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Mehrya My version Part 54


At Khanna Mansion, Karuna maa called Mehak to her room. Both Dolly maasi and Karuna maa showed her Shaurya’s childhood photo album. From school, and events all his photographs. Then his teenager photo where he was without his beard and he was looking grumpy look. Mehak teased he still have the same grumpy Khadoos face maa, Karuna maa laughed and said you are teasing him so much , now tell me did you the one asked him to shave because for years he didn’t shave and want to keep that look. Mehak stuttered and said she didn’t do anything, Dolly maasi said we know it must be you, or else why he out of blue moon suddenly shave. Anyway we also miss see this Shaurya, he looks like teenager model. Then Karuna maa remembered something and asked both to wait and she went to get another album. In there it was Shaurya’s modelling photo shoots collection. After he came back from overseas many company approached him for modelling so he did a few so this was from there and also some magazines did photo-shoots for magazine covers. Mehak was so happy to see his childhood and teenagers photos. Karuna maa said only I don’t have his baby and early toddler pictures and you know the reason Mehak. Mehak nodded and smiled at her. Maa you have kept all these so well. It was so nice to see Shaurya’s pictures. Then she saw one photo of him which he went for island hopping he was posing with his 6 pack in white pants. She took her mobile out and took a picture of that. After that Karuna maa showed his books and some of his art and craft he did during school time and how teacher will have to control his tantrum in school. He is good student just he have his own personality and perception on everything. Mehak smiled and said he is like that right na maa? Karuna maa smiled yes, his love also different like him, Mehak blushed hearing that. Then Karuna maa said Dolly do you know something , our bahu also not light to handle, let me tell you , Karuna maa started how she first met Mehak at ISC and she named Shaurya as monster and Khadoos Kumar. Then don’t know why these two always fought once she was here on Diwali because Shaurya did something to her chachu. Then Karuna maa looked for an album and showed their photo taken on the dance floor. Svetlana kept saying that they have something in between didi you will know it soon. I didn’t pay any attention to her talk. In ISC Shaurya always taunts her and finds ways to provoke her and on the day when they want to announce winner Mehak slapped Shaurya in front of live media and audience. Dolly maasi hearing that hey eyes open wide is it true didi? Then she looked at Mehak, who was lowering her eye lid, sorry maasi it was misunderstanding and he always find something to make things difficult for me so I lose control and slap him. Karuna maa supported Mehak saying any girls from good family upbringing will be doing that, they can’t let anyone take advantage on their dignity and self-respect. Dolly maasi ask them to continue. After the ISC over I notice Shaurya behave slightly different and he gets irritated quickly then Mehak’s family arranged her to get married to another guy, Shaurya find out that guy have bad intention to get married to Mehak and he stop her wedding. Dolly maasi gets excited the story is so intense like TV serial didi. Then Mehak said now I will tell maa, she told how he come to house to see her for no reason and to her work place just to go for coffee I always rejected his offer then he told me I will come to him in 24hrs time. He tricked me, when I called him his driver said he met accident and I rush to that place there was accident but not him, he was standing so coolly. The next day when I finish work and go home he is sitting at my home then he ask for my hand in front of my family. Kanta chachi was so angry. Karuna maa continued Svetlana did something in between and Mehak didn’t want this relation but Shaurya was so stubborn he wants this so he packed all his things and went to her door step on the next day, he stayed there for almost 1 week so he can change their mind, what to do they were afraid Shaurya’s behavior and our family background how their girl will be in our house. Finally when the Sharma’s were okay Shaurya said he don’t want, you know what this girl did Dolly. Mehak shakes her head NO and hold Karuna maa’s hand maa please no. Dolly ask her quite what she did didi, then this girl came to our house to convince him but he was not agreeing and then this girl did a drama till now I cannot stop laughing, Mehak lower her head down, she took a bottle of wine and went to the roof top of the house and get herself drunken and started to threaten all of us that she will jump from there and police will come to arrest all the Khanna’s because they are responsible for this as Shaurya Khanna didn’t want to marry her. Hearing this Dolly maasi got surprised and looked at Mehak and asked is it so bahu, she nodded her head gently. Shaurya gave up and he agreed to marry her and he went to bring her down from the roof top. You see our bahu is not too easy to handle too. She is equally stubborn as well. Then wedding preparations started but Shaurya did something which no one will ever do but my daughter came back with her own bharaat for her in-laws place. She was always stay good no matter how Shaurya treated her. Once she brought Women rights action team to protest against him to teach him a lesson. I need to pair up with her to fight him. Then both decided to part ways but Shaurya started to develop feelings for Mehak and always after her trailing her like shadow till once Mehak tried to save him by risking her own life. He cannot stand anyone do any harm to her. Dolly maasi said now both are blessed with all your prayers didi. Yes I always pray to Matarani that both my children are stay happy and blessed that’s all I want nothing much. Mehak hugged her and said love you maa. Karuna maa kissed on her cheek. Dolly maasi asked them to continue chit chatting she and Awara will prepare lunch. In the meantime Karuna maa showed another album with all Shaurya’s newspaper clippings, also some of the ISC photos with Mehak especially the swimming pool incident, the announcement of Shaurya and Mehak wedding and many more. Karuna maa saying I will collect all articles about Shaurya and keep nicely here so I can show everyone. She looked at Mehak and asked bahu are you alright you look kind of pale. She touched her face and said she feeling tired and not herself today. She ask her to take a nap after lunch maybe she overworked the past few days. She nodded and continue see Shaurya’s things from Karuna maa’s collection. After lunch she went to her room, she wasn’t sleepy so she decided to watch TV for a while. As she watch TV she fell asleep.

Later after few hours of nap she got up and she felt uneasy, she went to toilet and found she is having her period. No wonder she is like feeling uneasiness like back cramp and slight dizziness, she remembered that she have not taking her iron supplements for more than 1 week. She sat on the bed and playing with her mobile. Shaurya got back home earlier than usual. He came in and asked Dolly maasi where is Mehak and she said we ask her to rest because she look colorless. Must be napping now. He wonders she was okay when I went in the morning what happen now. He quickly hopped the staircase and went to his room. He opened the door and saw Mehak sitting on the bed.  He rushed to her side and cupped her cheek and asked what happen, morning you were okay now you are slightly warm and pale a bit. She hold his hand and said I am okay Shaurya, he asked shall I call doctor, no need you silly she replied him and clung to his arm. He asked are you okay why are you sitting on the bed. She said I feel slight cramp and tired so maasi ask me to rest after lunch was watching TV and fell asleep. Mehak he called her again what happen tell me now, or else I will carry you to go to hospital to see doctor. You know me I will do that. Mehak was so shy to tell him but if she didn’t tell than how he will know and his stubbornness. She lowered her head and said softly Shaurya and takes a deep breath continued I have my period that’s why I look a bit sick. He holds her chin to meet his eyes her eyes still look down he ask her to see him she slightly lifted her eye lid and see him. Mehak you are my wife and I am your husband you can tell anything and everything to me why are you so shy and reluctant to share this with me. She cling to his arms as he was talking this is natural for all women and I know I have read that it causes some uneasiness, cramps and mood swings. Wait a minute, is that why you were in bad mood with me yesterday he started to laugh loudly Mehak swatted him you are so bad Shaurya I am feeling uneasy now also you are taunting me she takes her hand away from him. He looked at her and with a naughty smile do you want to eat anything sweet like chocolate? Mehak’s eyes glittered. He went to get a box and opened Ferrero rocher was inside and she started to open the wrappers and started to drop in her mouth like an excited child. He looked at her in disbelief sometimes she is like grown up sometimes behaves like a child. He sat next to her and took one and open the wrapper ask her to open her mouth as she wait for him to feed her he put it inside his and started to chew them ignoring her. Mehak looked at him you are so bad Shaurya she said. He gets up to refresh himself and change clothes, Mehak also comes out of bed she ask him to wait here will get for you tea and some snacks. He stops her and said I will get Awara to send it up, we will have it together also you are having cramps why are you walking so much. She argued that she is fine but he pressed his index finger on her lips as a sign no more arguments.

Shaurya came out from bathroom after freshen up and Awara also send in their tea to the balcony. Shaurya and Mehak sat together enjoyed the tea with the snacks. Mehak asked how your meeting today was. Shaurya took a deep breath and said as usual nothing much. Mehak felt something not right. She turned to look into Shaurya and cupped his face and rub her thumb gently on his cheek. What happened she asked? He side hugged her and pull her closer to him and started to talk. How did you know I am not okay, is it from my face or my expression or you put some CCTV. Your eyes shows everything Shaurya now you are going to tell me or not. He slowly started. I went to Noida for the meeting and all the investors where there including Archie. She actually brainwashed the other investors that White Chilies has no growth and my own problems etc. will be a hindrance for the growth. Also it’s better to pull out their investment now so they won’t face the loss. So the investors rather belief her statement and not you is it asked Mehak in disbelief. What to do she manage to convince them and most of them want their investment to be returned and some don’t want to tie up with Khanna Corporation anymore. Mehak felt so bad because Archie did this because of her way she treated her in White chilies. So she revenge them in this way. Shaurya continues even before leaving Archie come to me and told me you wanted so much to side your behenji chandi chowk wife so now you have to pay for it. Everything can be corrected as per earlier if you just say yes to her. Mehak look at Shaurya and said sorry Shaurya because of my stupidity and bad behavior you had such huge loss and problem in your business. I don’t know how to help you or find solution for you but please forgive me. Shaurya kissed on her temple and said it’s not your fault baby, she purposely came to find trouble at restaurant and you taught her a lesson so she is reacting to it. Anyway I have seen many times these types of scenarios many times investors pulled out and ask for their money to be refunded. Don’t blame yourself I am Shaurya Khanna can create problem and can also solve problem. Mehak hugged him and rubbed his back gently and gave assurance to him matarani will make everything easy for us.

Both comforted each other and their talks turned into usual nok jhoks and Shaurya started to pull Mehak’s feet with his taunting and they spend the rest of the evening with each other’s companion.

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