira thinks I didn’t touch Akhilesh, did anyone come to steal the keys. She checks. He says I caught you. She says no, I was….

He says don’t know what you do with me at night. She says I have no interest in you. He gets a sprain. She makes him sit and treats the sprain. He says you would know this being a doctor, let me sleep now. They lie to sleep. Aditya goes to Sanaya’s room. He finds her sleeping. He goes close to kiss. Someone removes the fuse. Sanaya wakes up and sees Aditya. He asks what are you doing here. She says power went, so I came to take care of you. She says then fan the air, its too hot here. He says anything for you and hugs. Ira beats mosquitoes. Akhilesh taunts her and starts mosquito repellent machine. She says you are my Saas, so taunting. Sanaya gets upset with Aditya. Someone sees them.

Its morning, Akhilesh and Ira argue. Akhilesh laughs seeing Ira. She gets shocked seeing the mosquito bite. He asks why are you worried, this will get fine. She asks how does this look, how will I go in front of Pushpa, this looks love bite. He says you mean kiss, I didn’t do anything, don’t put this on me. She says I know, who will explain them. He says don a ghunghat and tell about tradition, its matter of one day. They go downstairs. Devina greets him morning. He asks her to come for aarti. She says go and ask Pushpa, she snored all night. He asks what. She says her loud snoring troubled me. Pushpa and Devina argue. Pushpa asks Ira why is she donning ghunghat. Ira says its a rasam in my village. Devina jokes on her and asks what are you hiding. She removes ghunghat. Ira coughs. Devina says don’t do drama with me. They see the bite mark. Ira says mosquito has bitten me. Pushpa laughs and pulls her leg. Devina asks what does she mean. Pushpa tells her what Ira means. Akhilesh goes to prepare for aarti. Pushpa says he got shy, what’s there to hide, go and prepare for aarti, I will come.

Devina says blo*dy love bites for these villagers, I hope Aditya did his work. Aditya comes. Devina teases him for his hard work. Aditya says I had to fan air for Sanaya all night. She asks what, when did lights go. Sanaya shouts there is no electricity and water in bathroom. She says I did mistake to come here, my dad’s house is better. Devina says don’t stress, we will call plumber. Pushpa asks Aditya to give two buckets of water to Sanaya. Sanaya goes. Devina and Pushpa argue. Devina thinks what’s happening with Sanaya, I have to find out. She sees her room fuse gone. She checks the water connections also. She says someone has done this intentionally, but who. She recalls Pushpa and says it means she has done this, I will expose her in front of Akhilesh, just he can stop her from doing this.

Singhania gives money to Pushpa for troubling Sanaya in her house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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